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  1. I can understand a point where a WG bill that goes from cache to cache might be logged and moved more frequently than one that goes through normal circulation , like buying that bottle of water... I can see why they wouldn't list those bills that have an advantage of being more moved, in the top 10.
  2. Wish we would be there in time for it. I did have an idea though on Boytriystisfree's mentioning. I was thinking of a campout perhaps this summer or spring sometime. Have a pot luck dinner, set up some caches, go looking for other caches nearby, kids games, and etc....Does that sound like an interest to anyone? I know they said it used to be done and is nothing new, but we will be! lol
  3. That's stupid. If I trade for a WG bill, I always put it into ciculation. It's the right amount to buy me a bottle of ice cold water...
  4. It would be easy to ignore until one of your own caches came up missing. I havn't had a cache stolen by him yet, but doesn't mean I am going to ignore it. The people who say "ignore it" are usually the people who live far enough away from him that they don't have to worry having a cache stolen. IMO Actually if I remember correctly , BrianSnat had some caches stolen previously... and he still says drop it...
  5. Wish I could say the same...we just got a batch of new snow last night and it's a little nippy. Just not the conditions to take my 2 year old out in. At least no fun...
  6. Yeah get a local police officer that could fingerprint the caches and run some checks...lol Wonder how much bandwidth his server could hold? People could flood his site....lol
  7. Cyndi, the forums are a bit slow from 6 months ago and much more newbie friendly, believe or not. You are correct. It's easy to get drawn into doing those sort of things. The best advice I can give to a newbie is to offer what you can to the discussion. Some seem stupid and minute in the overall scheme of things. Some people have problems with certain things, while others don't. Sometimes a person understands more of what others have stated after a period of time and especially when it finally and actually affects them. Don't take my words of "move along" wrong. If you are interested in the topic at hand and can offer your own ideas or thoughts on it, then by all means do. But it's much easier to just ignore the silly stuff and move along. Sometimes. Just be thankful it was me and not one of the many others that would of ripped you a new one. They are probably sitting back and saying Woodsters, you wuss. But I'm not the type of person that gets into inflammatory discussions. I like debating topics at hand and welcome them. But be nice about it. And for those that keep saying no more rules....you are giving me too much credit if you think I can change them...lol
  8. I also find it an honor that someone has taken the time to find my cache and appreciate them doing so and really enjoy their feedback.
  9. Very good and high standards. I would appreciate finding your caches, knowing that you are a good provider to your caches...lol I would set mine probably at a little higher. Maybe every 10 finds or every 3 months. Depends on the traffic and it's location. I have received a couple of DNF's on mine and went to check and it was still there. Was a micro and cleverly hidden I must say. So I think the ability to do that for those who can not find them is nice as well.
  10. If it were to be implemented the optional numbering would be the way I would like it to go. There is a contest in Northern Ontario run by the Ecology centre that allows you to log finds on GC.com but in order to submit those finds to the Ecology Centre and be able to win the prize (a Canoe) you have to have the codeword which is in the cache. So the codeword is not necesary on GC but is with them, it's a nice compromise. Yeah, it's already an option that people can implement in their own caches already. It would be more manual work though. I may do something like this with future caches. I was thinking more of an auto process like the TB's. When you submit your cache, they could have a checkbox with the option. If you chose it, then a number is generated and sent to you via email. You apply it with your cache. Then when you submit your cache then something standard is placed on the cache page letting people know that this cache uses a code for verification. At least they will be aware of it when going for the cache. I guess there could be a little icon on the list of caches too like the TB's to state that it uses codes. That way cachers can skip them if they don't want to deal with the codes and so can the cheaters...lol Like I said, it could be an option and is an option as far as doing it manually.
  11. Personally I wouldn't use glass containers. I have found some. I think it also depends on the tops that are used on them. Some of the metal tops can rust and get hard to open. Along with glass breakage, I imagine that in some parts of the country that the sunlight going through one (not hidden well) could start a fire. They say broken glass and bottles do it all the time. I keep thinking of when I was a kid with a magnifying glass and burning holes in leaves and torturing ants. lol They may work better with the plastic tops and covered with duct tape. At least there is some protection and if it is broken then the duct tape would act like a safety barrier from many of the pieces. We buy peanut butter in these big plastic jars and was wondering about those. But I worried about the smell that might be left that might attract an animal. Any ideas on that?
