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  1. Well I'm a little disappointed. I ordered a 4 pack last Friday afternoon (east coast). I noticed that my check card wasn't debited till Monday when balancing my check book yesterday. No problem. I figured they would probably be here today(friday). I woke up this morning to an email that said they will be shipped out "tomorrow", which I assume they meant today. From the responses I expected them to be here already, but I guess that they got behind. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  2. Start throwing rocks around. When you hear a crash, you've found it...hehe just kidding. I've actually been able to get ot less than 10 feet on some of the caches I've found so far with the GPS. Make sure you have everything (coordinates especially) correct. AS someone state, thick tree cover is going to make things worse and the GPS is going to be off some. Depending on the GPS you have, you can't stand still and it work for you. You have to be moving for it to update. If you have one with a real compass then that is better for you. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  3. Gotta agree about the Timberlands. They are great. Bought a pair during our move up here in Massachusetts from South Carolina on the 1st of January. Stopped at a Outlet Mall in Connecticut and they had a Timberland store there. The tennis shoes I had the time were shot and weren't going to do any good with the snow. After about 6 ft or snow or so since we moved here 6 months ago, they have worked great. They aren't Gore-Tex either. I agree with Desert Warrior to about the military boots. They are some of the best boots I've ever owned. I had several pair during my 4 yr active duty in the Air Force. They got a good workout being Security Police as well. I was working for a State Police Department and needed some boots and not a whole lot to spend. I ordered a pair through US Cavalry magazine. They were mock ups of the jungle boots, but all black. Cost like $18. I wore them everyday at work and it was a job you were on your feet at least 7 of 8 hours. They lasted about a year. But for what I paid, how can you go wrong. Also bought a pair of "SRT" generic type of boots, but they had a padded top that goes around the ankle/calf. They lasted about 6 months and paid a little more for them. Another alternative are Hi-Techs. They are used widely in Law Enforcment agencies. The Federal Bureau of Prisons issued them to us. Got a couple of almost brand new ones sitting in my closet. Might break them out in some of the next hiking trips. One bad thing is that they are steel toed. Said is was safety, my thoughts it was a self protection weapon against the inmates. I've had mixed reviews about Hi-Techs. I had a pair back in 1992 that ripped on me in less than 6 months. These latest ones I've gotten and have talked to people about last pretty good. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  4. Our digital is a 4 yr old Kodak. Takes decent pics, but you really can't zoom in. So what you are photographing needs to be les than 25 or 30 feet away, depending on the subject you are capturing. I got a Canon Rebel 2000 EOS a couple Christmas' ago and got a 300mm zoom lens last year on vacation in Florida. Gotta love it...The current "Photo of the week" on my website is one I took with the 35mm in my backyard of an Eastern Chipmunk. The photo was taken about 30 yards away or so. There's a couple of other pics on my message board under the "Scenery, wildlife, and More" section. I believe one is of my wife and kis in Providence, RI that was taken with the digital and a link to one of a bird taken with the 35mm, but it didn't turn out as well as I hoped. Actually I guess it turned out ok, since I took it through the glass of the window. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  5. Flask, what's the waypoint? Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  6. Ticks are abundant up here. Had one on me the other day. Was on my upper arm and not on my legs. So they are capable of getting on you higher than above the knees. Bought some bug repellent called "Bens" I believe. It's in a little pump bottle. Spray it on you and rub it on good. Haven't had any ticks or mosquito bites since either. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  7. quote: A new bag of 50 costs about a $1.49. Why not leave that? I'm sure the 4 year old would love it. Hey, I would even take that! Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  8. sounds good to me...but I think I will elave our digital cam behind and take the 35mm instead and start taking some photos of great places I've seen so far.. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  9. Even a cache to promote a business would be ok in my eyes. As long as it's a findable cache that gives me the thrill of searching it out. If McDonalds wants to put a cache out there to promote the McRib, so be it. Just make sure there's ample supply of free McRib coupons in it along with some Happy Meal toys still in the plastic. Just like some of the caches we find, that are left to be desired, you can easily log a TNLNSL and put another cache under your belt. Sure as heck beats finding old used and worn stuff. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  10. Don't see anything wrong with it all. Like said, everything normally has a logo of some sort on it. If someone doesn't like it, they can leave it there and not look at the logo. Everything makes a buck some way or another. Just don't get all tied up into whether it's commercial or not. I'm hoping that a Dunkin Donuts employee is a cacher and will start leaving coupons for free donuts. People have no problem taking a buck out of a cache, but some of them may say "that shouldn't be there, it's commercial" or "it's advertisement"...get real! After reading what I wrote i wanted to point out that it was not intended for anyone, was just a random statement. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  11. flockmaster, I take it that there is no way to edit your TB information? I see the typo in the url to the mp3 file you have. You have it down as "roorsweb" and not "rootsweb". But I have a feeling that there's more incorrect on that url than just that, because I couldn't get it to work with the correct spelling of rootsweb. