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  1. I'm a claim staker so my days are spent roaming both mountain and desert terrain without following established trails. My dog is a boxer, pointer mix and could not be better for what we do. She's smart enough to be well trained, athletic enough to run circles around me all day and can climb rock faces which I can barely get up. "Short Hair" is a great feature in any pooch destined to be in your house or car! When you plan to take a dog into the forest, you should prepare by training it to be very obedient. Where I'm currently working there are bears, wolves, and cougars. A dog who would run off on their own likely would not make it back alive.
  2. twoclones

    Delorme PN-20

    I bought a PN-20 as a backup for my Garmin 60csx. I returned the PN-20 twice. The first time Delorme replaced some component and the second time they sent me a new unit. Even the new unit gave me troubles! All too often it took up to 15 minutes to pick up satellites and in general it was terribly slow compared to my 60csx. After a month of struggling with it, I sold the PN-20 on eBay and bought a second Garmin... Now if only Garmin would sell professional level mapping software.
  3. The 60csx is a very accurate device but it's compass is next to useless. I make my living with the 60csx but carry a Brunton pocket transit to point out the direction I should start walking. Note that the compass is very sensitive to airborne materials. One morning I drove into the mountains during a terrible dust storm. For that entire day, well after the winds died down, the 60csx was unable to determine which direction it was pointing. Locations appeared to be accurate but calibrating the compass was of little help. Butch 2 x 60csx
  4. I am using the Delorme Xmap Pro 5.2 with my Garmin GPSMap 60CSx. When moving waypoints from Xmap to the 60CSx their symbols are all changed to golden anchors. Is there a way to use a symbol set which is common to both Xmap and Garmin? Butch
  5. Well, a mineral claim is 600' x 1500' and soil samples are taken on a 100' grid within a claim. Add 'multiple claims' to that equation and the numbers get larger. The property I was working today consists of nearly 100 claims and it is not the only property. 1800 was probably an understatement.
  6. That's not really a workable option since I have about 1800 locations to waypoint. The Map Source interface leaves much to be desired since I can neither project waypoints nor import from Excel. I need better software! Butch
  7. I'm using the 60CSx daily for field work and the compass requires frequent calibration. I trust it for only a little while after calibration...
  8. I need to learn how to create a grid of GPS coordinates inside a given rectangle. For instance, a 600' x 1500' rectangle with a grid of 100' x 100'. How can I create these coordinates and import them into my Garmin GPSmap 60CSx? I've been told that AutoCAD can generate the grid coordinates. Has anyone exported coordinates from AutoCAD for import to GPS receiver? Butch
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