  12. Sparky, I appreciate your trying to calm things. But my statement still stands. If you don't wanna discuss whats at issue here, then don't. Move along. This thread has been viewed over 700 times and only a handful have participated. Most of them on the issue and not on how to spend your time or that ones time is being wasted. And sparky you sure it's prozac and not "xanax' as she suggested? lol
  13. My apologies Cyndi, but you are correct you did not say those words of complaining. But your statements of that people are spending so much time for this or discussing this, comes off that way. It may not affect you, but it may and/or it may interest others. The subject of this discussion was on the idea that the topic starter started and not whether or not we were spendcing too much or so much time discussing soemthing that you haven't seen as a problem in the couple of weeks you have been around. Trust me, I 'm an advocate that newbies have ideas and offer good information on ideas with geocaching. If you have them, offer them. Rather than offering advice of time management and trying to dish out insults. The topic is about trying to stop cheaters. Do you have an idea of how to do that? If so, then feel free to offer them up.
  14. Well as a cache owner I felt the need to add mine. I have placed a couple of caches for the same reason as others have stated. One of the main reasons was because I wanted the experience. In my area, there is not a need for caches to be continously placed. New names are popping up everyday around here. There are plenty of cacehs to retrieve. Over 1500 in a 100 mile radius. But like I said, mine was for the reason of the experience. I enjoy trying to give other cachers a challenge. I like to hear their feedback and experiences. I like taking care of it. Which leads to the second question of responsibility. I feel that a cache owner has the responsibility (to the caching community) to care for their cache properly. To not just toss it out there or a bunch. I feel it's my responsibility not to place more than I can properly care for. I feel the responsibility of responding to my cache in timely manner when someone reports a problem and to check on it in between those times from time to time. I feel the responsibility to ensure the container is still dry and good working order. To make sure the required items (logbook, writing utensil, and finders sheet) are dry and are serviceable. Also to ensure that the surrounding environment is not being adversly affected. To make sure the cache is in the right place and hasn't been moved or left exposed out in the open. To check and verify the logbook with the online logs for quality control, to try and keep it fair for those that have serached for my cache physically. To also respond to those who contact me with questions and problems. I feel the responsibility of caring for the cache as it is a privilege that GC allows me to list it on their site. I guess that also makes me feel responsible to follow the guidelines set forth when placing and maintaining my cache.
  15. I imagine there are many reasons that cache owners place their caches. So if you are a cache owner, why do you place caches? Besides the obvious of bringing them to a spot. As an addition, what do you think are your responsibilities as a cache owner?
  16. Ditto...but I don't look at a system as a way of catching them. It won't catch them. It will just prevent or make it more difficult. The ultimate prevention is the cache owner. And unfortunately many do not care enough to perform those checks on their caches.
  17. Bons, I don't think this has to do with I couldn't find the cache how the heck could he type of thing. This has to do with people like Electric Shavers, for example. It was obvious what they were doing. It also has to do with cache owners. Some may not care enough that if someone logs a fake find online on their cache. As a cache owner, I do. I don't care if someone cheats on another persons cache, well yeah I kind of do. I don't like cheaters or those who try to manipulate the system as such. As a cache owner it makes plenty of sense to me to have a verification system (preferrably auto) in place. It all ties in with the Qulaity Control issue and responsibility of cache owners as well. If we are not going to care about trying to keep things honest, then there are no needs for a lot of things. You could do away with logbooks and online logs. Just make a claim that you found it. It sure would help out on the bandwidth and server load here. If you want to tell the owner how you liked or disliked their cache, you could email them, send them a postcard or just right it on a piece of paper and leave it in the cache. But there's really no need to require a logbook right? And then lets forget about some of the other things. Like distance between caches, prohibited things in caches, and etc. The guidelines are there for a reason and they get changed occasionally for reasons. This is a system and not a guideline. Just like TB's. They use a system. Why have a tag with a number on it? To track it. But can't we just track it without having to enter a number? You could, but there would be fake finds on them and fake placements on them as they have already seen. The number is needed to try and keep it straight. Of course people can cheat and trade TB numbers around and etc. They do. But the number system cuts it down a lot. Why would one want to even do fake finds and placements of TB's anyway. To be devious. To up their TB count. Who else knows why. But it happens and it's not going to get any better. It would be one thing to say it never has happened. But it has happened and it does happen. A little preventative maintenance never hurts. Also please make a note, that I have stated in this thread that perhaps this could be an option for cache owners to have with their caches. Not a requirement. But for those owners who wish to try and keep things straight for their honest finders. Yes it's a game to some, a hobby to others. To some it means a lot more. Don't downplay what it means to them. Respect them for it. Like I respect those who don't care about cheaters or a more loose type of caching. I like things not to be loos like that, but tighter. I care about numbers. Respect my thoughts and my ideas. And on another note, if it were a requirement lets say, then you could just sign the logbook and keep your onw record and not worry about the online log. You could just email the owner and tell them that you don't like using the system , but wanted to let them know you found it. There are plenty of people here that also keep personal records and have spreadsheets and the like to keep them. One could always do something like that.
