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  1. I haven't read everything posted on here and just happened to come across this. But I read the "bill" that SissynCr have linked and it doesn't say that geocaching is outlawed or anything. It just says that in order to do it on historic sites, archaelogical sites and cemeteries that you have to have permission before doing so. That's not too far off from what gc.com requires is it? They want you to make sure you have permission first of all. Sounds fair to me. Or have I missed something?

  2. I was just telling my son yesterday, that when the weather is warmer, that we ought to throw the tent and other camping stuff in the back of the jeep and head over towards the western part of the state (NC), which less than 2 hours away and just cache away. But i don't think he would be able to withstand that much caching...

  3. RVers were actually one of the people I heard of geocaching from. Someone had mentioned it one time before on my website I used to run before, called "Woodsters Outdoors". Didn't think much about it then. Then in 2003, my in laws who own a Class A motorhome, were at a rally in Myrtle Beach and met a couple there that was into the geocaching. My mother in law thought it sounded neat and told my wife about it. My wife told her that i mentioned it one time before and we started looking into it more. A little bit later, and we bought our GPS and was searching! I think it's the perfect past time for fulltimers. Keeps you active and healthy. And especially keeps you from getting bored. I don't forsee GC adding anything about the caches and if you can get a rig close by. I thinks it's a cool idea though. Perhaps someone can start a "GeoCamping" website and people can recommend places and the sort

  4. The answer to all this, may be within the guidelines! It says caches with codewords or objects for verification are not allowed and that caches at a minimum, must have a logbook. I would define that as virtuals shouldn't be allowed. Put a physical cache as close to the "subject of the virtual" and reference to it in the cache. Perhaps you can list the coordinates to some great places within the area that the cache can't be placed.

  5. Let's be honest....what would constitute a "wow" factor? Any virtual would probably be more of "wow, I can't believe I wasted my time for this". But would it be a waste? Probably about 50/50. Most would do it for the smiley. We can say no, I do it because i want to see new and exciting things. That's bularkey for the most part. We want the smiley. of course we will see things we never saw before and even something that really interests us. But do those things fit within GC's definition of "wow"?

  6. Well, that's why we have guidelines and a system of approval. You might not always agree with the approvers, and they are human, but you have to roll with the punches and deal with their decisions--kind of like with referees.

    Yes they have guidelines. They are subjective. Subjective being that each and every person and/or approver reads and engages them to fit their needs.


    I would not call it a system though. There are some approvers that approve this very virt. Others won't. It's subjective. And like you said, they are human. So they all will have different opinions.

  7. Traditionals are given priority because the point of this game is to find a container--like an easter egg hunt for adults. Otherwise, it's very close to waypointing--which is cool, but it's not geocaching the way TPTB have determined it (if I'm not making a wrong assumption). So, virtuals are kind of a concession for places that can't accommodate a physical cache. If you're gonna make a concession, it better be for something darn special.

    In other words, you can't put something physically here, and the point of the game is for something physical. Why bother with them at all then? i say do away with them, if that's the way they are looked upon. There would be no disagreement. Well, there shouldn't be.

  8. If each leg of the multicache is listed as a seperate cache, then yes. But if it's listed as one cache and has different steps to find the one cache, then no. And event caches should not be logged mulitply either. One log for the even and then one for each cache listed here on the site. Anyone can make up an event cache and make 100 caches there at the event and then log the event 100 times. That's wrong.

  9. I was just looking at the zire 31...it ssems to have some nice little extras...brand new just a little over $100...Would probably use it for some other things. I have seen zire's at the discount stores for under $100 and really didn't think they were the same thing as other palm pilots. I thought they were overpriced address books...lol

  10. Well, last year I was paperless, using my wifes iPaq pocket pc. I was using it, because she could not sync it at her work computer there in MA. Since we have been here in NC, her new job can sync it and she has been using it. drats! i really enjoy the paperless route, but don't want to spend a lot of money. What's the best bargain out there? Can the zire be used? I did a search and saw where some were using it, but will it suffice? i'm all getting the most for the buck, so if anyone can throw out any recommendations, please do. I don't want to spend over a couple hundred bucks though for sure. The cheaper the better!

  11. woodster!!! Hope you are OK man. Here is something for you to think about. You say you don't like multi-caches or puzzles much. You do like micros though. Lots of virtuals are being rolled into multi-caches. Lots of those have micros at the end of them after seeing a statue or monument. Oh happy day! Two of your favorite cache types in one!


    <_< <_<


    Of course, I do think there are good virtual caches out there.

    I just don't think a copy of a statue quite gets there.

