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  1. So where did you say that I could find those images of the cute young 20 something women on the park bench... Yes tongue in cheek, very good, and imagine 61 replies in one day. I haven't even gotten to half of them yet.... I wonder what the record is for number of replies to a new topic within 24 hours???? (fixed quote) There have been a number of threads about Nudecacher over the last three years, and many of them go about like this one. They tend to die down in the second page. Nudecacher
  2. If it was my partially naked body they say, I'd give good odds that they would, indeed, be scarred for life. I know *I* am, just from inadvertant glimpses in the mirror. Now we get into the nudist soap box stuff. That's the whole point, body acceptance. The national nudist publications spend a lot of column space on the topic. Nudecacher
  3. GW5? Am I invited? It's not close by, is it? Nudecacher Awwwwww man! Just realized where you are from. I was going to suggest a group photo. Tastefully done as you always do of course! X I've been in a number of group photos. Oh, you mean Nudecacher style! I'd be game, but I doubt that everyone else there would. Nudecacher
  4. GW5? Am I invited? It's not close by, is it? Nudecacher
  5. Then again, maybe not. Proper behavior would still be expected, and there would still be families that complained. Nudecacher
  6. Actually, I'm pretty much the same with or without clothes. Even the little old ladies at church know that I'm a nudist. I'm probably a lot more open about it than most nudists. Actually, it's funny, when you say that you've been to a nudist club at church, you get exactly the same reaction that you get when you say that you've been to church at a nudist club. Nudecacher
  7. Most of the events I've gone to incognito. They're seldom held in nude friendly locations. Nudecacher [ps. I get more "Oh, I know you!" responses than "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.". ]
  8. The photographer in my pictures are mostly family members or they are a self-photo with the timer on the camera. There are a few other cases, though. Nudecacher
  9. Actually, not that much. We only have a few places around where the DEET is needed and I'm usually not out in the sun so much but what the amount of tan that I have handles it. When I get sunburn, it's on my forehead and the top of my feet. I've been a nudist for about 12 years and am the webmaster for the LARCnudists club. I can't post the link here because of the somewhat commercial content, but it's easy to find. There are lot's more pictures there, but they are family friendly too. The club works hard at being family friendly and safe, there's no harm to children from non-sexual nudity. After all, the human species had 2 million years of history before the compulsive clothing requirement arrived. Thanks for the discussion and keep caching. Nudecacher
  10. Hmmm... Thanks. That is a real bummer and I also hope it gets fixed quickly. I ran into it on another of my bookmark lists today. I also hope that the number of caches displayed gets fixed too. Talk about distracting when you are trying to create a bookmark list for a trip. Nudecacher
  11. Well, actually it's a bookmark list with 23 items: GCGGMH, GCHNWV, GCK855, GCNZNP, GCPKVF, GCRKAW, GCT523, GCT59P, GCT640, GCTHTZ, GCV1V4, GCV54N, GCV55P, GCV5P8, GCV5P9, GCV5PC, GCVKGT, GCW5ND, GCWH7Z, GCWK7Y, GCWNV6, GCWYPB, GCXZJ8 Nudecacher
  12. I created a new private bookmark list "Arlington to Darington HWY 530" and bookmarked 23 caches to it. I thought something was corrupt in it, as I get the error message when I try to view the second page before it is displayed and didn't get the page displayed, but it seems to be displaying now. Since I displayed the cache page for each of the 23 caches and selected the 'bookmark listing' button from the description page to bookmark it and since none of the caches are my own, they all had to be approved when I added them to the list. Some glitch came in then to give me the error when I view the second page of the list. The list is marked as shared but not public. Nudecacher
  13. Nudecacher Perhaps if you change the colour to "buff" you'll make one geocacher happy... Read above. I already did. Nudecacher
  14. stoopid noob question time. What is a cache machine? I don't know if there is an official explanation, but you can get the gist from the Bellingham Cache Machine Event that is now archived. A cache machine is an organized event with a planned route and long list of caches that everyone participating attempts to do on the day of the event. The cache machine is extra fun because of the huge social component. Nudecacher
  15. January may not be the best time to do a Spokane CM! Remember Snolympia? April or May on the other hand... Don't forget the Bellingham CM in January and the 3" of rain... That was fun. Nudecacher
  16. Glad I don't live in your area. 1 - Why not encrypt spoiler logs? 2 - How do you know when they're faking it? 3 - What is "snarkly"? My own question, is there anyway to tell when your log is deleted? Loch Cache You get an email from geocaching.com when the owner deletes your log. I get a few deleted, usually years after the fact. Nudecacher
  17. I swear I was reading this in a hurry but thought "this looks like a nudecacher comment" a billionth of a second before I actgually read it was you... Nudecacher
  18. Maybe a skin tone would be nice. Nudecacher
  19. It does look a little washed out, doesn't it? Nudecacher
  20. It could be an event cache! Nudecacher
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