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  1. You can do this with MacCaching. I am not familiar with any other software. I downloaded MacCaching last evening, webupdater this morning and also the web communicator plugin. Now all I need are my maps, chip and above all else, the Garmin to put it on! Should be here tomorrow.
  2. Has anyone had success with the out of the box software and the Garmin maps via Virtual PC? (I am using VPC6/WindowsXP) Also, what of simply downloading the GC data in the VPC interface? My gear should be arriving this weekend, but figured I'd check to see now, in the event I will need to begin downloading the 3rd party apps mentioned in this thread.
  3. I am with you on the common sense thought. In my mind, the journey is just as important as the destination (if not moreso). Caches that mimic vandalism - nopers Caches that mimic tampering with dangerous elements - nopers Caches that encourage future dismantling of nature - absolutely not What I am envisioning, is caches that are a challenge to get to, but moreso on the cerebral end rather than the strenuous end. I already have at least 2 caches in mind that I think are quite "out of the box" in concept. Of course, I am also looking forward to seeing the creativity displayed by other cachinators. (Yes, I just made up that term on the fly.)
  4. Of course you may! That said, reading some of the threads is showing me a ton of things NOT to do. Lots of good ideas (and bad ones that stick out like a sore thumb) on these here pages. Suffice to say, it will be some time down the road before (if ever) you'll see a micro hidden by me.
  5. How do you go about posting coordinates and photos? Or do you mean here in the forum? Just wondering. Welp, I have just (in the past few days) set up a blog on my web server. I mainly intend to use it to show off my photography. Will be easy enough to post the photos with coords I imagine. May even create a page solely to list such locations on my site. So far I have nothing posted, and am a bit busy processing RAWs, but will be up and running..."soon". Future home of the Foggy Blog. Ah, would also post on the Waymarking site as well!
  6. Well, it's been in the high 80s here in SW PA, but on the bright side the lack of rain for so long has kept the mosquitoes rather scarce. We'd be lucky to have standing water remaining for them to breed.
  7. Wow, I am a noob and even I can see the blatant...
  8. ... and searching for silver and gold, and finding an island of misfit toys, and meeting an elf dentist, and fighting a bumble.... Do not mock me. You've SEEN what I can do to a Bumbles.
  9. All good points. Will limit it to posting coordinates and photos of beautiful locations.
  10. Looking to future vacations my wife and I plan, is it acceptable to plant caches which would be difficult or impossible to maintain? Would it be acceptable to put a note in the cache notice (online) that it is a distant cache from the "owner" and that voluntary maintenance is encouraged?
  11. I actually came away from the thread about ingenious ways to camoflauge caches feeling the same way. IMHO, "hiding" something well does not mean it is a good cache hiding place. If it encourages "dismantling" areas by future seekers, (be it a natural or artifical element of the landscape) then it is a bad way to hide something. This includes areas able to be dismantled by hand/fingers. It's not so much how something is hidden, but how far those finders will go the next hunt to find something due to previous experience.
  12. You actually have a valid concern IMHO. After reading a thread about how some folks "disguise" their caches, I cannot help but think that "leave only footprints" is in jeopardy in a couple instances. If folks have a problem finding a cache, and then think "well, some folks are disguising them as natural features now", then I can see a potential for a bit of destruction. If you've a cache in a beautiful spot, do you really want to invite folks to "toss" the place like an FBI search? I will most likely NOT put a cache on/under/near artifact areas like the OP describes. However, I will attempt to put them in picturesqe spots. As such, you can rest assured that these will be able to be found without "tampering" with the location to any visible extent. (Of course, I'd assume that other folks on hunts would have the peace of mind to leave the location as they found it. Well, except on garbage-out hunts of course!)
  13. Did not lurk long before subscribing. I hate doing things half-heartedly, so I jumped on the premium plan. Have spent a great deal of time out in the wilds this lifetime. An aquaintance passed us while we were out with the pups a week or so ago. They were on their way to find a local cache they'd been having trouble finding. I looked at my wife and decided we needed yet another reason to be outdoors. Ordered a GPSMap 60CSx, Topo 2008, and a 2gig chip this past weekend. So when free time comes up and we look at each other wondering where to go, we'll let the GPS decide.
  14. I have MapSource Topo U.S 2008 on the way with my 60CSx. This you mention about it automatically using the more detailed topo info sounds great. So to be clear: when you install the NPs and the topo 2008, it replaces automatically the data in the NP areas with the 24k, or do you have to set it up to do that manually the first time? IMHO, it sounds like perhaps Garmin should include the Topo 2008 data with the higher-detailed NP package, so it would only be a single upload.
  15. Hey there folks. Thought I would jump right in and introduce myself. No stranger to the great outdoors, I am looking forward to having yet one more reason to be out and about. Garmin should be here in a week or so (yay for free Amazon shipping...boo for having to wait extra days!) and already am hatching ideas for creating caches. My intentions for creating caches: - Fun to get to - If difficultly hidden, will leave proper clues - Will attempt to make difficult ones "multi-staged" - Worthwhile for the first finder My golden rule: If I could not go back and find it in a year, then I went over the line of difficulty. So that said, this is my official "hey there"!
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