    Mtn-man....doing ok...working my arse off....will be back to normal soon. No i don't mean causing havoc here....or do I! <_<


    I still don't like the multis, puzzles or virts for all that much. I have done some and will probably will still do some. I much prefer the "straight shot" caches. And i prefer them to be of micros for the most part. i don't think I would like the ones you mentioned with a micro at the end.But I do think that either the virts should be allowed (into their own space) or not allowed at all. That would save a lot of heartache and confusion. That way, for those who want to place something physical where another said it's a virt place, then they can. Make it fun for everyone all the way around.

  12. EdDee....that sounds good, what you just said you were doing. i think we all were assuming, that you wanted to put up some temp caches, log them as finds and then remove them. But, with your last post, that is a bit different. Nothing wrong with making up some unofficial ones and then letting people find them there. i used to do that with my son and his friends. When we were in Massachusetts, i would hide a $10 bill in a micro and hide it within our property (2 acres). I would give them the coordinates and a time limit (normally 20-30 minutes). Whoever found it, got the money. I never lost the money...lol Great for honing your hiding skills....lol

  13. I would want to be sure that there was specific approval from the land owner to dig up his property. I would also want it noted that you have to dig for it, because I don't carry a shovel with me caching. Then the land owner needs to be prepared for his property to be completely unearthed. That would be fine inf they were turning over the ground for a new garden or something. <_<


    But, this is an answer really for Jeremy to answer. They are the ones that will have to deal with the issues on it.

  14. There have been plenty caches that would be labled as SBA, that I have seen. One of them at one time was placed in an area that was apparantly a large dumping area. Granted it was near a flowing body of water, but you had to walk past the fire pit with the empty beer cans and broken bottles. Then once you made it closer towards the cache and past the exposed box springs and mattress, you could find the cache under half of a rusty container. The decrypted clue was "bring a trashbag". I did write the owner and told them that maybe that shouldn't be a clue to the cache, but more of if in the description area along with a warning of the dog that roamed the area. That was just a bad place to put a cache. Ther ehave been others that weren't maintained and some that required accessiing private property to get. Then of course you have those who don't respond to email. Partly due to the fact that they aren't geocaching anymore and don't use the same email address. It's a touchy subject. I do agree that if a cache is 'alive" then let it live. But then I again, I think that cache owners should be current, up to date and caring for their cache. There are plenty other people who are willing to place a cache in an area that there is a dilapidated one, but can't. Unless they SBA it and then get their own there. I imagine in due time there will be some cache anarchy going on.

  15. That is ture Ibycus, but on defense of the virt lovers, a virt gets you out as well. Plus many physical caches take you to places that other people have been to, are at and etc. Then add the fact that the "solution" of making it a micro, doesn't add anything....well except a little piece of paper with a broken off pencil that is difficult to write with and on.....lol

  16. There are monuments, statues, carvings, etc. all over the world and each of them has a story behind them. None of them are unique because of that.

    Forgot to note on this as well...this is subjective as well. Caches are the same. The places they put them in make them not unique as well. Especially when one is hidden 528 ft a away in the same forest or on the same mountain. Caches really haven't gotten to "I wanted to bring you to this cool place" anymore. It has gotten to here's another cache, see if you can find it. I have not truly said "wow" at any cache I've been too. Of course if I never saw a hollowed out tree, rock wall, etc, then I might. Have i enjoyed the caches? Yes, each and every one. It was about finding them and not where they were. I've also learned myself around places too. Last year in Massachusetts, I knew the back roads around where we were at like the back of my hand. We would be going somewhere and i would take a shortcut. My wife would ask how I knew about it. All thanks to finding geocaches, both the lame and the fun.


    to each their own!

  17. I didn't know your thoughts before I read your post, and I after reading it I still don't know if you're for or against virtuals. <_<


    hehe....good...that shows no real stance then, huh. I stated that from previous postings back when I was more active in the forums.


    I am grateful for any caches placed. I do not go after all of them. Personally I don't care too much for puzzle caches or multi's. Will I do them? Maybe, then maybe not. Depends on the mood and what is available at the time and/or where ever I may be. I typically enjoy a physical cahe myself, especially a micro. I would rather search for a micro that was cleaverly hidden, than to find a piece of broken tupperware, with dirty stuff in it. I really don't care about the swag in it. If my kids are with me then it's different. But I will plan my finds accordingly. Everyone has their own agneda. No ones is any better. Either try to work with them (virts) or get rid of them altogether. If someone wants to list cool places to see or learn something, they can do it on another site somewhere or list their own like a couple of us did on my old website.

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