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  12. So many caches....so little time... Wouldn't it be great to get paid to cache? If we are all cache ho's then does make jeremy one of our pimps? Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  13. PIIIKAAACHUUUUU!!!! Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  14. As someones tagline on here states, "I've never learned anything from someone I agree with". Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  15. It is funny isn't it? After reading some of TJWilson's threads, he was a little over the top on things. Then as Rex_Gordon, he was more down to earth and got better results in replies to him. Hope this helps him out. People don't realize the things that Jeremy pointed out. I run a message board and have had someone do that before. This was a different story, but someone from a business of a product I purchased through didn't like the fact that I said I wouldn't endorse them on my site. Well luckily I was online and on my message board as they were signing up. They used an email with that included their name (happened to have talked to them on the phone earlier) to validate their registration. Then they went to a forum that may get 2 or 3 visits a day and there were several on it at once. The person posted a message defending the company, but acting like a third party. I immediately thought it was them. But after looking up the IP that the software logs for them, I knew it was exactly them due to the ISP that hat the IP address. It was significant to one part of the country, which the business was located in. Also as Jeremy put, these "puppet" profiles do take up space and do not give a correct estimate as to the actual number of people. If you have 4 people in your team, then there's nothing wrong with 4 profiles. But if you have 4 people and a couple have 2 different profiles, then it becomes a problem. Also you make seek assistance for Mulitple Personality Disorder....lol Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  16. I remember years ago while working at a hospital (I worked law enformcement there), that a maintenance man asked me about getting a computer. Matter of fact I seemed to be the guru there, which is sad in itself. I guess they were all just not familiar with computers. Anyway this guy ended up buying a computer and got hooked on the internet. While making my rounds one night I saw him and another person in their office and popped in to chat for a while. He was telling me how neat the internet was and the search engines. Said "just for fun" that he typed in the word "sex" in the search engine and was given hundreds of thousands of links to websites. Said he went to some of them to see what they were, but they kept asking him for his credit card number. I told him not to do it even if they said it was for verification of age purposes. He said oh no he wouldn't do that. Uhhh, yeah right.... Anyway, about a month or so down the road, I saw him again. I said hey hows the computer going? Said it was great but he had another question for me. He said he gets all these pop ups for sex sites whenever he logs on or boots the computer (can't remember how he put it). Said that he wanted them off his computer because his grandchildren like to play games on his computer when they come over. I told him some things to try. Later asked him they worked and they did. This was over 3 or 4 years ago and the technology that they use now for these pop ups are more advance than then. But, on the question of those pop ups that he was receiving, how do you think he was getting them? When you go to a site, pop ups are annoying. Companies like AOL have a pop up blocker in their software, but is only good if you are using their browser. I don't use their browser, so it's no good to me. I prefer the pop unders instead. The ones I really detest are the ones that get big, the size of the screen, with no "close" button on them. Then you have to go out of your way to close it. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  17. Stay at home dad with my nearly 2 yr old daughter. Run an outdoors website as well as a website for medical coders (for my wife). Formerly a Correctional Officer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and state of Georgia, Police Segeant for the Georgia Dept of Human Resources, and Secuirty Policeman for the US Air Force. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  18. I've been told it can be quite expensive getting the nice ones made. Of course the more you buy the cheaper they get. Was thinking of the Wooden Nickel type, but may try our hand at the clay polymer kind. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  19. http://www.geocities.com/team_fisur/geocoins/index.html Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  20. Ice Cool, my sonm was asking the other day about the deck of cards with the Casino's name on them that you can get from Casino's or buy at stores. Wonder if people had any problems with them? Matter of fact I think he bought some at a toy store in the mall. I like the poker chip thing, I think those would be neat to collect. Personally I don't see anything wrong with gambling. We gamble every day in other ways. I grew up in a Baptist Church and of course like ChurchCampDave said, it's on the black side. But it always confused me because they would always allow raffles, especially for the youth groups. And then what about churches that have bingo? Bingo is gambling too. hmmm Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  21. Thanks guys, we ordered a 4 pack as well. did so last friday afternoon. Hopefully we will have them by Wednesday or so. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  22. Thanks Dusty Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  23. Anyone know? Are we talking a few days or a week or more? Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
  24. I agree fly46. After I typed the message above, my son and I set out to go after a new one. No directions of where to go and park. Just some coordinates. We drove around about 10-15 minutes trying to see where the parking was. Finally found it. We are not from the area, we just moved here from over 1000 miles away a few months ago. So knowing where something is, is not an option for us. Just basic directions would be good. Or at least a road name. Then the parking coordinates would help. Brian Wood Woodsters Outdoors http://www.woodsters.com
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