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  1. I think we are seeing something common. This applied to the one that gave me trouble as well. Wonder if this is a browser cache problem? Can you delete your Browser cache and see what happens? Nope. Chrome browser has the same thing, bad html in striked out names. Gary
  2. Notice that only the old ones that ran last night have a problem. The new ones that I just added look ok. Gary p.s. Oh, and they had the "Run and delete" option so will be gone tomorrow morning.
  3. The problem in the Name field seems to be a case of attempting to nest double quote characters. The only special symbols I use in names are the dash '-' and the colon ':' characters. Gary
  4. Ok, maybe not quite. I was able to get a new query in, and it looks ok. I still have some old query names that have the '<' missing so the "name" column displays with bad html code. I run Mozilla Firefox on a Netbook with a small screen. The scrolling and page layout are %100 worse than before. It is very difficult to get around the pages to see what's going on. I had made accomoditations on how I sized the windows to work with it before. I hope you can clean it up for people with small screens. Gary aka Nudecacher
  5. The new format is extremely ugly, as far as pocket query work is concerned. My http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.aspx page has html errors in the pocket query name. I haven't figured any of the rest out, because the logic didn't even seem to allow me to add a query, it goes back to a new query add page instead of adding the one I entered. Gary aka Nudecacher
  6. I've done WRASTRO's driveway cache, and took my picture there too to prove it. I thought I owed it to WRASTRO after he photoshoped the picture in my log into his log at the Monticello Convention. Seemed like an invitation to me, but that was way back in the early days of geocaching and of Nudecacher. Nudecacher
  7. I've done a few front yard caches, and even a back yard cache, but it has always been special circumstances. Most such caches aren't nude friendly. Nudecacher
  8. It's already possible to get most of the caches in the world, if you work at it. For a number of years I have been running 5 queries a day doing a scan of all the caches in the world. I segmented the world into pocket queriable subsets and then added date limits to keep each query just below 500 caches in the preview. It took a year to do world scan 7 which I finished early this year. I'm currently working on world scan 8 starting from January 1, 1994 (there are only a few before May 2000) and I'm currently working on January of 2007, but I've added scans for the dates after world scan 7 to pickup new caches so I have all the new caches usually within a month of when they are approved. These use up queries that I used to use for the serial world scan making it take lots longer. Because of the growth in the rate of new cache placements, my new cache scan takes about half the queries. It will probably take a couple more years to finish world scan 8. I also run a daily pocket query to get 500 of the caches from the prior day and occasionally special queries for places I cache. There are over 800 new caches a day on weekdays and over 1000 on weekend days, so my eighth world scan will take several years at the rate I'm going if I keep it up. The end of the eighth world scan keeps getting later and later as we add more caches every day and I use queries for other things. We still have some time before we approach 2500 new caches a day, which limits the percent of all caches that one could theoretically query. My first world scans only took a few months and I was able to manually get individual gpx files for all of the archived caches. I've had to give up getting the final archived caches because there are too many. We will soon be at a million caches. If you get 490 caches practically in a query, say, then that means that it would take just over 2000 queries to get them all, or 400 days at 5 per day. That's just over a year's worth. Notice that my experience proves that pocket queries can already cover even the largest state (California) or country (Germany, but now available by "state") by using the date range feature. The arguments above that Groundspeak has to add functionality for various reasons are faulty. Geocachers already have strategies available. They could even go beyond what I've done by purchasing multiple premium accounts, but then you get into issues in the data license agreement. Anyway, have fun querying. Nudecacher
  9. There are barefooters in the nudist community too. They are thought of as being somewhat strange, even there. I agree with you on the coming off part. I'm real fast. "Warning, clothes may fly off at any moment." Nudecacher
  10. I'm a pretty harmless, friendly enough guy, once you get to know me, and there are even some cachers that go caching with me. Nudecacher
  11. Well, it's obviously not a comprehensive list. I'm always looking for additions. Nudecacher See the link in my earlier post. Naked Truth in Vermont is nekkid friendly. I already added it, thanks. Nudecacher
  12. Well, it's obviously not a comprehensive list. I'm always looking for additions. Nudecacher