  18. Your right, that is your opinion....it's not wrong and neither is anyones else. So don't worry about what others think might be good ideas or something they would like to see. No more rules... that cracks me up. This isn't a rule. There are no rules, remember, only guidelines. And this would not follow under that. This would be a system. But even on the rules part...I may want more rules, so what. The forums are here for me to discuss it. If you don't like it, so what, go to the next thread. This wasn't a poll the last tiem I looked.
  19. Sorry to sound like some of the old timers around, but you haven't been around here and there has been a problem before. I've been here since June and it's been discussed before about people cheating or whatever you want to call it. You have only been here a couple weeks. I'm sure you have not seen mouch discussion. The forums have been very slow in the last few months. Before the moderation, the forums were booming here. Physical capabilities have nothing to do with it. There are caches available to those who are disabled. There are virtuals as well. This has nothing to do with that. This has to do with those that blatanly go out of their way to claim finds that they didn't. Does it hurt anyone? Maybe not. Do some people not like it? Yes I don't like those who lie, cheat or steal. We are not talking about catching people who do it. If we were, we would be talking about something else. A lid code will not catch people. It will hamper their abilities to do it. In other words, prohibit it from happening. Why do we care? Well as a cache owner, I think BrianSnat has summed it up nicely. As a cacher, the numbers do mean something to me. I do look at others numbers. Do I feel like I am competing? Sometimes. I want to know also that when I look at other peoples numbers that I know they put in the effort, like I did, to get off their butt to go and do it. I don't get time to go out and cache very much and is normally while I will do 5-10 at a given time when I do get the chance. I get a lot of time to spend on the computer and forums. I could easily sit there and log fake finds. It would be easy to do as many owners don't even check their log books with the online logs. If you are not going to participate in a thread for it's subject other than to tell others they are complaining, then move along. Also don't worry about what others spend their "inordinate amount of time" discussing, debating, or trying to solve something. Just as you stated that those discussing in this forum are doing. Aren't you doing the same thing with your postings?
  20. Those 2 sentences shouldn't be in the same paragraph. Sites with background music is so 10 yrs ago and are not fancy one bit.
  21. Must be, they've placed it in the guidelines and they don't like to add things to the guidelines at all. So it must really, really be a problem.
  22. pictures could be faked too...there's no total way of stopping it without having a GC card with a magnetic strip and a cache container with a reader in it...lol It's just to put a hamper on the cheating. People will cheat if they really want to. In my opinion, checking the logs would determine the amount of traffic it gets. I would say at a mimimum with even no finds that it should be checked twice a year. That way you can also make sure it's still there and not impacting the surroundings and some of the other things. If you are getting 5, 10 or more visitors a week, then you might want to check it probably at a minimum of once a month. First of all a cache owner that has been around for a while and has done some caching themselves are going to recognize names. For instance 90% of the people who have signed my logs, I have seen their names in other logbooks. I have no doubt that they actually signed the book if their name is in the online log. I will still probably check it though, whenever I go to do maintenance.
  23. Man, point something out that's in the guidelines already and people get angry...geez. I didn't write the guidelines, I just noticed that it was in there. I happen to agree with it. ironman....that is a totally different subject. The lid code thing does not require anything extra that a normal cacher can not do. mozartman....yep you would be vioating the guidelines...lol fizzymagic.... read my first line of this posting...I didn't write the guidelines...it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that if you don't follow the guidelines that you are violating them...that's between you and them...I just posted it as informative...
  24. I'm somewhat of a computer geek and i'm on dial up. Not by choice, but because that is all I can get without going through our satellite company and paying a hefty price. I'm all for "less is more". A nice looking website does not have to be load intensive. It also doesn not have to require flashy applets or the like. My opinion is that a site should be clean and neat in appearance with an acceptable download time. From previous experience and research over 90% of users that I have had, have newer software and browsers. So they are capable mostly of the new things offered on sites today. Pictures are nice, but they need proportionate to the layout and should be offered at a smaller size with an option of viewing it in a larger format. That helps with load time. But you can have nice looking and fluid sites without the expense of a lot of load time. You need t oknow what you are doing or have someone that does. I think it also depends on the image you want to portray. I've been raised and taught that if you look professional then people first think of you as professional. Then after that you have to continue to convince them that you are professional underneath the exterior. You don't have to wear flashy clothes, but just be neat in appearance.
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