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  1. I thought they were listed in the guidelines as well and just checked them as well as the page for hiding your first cache. Neither say matches nor lighters for all that matters. If someone can point it out where either one of these are listed as prohibited items, please do.


    I do think neither should be in caches and listed as well as prohibited items. Any word from TPTB on this?

  2. I have a Y2K TJ (2000 Wrangler for you non jeepers...lol). It has dual airbags as well. you cna even turn the passenger one off if you like. Jeeps are probably one of the safer vehicles around and you can't beat the quality and resale value. When we replace my wife's Explorer, we will probably look at another jeep. She is talking about a convertible sedan, but with no roll bar, we are not sure. She likes the idea of having a Wrangler. That way she gets a convertible, safety and sportiness too.


    Plus in inclimate winter driving, it's hard to beat.

  3. Although I have a PocketPc (ok my wife does) I use MS PocketStreets. It cost less than $30 and serves the major metro areas. You can also import pq's into and the caches will show up on the map there.... pretty neat. I wanted to get the NG Topo version, but didn't have the funds. Pretty soon I will have a F/T job and will probably purchase my own pocket pc and get a copy of the NG topo maps for it. Or another version, but I would like topo maps for mine.

  4. If you are talking about pre planning...why not use one of the websites and search the address of the hotel and get it's coordinates and put that in the search field. Or find out the zipcode of the hotel and use that. Another option if you were a premium member would be to download a PQ of the area there. If you have a PDA or PcoketPc, download the info there as well. Then you will have it. When you are at the hotel, turn on the GPS and search for the nearest one and look it up in the PDA/PocketPC.

  5. Totem, but the thing is, that you have to read endless and endless threads that are included in the search results. Imagine if is showed up in the Abject Silliness thread! And even then, the the question might not be answered there. And as I stated before, many of the new people will or may not be familiar with our jargon or terminology that we use. For instance I typed in "Metal Army Can" and "Metal Can" and came up with no results. I was looking for ammo can. When I typed in "metal box" I got listed 5 different threads. One was titled ammo can. But that was because I switched from can to box. Some may not do that. And with those 5 threads, I would of had a couple hundred posts to read. Would I of found my answer? Maybe...maybe not.


    The search is a great feature. Don't get me worng on that. It's only effective though when every posting is completely on that topic. That's not going to happen here, just as in this thread. If it was a business and people were dealing with specific things and were "serious", then it would be ok. And as long as the lingo, jargon, and terminology was known. Whether if people have time to search for stuff or not, is not an issue really. We can't determine if someone has the time or not.


    i haven't checked lately, but there used to be a few pages of information on the site. Some of them repeated the same thing, some had different stuff. And they were all located in different areas. If they already haven't done it, there needs to be one location with reference to it. Things need to be added and removed as things continuosly change. A lot of the questions that are repeated over and over, normally don't change. Perhaps they need to be in an area. Then when a question is asked that is covered in that area, a moderator can post a link to the area nad close the thread. This is a forum and it's for discussion. We are pretty much limited to talking about geocaching in general and there is only so much that can be said. Imagine that if they started deleting and closing threads with a simple this has already been discussed or that has already been said. Basically say or talk about something differently, but that has to do with geocaching.

  6. Ok totem on the skeleton bit. I do agree about postings of the same othing that do show up on the same page.


    Now on to what Bloen was saying. That is exactly what I was saying. It also made me think that some people may be accessing the forums from work and can't sit there and read alot and put a lot into it. It may be be a quick scan and if not see the answer then post it and return back later to see if anyone has answered it. Or they may not be at work and still do not spend a lot of time on it. It is much easier and quicker to ask a question than to search through a lot of clutter.

  7. Have or had a PocketPc here, so what i use(d) won't help you. It appears that my wifes new job is not as archaeic as her old one and she can use the pocket pc there. :o So now I have to borrow it from her if I go caching. I guess I'll have to either go back to paper or get a pocketpc of my own or a palm...

  8. Well I know that the public would be interested in it, at least for those who didn't see it. A letter to the editor in the paper there where many will read will put the station in the spotlight. I will guarantee that an apology will definitely come out of it. The article that Jennifer posted above is very interesting. He has the nerve to tell others to get a life?