  13. New Query's take priority, so they will instantly hop to the top of the list to run when submitted. If you have a PQ that you want and it's been a while and it still hasn't ran, then go to your list of PQ's. Look for copy PQ. Make a copy of the PQ you want and then that will pop up on your list of PQ's. Hit today's date and you'll have that PQ sent to you very quickly. This works about 98% of the time. This make the copy of the PQ you want and since it's never been ran or submitted before it will hop to the top of the list. I had one the other day that just wouldn't go and I set it for that day the day before. I finally was getting down to time to leave and still didn't have my PQ. So I did this and had the PQ in less than a minute. I don't know if people realize, but until they delete the toxic pocket queries that are failing to run and insert completely new ones they will continue to have the problem. There is something in the range of queries created between Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning that causes them to NEVER be queued in the query processor. This is what the evidence says so far, and we won't know differently until Groundspeak gives us an explaination. Nudecacher
  14. Raine's posts tend to indicate that he believes that the only problem is based on excessive volume, while my tests show that that may be the case, but that there is another bug in the system which may or may not be triggered by a flaw based on that excessive volume. The "... PQ generator is running full steam..." statement has nothing to do with the fact that a huge block of pocket queries were permanently dropped from the queues. There has been no statement linking their volume observation with the failures reported in this thread. Raine's statement that we will get the PQ's is observably false, or at least needs more explanation. I personally lost a days worth of pocket queries, as did many others. Some of them incurred real costs from the lose. Nudecacher
  15. (bump, post timed out without updating last poster)
  16. Ok, since Groundspeak hasn't seemed to get or acknowledge this failure, I'll list my test results and conclusions. Apparently sometime Wednesday the system started failing by corrupting any new pocket query record so that it wasn't seen by the pocket query generator. It continued with the failure until sometime late Friday or some time on Saturday. After that time new pocket query records returned to not be corrupted as they were entered. Any new pocket query record created during that time period never ran and will never run. I archived all never run pocket query records today to get them out of my pocket query list and to get them out of my todays count. Everyone else should delete theirs as well so that they don't get confused, there is no marker shown to indicate when the record was created. I then created new pocket queries today, after I noticed that new ones were now running, to replace all of those that I deleted. I was able to get 5 newly entered pocket queries to run today. To play it safe, I also deleted my Sunday queries and entered new replacement ones. I didn't want to spend the time to prove that they wouldn't run either. So, my conclusion is that a Groundspeak lackey should do a dump of some of the database records from that time period and compare them to normal ones to determine if there is a problem that could re-occur. The evidence from the database record would show that they are overlooking some condition in the code that can cause corruption. The evidence of what is happening from this forum thread should be enough to indicate that this should be looked into. Let me know if you need help. Gary Nudecacher
  17. My normal new queries yesterday ran just before 1:00am Thursday morning as expected. Like everyone else, my Friday queries have not yet run. So I don't have any information that's different from prior posters. It appears that pocket queries quit running sometime on Thursday and are still not running. Nudecacher
  18. Yup, that's me. Even better, I was at Groundspeak Headquarters and was invited to log the cache and TB. Nudecacher
  19. With 674 replys to the release notes, I have to admit that I didn't take time to read them all to see if my problem has been discussed. ... but I noticed that the "Board Statistics ... We have 338,916 registered members" at the bottom of the forum opening page stopped being updated on 7/23/08. I routinely follow that number but I don't pay attention to the others with it to know if they are still working or not. That's the only place where I saw the number of current geocacher accounts. Nudecacher
  20. OMG! How does he get away with it? I wonder if he's ever been caught with so many pics taken? Once. Took a bit of time to get out of that hot water. It was back in 2005 and I posted all about it in the cache logs and in the forums at the time. You can read all about it here, here, here, and here. Nudecacher
  21. My only issue with your statement (for purposes of this thread) is what is ethically/morally right to you and me may not be for another person. If I feel something is ethically wrong (and believe me, I do and have agrued with friends over certain issues) does not mean it is ethically wrong. It only make it ethically wrong to me. There isn't techincally a lack of ethics, although I know you'd argue that point. It's a diiference in where the ethical line is drawn. The problem allowing "offense" to rule the day is that we then live in a world of complete tyranny. Anyone can be offended by anything. The few who are easily offended and are belligerent then rule the day. I don't think anyone wants to live in that kind of world. Nudecacher
  22. So don't we now need everyone to extol what a wonderful sport this is and give their top 100 lists and predictions about the future and all that? Nudecacher
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