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  1. Sounds like the same issue as "event" FTFs are being logged prior to being made public on geocaching.com. I am pretty new to this, but am of the opinion that nothing counts on GC until made public on GC. (And in response to those who claim that the stats mean nothing: if it means nothing, then don't log your finds)
  2. The cache my wife and I found yesterday (our first as geovirgins) had a couple TBs and a bunch of kid stuff. One item was a Lego pirate complete with lego treasure chest with mini-swag. I traded for a bug and the pirate, as I am a 40 year old kid who loves legos. That said, I would have been slightly dissapointed if it were all kids stuff. (edit: I consider bugs adult)
  3. I plan to purchase a couple bugs and plant them. As an owner I will be highly irate if I'd find that one of the bugs landed in a situation like the above. Sounds like something a cache owner would do simply to keep a consistant lure for folks to visit the cache.
  4. Today I am getting a +/- of about 20' on my location. Yesterday the best I could get was 15'. I am picking up plenty of satilites and a clear view of the sky. Also, my Topo 2008 shows my street, but shows me on the wrong side of it. Probably a good 25-30 yards off. Is it the map being off in relation to my location, the map correct but the unit showing the wrong location? Is there a way to calibrate everything to a known location? Should I be getting better than +/- 16' to 20' on my loacation? Not a lot to be found on a web search (even when you jump over the bazillion advertisement links for the sale of the unit)
  5. Yes, but what of a mystery cache that knowing the time of day (or night) is part of the "puzzle"? To tell folks definitively that a cache is only findable by night cuts out a bit of the mystery.
  6. Finally my Garmin 60CSx arrived today. Webupdate does not see the GPS unless I smash the "try again" button multiple times quickly. If I do it fast enough, I have managed to get to downloading the update for the unit. download does it's thing, and then at the end it tells me it cannot communicate with the GPS. Using webupdater with a PC the first time is not really an option unless I go out and buy a PC. Decided to skip over webupdate and play around with Garmin Training Center. Guess what: not seeing the GPS. I have done numerous web searches and beyond finding a PC to use, there are no options. Powerbook G4, OSX 10.4.10 Is it pointless even contacting Garmin? I fear that their mac ignorance will simply lead to them telling me "sorry, buy a PC". edit: Not surprisingly, a third party app "MacCaching works flawlessly and has no problem seeing my device.
  7. They are currently hovering about $330, and have a $50 rebate, bringing it to about $280. (Amazon.com)
  8. I'd like to start off by thanking the folks who answered the question within the first 2 or 3 posts. (Which I acknowledged way back then) That said, please do not take this into a direction that it never would have gone in any event. Had I been "hasty", I never would have been here asking about it. Nor would I have not checked the local cache locations prior. Lastly, I'm not sure where you are pulling that last statement from. I would presume that each person hiding a cache would put as much effort into the setup/hide regardless of where they happen to be. If they did not have the motivation to make it a good cache, then why on earth would they feel strongly enough to do it in the first place. The question (long since answered) was if it was accepted to place a cache on vacation far from home. Not if it was acceptable to be hasty, sloppy, or otherwise. By the by, Happy Friday!
  9. Wow. All I can find myself wanting to ask is this: Do you envision yourself as Snoop Dog, or Vanilla Ice? or...ARE you Vanilla Ice?
  10. The maturity of some people astounds me. edit: beaten!
  11. Nor do I see a guideline saying one cannot bean a seeker over the head with a cod piece as they get near a cache's hiding place. I also do not see a guideline preventing the instalation of a tripwire that would cause a bucket of feces to drop onto someone picking up a logbook at a cache. Yeah, I am being silly. But to make a point that the absence of a guideline does not mean a guideline is not implied or expected from thinking adults. From the quotes I've been shown of Jeremy's today, I can surmise and agree that some things are simply "bad form".
  12. No need to defend your event. I am not knocking/attacking it in any way. I am simply clarifying my view that posting something as FTF on a public site implies to me (once again, IMHO of course) that it was public knowledge that there was something to find. This is merely a discussion, not an attack.
  13. You lost me on this one, would you please explain what you were saying here? Not being mean, just missed the point (I guess). I whittled it down to clarify. If not public knowledge, it is insider knowledge. Be it one person knowing the coords for a cache or a select group, if it is prior to being made public, then it is insider. Capiche?
  14. First off, let me get something off my chest: Goats are very adept at climping over rocky inclines. For this I envy them. See here is where you lose me. When stats for finds are put online for finders, they are generally compared to (whether or not one agrees with the practice) with the other publicly-tallied stats. Now that said, if only a small number know of the "existance" of the cache, is that not considered "inside information" that is not known (at that time) by the general public? I would contend that if it is not public information, then it is indeed inside information when viewed in the spirit of the public caches. Not looking to step on any toes here. I am simply facinated with the different points of view on the subject. So yeah. Goats.
  15. Perhaps I am simply missing the whole point of having stats to begin with.You should take a look at some of Jeremy's posts regarding 'stats' or 'competition'. Again, admittedly I am new to the site. That said, I'll assume that this Jeremy is the fellow who set up the site. I signed up, and assumed (yet again) that when stats are used to display accomplishments, those stats would be held to "rules" enforced by an honor system. I can only guess that the posts you mention of Jeremy's show that his opinion on the use of stats and competition differ from the norm? Have you examples to link to?
  16. Perhaps I am simply missing the whole point of having stats to begin with.
  17. Really? The bulk of this game is completely benign, yet it exists. The logging of temporary event caches to the event page was recommended by TPTB. This logging does not affect any other cachers. It is, therefore, benign. You are missing the point. You used the term "player". (It is even used in the post of yours which I quoted) What do you consider a "player", if not someone who agrees to follow the outlined "rules"? Now take note of the part of your post I Italicized/Bolded/Underlined. I have no issue whatsoever with it being accepted within circles. What I am pointing out, is that when those stats are used outside of those circles in the context of a public "game", then the integrity of the game is cheapened.
  18. What's up pussycat? I read about 90% of this thread (and am quite shocked at some POVs) and wanted to yank this part of your post and quote it. Here is my reasoning: Personal ethics are used to condemn those who would consider themselves players. Though to be considered a player you are guided by structured "rules". If you choose to not follow the rules outlined for the game, are you really a player? Are you playing if you do not play? This roaming gnome says no. If it were truly benign, then it would not occur.
  19. The question is, should a "private" pre-public hunt FTF be posted on the public cache page as a FTF?
  20. Well, if I happen to be FTF after a cache is published, I will be certain to point that fact out. In my limited knowledge and viewpoint of the geocaching thing, I would see a "FTF" claim dependant on it being "findable" by others. Otherwise, "FTF" means less than nothing.
  21. This has been discussed many times before in many different threads. Sometimes a cache hider will disseminate waypoint coordinates or even copies of the cache listing page privately -- and prior to publication at geocaching.com -- to friends or via their local geocaching organization, or at an event. In fact, this is a somewhat commonplace practice for some new caches in some parts of the country. Isn't this a mite unethical? I am admittedly a noob to geocaching, but this strikes me as something that would warrant an auto-archive. Not much to say about a first to find...if only you were privy to it's existance.
  22. Well, it's rather sucktastic that the cache is known by someone who would do that, and won't really be "safe" again. Do you plan to replant it or archive the cache?
  23. I would recommend the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx...if I actually had it in my possession! (Arriving sooooon) I did a bit of reading on the subject, and the GPSMap 60CSx seems the most well thought of and highly recommended.
  24. Isn't there a "weather station" like this near Buffalo?
  25. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.
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