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  1. I receive an email everytime someone visits my cache. I didn't make it do that, it does it automatically. I assume it happens that way to everyone. Perhaps there's a way to stop it, I don't know. On your mention of once or twice a year.....I think it also depends on the amount of traffic you are getting in between. If you are seeing a few a month, then I could tend to agree somewhat with visits when made notified. But if you are seeing 5 or more a week then you might need to make trips sooner than every six months or so. Perhaps a time limit should not be put on when to perform maintenance, but rather the issue of traffic. As far as to what many do. Many normally place their cache and only go back to if there is a problem noted and then even then many don't. I've read a log for a cache about 20-30 miles from here this morning online. I saw where several people have posted recently that it needs a new log book and needs to be cleaned. I took a look at the owner and they only had a few finds and they were all back in 2002. Obviously if he probably wasn't caching in the last couple years, then he hasn't probably checked his cache that long ago either. But I imagine that he could of.
  2. Thankyou Mopar! It is easy. If you are getting too many visitors to jot down some names or print out some logs, then you should be doing routine maintenance a lot sooner. And then if you can't keep up with it all, then you got too many caches. At least that is how I feel. Not going as far as Criminal went about virtual vs trad caches, but I think responsiblity of the owner is a lot. And that you should treat them with respect. After all, if you aren't respecting your cache, then others won't respect it either.
  3. As oppossed to all the other cachers out there who have never done anything wrong, faked a log, cheated, or anything else sinister, who apparently you have chosen NOT to trust on the sole grounds that they're geocachers... So asking for a code is saying I don't trust you? What about when you go to the store and use a credit card and they ask to see ID. Is it because they don't trust you? My words on following someone you trust was on sparky's mention of that a person they trusted was there before them....So obviously he doesn't trust geocachers either, only certain ones. Perhaps we were talking about ones that he knows are good and decent people. That's the way I took it. Of the people who have signed my logbooks, I only have met 2 of them. There are some others whose names I have seen around in logbooks and on webpages. They are people who I would trust outright until proven otherwise. But how about this, this is a great idea , trust me.
  4. See you are saying note...a note would not require that. A note is used when relaying information and is not cliamed as a find. Who said anything about local admin? I think you are taking it all out of context. Plain and simple. Cache owner checks the cache pages for bogus, conterfeit, etc entries. They remove the ones that are. Would a cache owner delete a note? I ahve no idea and that's not the issue. It's counterfeiting and bogus stuff. How d oyou check it? With the logbook at the cache. It's simple to do. No one is calling anyone a liar, they are verifying and ensuring "quality control". It's no more than a person having to convince admin that they can place a cache there. If they say no, you can't are they calling you a liar? If they say you can't maintain a cache that far away, are they calling you a liar? If you are not going to follow the guidelines on placing a cache, then why place one at all?Heck why even place a cache that you aren't going to take care of properly? Just to say you own one? Ok so you place one, then what?
  5. It's not completed either, so that is left to be determined. BTW Mopar, didn't I see a posting by you lately about Navicache and it's hard on the eyes or something?
  6. See Saprky, you didn't read his question...he said he was going to get another person to own it, but he asked if he should place it first or find and owner first.
  7. bons...a note is different. you aren't claiming a find on it. Although the owner should check that note to ensure it's within guidelines...lol Sax, yes I agree, if there is enough info given that would convince me, then I may allow it. I've been in the pouring rain, snow, heat, mosquitos and etc and have signed the log book every time. At least you can make out a "Woodsters Outdoors" on it. It may only say something like 'Found, TNLN, Woodsters Outdoors", but I managed to sign the log. If there was no writing utensil inside and I didn't have one, then I would probably make a note on my online log of that. At least the owner can go and check on it and put something to write with in it. If there are pens and pencils that you placed in their previously, then it may raise an eyebrow.
  8. The maintenance plan on each owner differs. I hate the fact that people do not go and perform checks on their caches without reason. I believe there should be a time period. And perhaps if the cache is really busy, then after so many people liek you stated. The codeword thing is an idea for people to use. The way of doing it manually is cumbersome, but for those who want to do it, it may be worth it. The idea would be for it to be an automatic process liek the TB's. I wouldn't have a problem with it being an option when plaing a cache. Like a cehckbox of if you want this feature. If you select yes, it will send you a randomly generated number to place in/on your cache and will automatically place a notice on the cache that "this cache has a verification process...." Then when the finder finds the cache, they sign the log book like normally and take the number. Then when they go to log it in, they are automatically asked for that number. Then they get to make their log entry. Like I said, it would be an option. The only extra thing the owner would do is ensure the number is visible on/in the cache. Of course checking the logbook and online logs is another issue and I started another thread about it.
  9. Doesn't say anything about writing down secret numbers or words...that's a different topic. It says you are to perform quality control of your cache pages...you only get to call them a liar once you do that and you see they didn't sign your logbook, but logged it online. Then again, Iwouldn't call them a liar. I would simply delete it.
  10. It doesn' say it's your responsibility and not GC's ...it says the responsibility of your listing.... So by listing a cache it's your responsibilty to check the quality control of your cache pages...
  11. I say call in Airwolf to check in on him.....Is Jan Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine still alive? lol
  12. But a fake log only makes it worse. A fake log is something that can be controlled more than muggles. Unless you are immediately following a cacher you trust and doing the caches right after tehm, then you run the risk of going out after a cache and it not being there at all. Even though a log the day before says it was. Did you just not find it or is it really missing? If a log is fake, one will never know until the owner actually checks. Owners actually count on the logs in between routine maintenance trips. Or at least many do I should say. I noticed on the cache that you own that you've already had to do maintenance on it because of problems. Luckily the people told you what was wrong. Imagine if they forgot to mention the log and then the next person a month or so later posted a find (fake) and said it was ok....Then sometime goes by again and the same thing. The guidelines state that it's the owners responsibility for the quality control fo the logs against bogus logs, counterfeir logs and etc. This is to try and keep things straight. Cache owners owe it those that take the time to find their cache to ensure it's welfare and honesty. As I stated once before as well, many people who can not find a cache, will not state so online. They simply think they just couldn't find it and will be back later. Some do not like posting DNF's. I had trouble finding one out of 100 and it was about #80 or so. I wasn't used to not finding a cache that I simply forgot to put a DNF on it. The cache owner had to remind me after I emailed him about it.
  13. Now that's a better idea than calling people names....
  14. Is that an attack umc? You calling me a troll? I was making a point on it as some of the other threads about logbooks now required. It has also been brought up in the "Idea" thread about cheaters. It's nothing new. I was looking over some of the guidelines and it stated that. Thought I would pass it along.
  15. You're right, it does say that...didn't read that the first time...from the posting about it, I assumed that it was completed as it said to read the new magazine. My bad..
  16. I was quoting from the guidelines. Part of your responsbility as it states is to remove logs from the cache page that are bogus, conterfeit, etc... How do you determine if a log is bogus or counterfeit? You have to check with the logbook in the cache. So as a cache owner it is your responsibility to ensure the integrity of the postings to the cache page.
  17. The guidelines also say that caches do not have to have trade items... So if a cache is not required to have trade items, then there can't be a requirement to trade items.
  18. Was just wondering where the articles were at....
  19. Well it's written there in the guidelines as quoted. So if you do not check, then you are not properly maintaining your caches. No ifs, ands, or buts....
  20. I would say just print the logs out and take them with you...or just write down the names and verify the names....Copy and paste the names into worpad and print them out... Not tough to do at all and is required...so if you can't do this with all your caches, then you have too many too maintain..... Edit:typo
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