  9. Totem, are you speaking of repetative posting of different threads on the skeleton bit? If not then I don't follow you on that example. I came in to post the story the other morning after receiving an email from my father about it. But when I logged on, someone had already posted it. It was at the very top of the page. If I saw no thread about it somewhere on the first page, then I probably would of started a new one. I very rarely ever go past the first page of the threads on here. Not because I'm lazy, but because if it gets past that point, then it's normally "dead" discussion.


    Why some people may be lazy and don't want to search, I see no problem with asking questions. I would much rather have them ask a question pertaining to it, than say well it didn't say it, I didn't see it, or I didn't understand. Even if it's been talked about before. Now if you look around on the first page or so and don't see a similar thread or topic, then ask. Unfortunately searching through the system will not answer questions. At least not directly. It's not effective here as we use everyday common words. If I want to see what was said about an aim-a-flame on here and type those keywords in, I would probably only get discussions (and endless at that) about flaming each other. The search function can be used effectively, but not as well here as in other forums that pretty much remain civil. Take a medical coding website that I run for my wife. Medical codes or a set of numbers and they each mean something. IF a member of the messageboard there wanted to find out about a certain medical code, then they could type in that number in the search part of the message board and would get discussions pertaining to that code. Same as well as medical terms which normally aren't common everyday terms unless you are Doc Dean. They may still not find an answer, but the search is more effective there than it would be here. One reason is because we don't have the bickering or flaming going on. Everyone is on topic in the discussions and we have a off topic area where they can discuss other things. In other words people are on there because of their employement and not for fun like here. They take it a little more seriously.

  10. The administration should get rid of the useless visible post count number. There would be much less white noise (like this thread) in the forums without it.


    No one seems to care about the post numbers anyway, and it seems to create constant distress. Why not just get rid of it?

    I agree 100%. We all know that numbers, no matter what kind cause trouble. Either you post too much and/or don't cache enough. Drop the post counts, let them be available in the profiles like the cache finds if they are needed. By the way, why are number of posts needed here? Normally they go along with uping the member type. Like they do with "Tadpole" to "Member". Do they reall signify anything?


    dadgum Sparky. I haven't paid attention, but dang you been posting....lol

  11. So do you think the users posting links to a dozen past threads on a subject are being helpful or not?

    I do think it is helpful. Especially if you point to where it's located in the thread. Some threads are pages and pages long with no answers really and a bunch of garbage. When one does a search they either have to search on the exact keywords, which they might not do. They might know the words that are used for certain things and call it something else and not find an answer. Then if they do find some things that match, they have to sift through everything to try and find an answer. Then what they read, might be old and the rules have changed on that aspect, leading to improper out of date knowledge.


    Let the people ask their questions. Of course it's going to get repetitive. Just skip over them if you don't want to help them out with an answer. Markwelling is great, just be sure you markwell a current and correct answer to their question.

  12. Honeychile, it wasn't meant to be inflammatory. Actually not having read it all and missing those key things would of sounded better than to say "I thought that there could be the occasional exception"...


    I apologize for being wrong about it and fully recognize that you did in fact read it. So now I'm on your list too, huh?

  13. I was going to mention the CCCooper thing, but keystone beat me to it with the markwell. I believe mine was 10 or 11, but one of those was a cache event. All the other were traditionals in the area of the event and were done in only a few hours at the most. I did manage to do about 7 one day in about 3 or 4 hours time to get my number up to 100. That was driving around too.

  14. BigBass, what were the cops reactions when you told them you were geocaching? Wish I was still in Augusta, would love to have seen a piece on WRDW about it. You know the funny thing was that back in July when we were visiting home there in Augusta (lived in MAssachusetts for a year), I highly considered doing those caches one day, but didn't want to drive out from Lake Thurmond (where we were staying). Kind of glad we didn't. But now since we are only a couple hours away (Charlotte NC), I will have to make plans to hit them when I'm home one weekend. I need to run over and do the "Land of Cotton" one too. We were going to do it after the Sleepy Hollow one but ran out of time. There seems to be a good bit to have popped up in the area since we were there this past summer. Can't wait to get to them.

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