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  1. ideas...ideas...more ideas! except that one will be noticed when all the other pine cones are gone...lol
  2. Yup and how many times have you written or seen written that you didn't have the same coords as what is listed. Many times a previous finder will list some coords in their logs which are way more accurate. Matter of fact there's a place to enter coords when making an entry...
  3. good thing you changed your avatar, because I was "concerned about personal injury" by the view of it...
  4. What would be even more funny is that since the TB # is visable that it took a quick and fast virtual journey. Not that I would advocate it.. And besides, when the first email was received and if they didn't have it, why not just drop it off in a cache online? It's obvious that you have 3 TB's in your inventory for 4 months now....isn't that a little long to hold on to them?
  5. Ok....let's disect this a little . Wizards posted Notice that there was no ending punctuation. That tells me they didn't post the whole thing. Secondly, the beginning says "I can not do anything". That does not sound physically threatening. Because they stated they have found more info on you and your location tells me that there has been a discussion going back and forth. Or at least the accused has been communicating to them. Networking is a great thing...well yes it is. Beware...hmmm not sure of what that meant, maybe that is the physically threatening part? Although they said previously they could do nothing. Return the ... and nothing will happen (hmm no punctuation. I think there was more. Nothing will happen as far as what? Perhaps as far as not telling others that the person is a TB thief? Telling Jeremy on them? What is the 'nothing will happen bit"? There's a lot more to this.
  6. How stereotypical can you get Woodster?!?!?! Sheesh!! People from all walks of life ride Harleys. Heck, I've been on Harleys, and I'm not what you say. Now, close your eyes and in a gutteral voice say to yourself over and over potato potato potato potato....... (sounds like a Harley ) LOL...I said it stereotypically...lol My sister's husband who is an Air Traffic Controller has one and goes to a bunch of hte rallies...if you saw him you would not think he had a Harley...lol My wife's father who is about 60 now and owns a large road construction company and is filthy rich, had a couple of them not too long ago, but bought a BMW one. He ended up selling the Harleys. I mentioned it that way in my previous message because they said they contacted the police and I saw the person who owned the travelbug was the name harleyguy. I just envisioned someone thinking it was some savage harley riding, tattoo sporting, hells angel that was gonna come and get them...
  7. I wouldn't worry about those types of comments. I wouldn't consider them rude. The one about 30 ft off is silly, but I wouldn't say rude. It makes them look more foolish than getting disgruntled over comments like that. And as you said about them that "they should be doing something else"..I guess the same could be said about if you can't take the comments and that everyone is not going to be 100% happy then "you should be doing something else". Still got your thick skin? lol
  8. Well, my understanding is they (can) use reference points and a stopwatch. Yes that is a way to determine and you don't have to use a stopwatch either... Another way is following a vehicle....you pace yourself the same distance behind one and then after a certain point where you can accurately determine from your speed in the patrol car that the other is speeding and at what speed. But I wouldn't use that unless it was a very high rate of speed and there could be no argument they were speeding. Patrol car speedometers can be off like many other cars. RADAR units are to be tuned before use and during use...The units also are sent in to the manufacturer to be calibrated frequently and they receive a certificate stating it, which goes to court with the officer for those speeding fines using that unit.
  9. From the looks of it, they haven't been caching since September. So obviously the TB is shown in their posession for a long period of time. If they dropped it somewhere then they need to try and remember where. If people picked it up and see it's not being tracked ight or is still in this others possession, then they should of emailed them and let them know. I would say either the thread starter: 1)dropped it and didn't log it with a couple others that are shown in their possession and no one has visited the caches they dropped them or 2) still have them in their possession or lost them. To me it appears option #2 from the looks of it, but may not be. It's still no warrant for threatening emails. I would say in the future if you have communication with another cacher due t such circumstances that you should let Jeremy and them deal with it first. Or at least give them a chance. I don't think calling the police was a good idea for the sanctity of the sport. Now there is more limelight placed on the sport that is negatvie and not needed. I don't want to think that this is the only conversation and that there is probably more than we are hearing. There is always more than one side....
  10. Yep, pretty much most states allow htem... But a cop can get around them... I'm not sure of how the jammer that Desert Warrior was speaking of works or if there is a way around it for the cops or not. I do remember growing up that my father had this little tube of mercury that his father gave him under the car seat. It was said to throw off RADAR. Not sure if it was true or not. I do remember going through the RADAR class in California and we even had some non military going through it with us. They told us that CHP (California Highway PAtrol) was certified by sight. Meaning that they could tell how fast you are going by watching you and it was alowed in court. They were suppsoedly trained to within 1 or 2 MPH error margin. I do know in the middle of the class that we went off base (Edwards AFB) to a bridge over a highway and we had to guess the speeds of oncoming vehicles. We had to get it down to within a range as part of the class (to pass).
  11. Knowing some of the guys around here, i'm sure some have already emailed him today...lol
  12. Not sure if you've been to Virginia Desert Warrior, but there are huge signs as you enter that state the use of RADAR is prohibited. Now I will say this. If you are from out of state and do not have the RADAR on, then they will not do anything if they pull you over. Of course all you have to do is turn it off if you get pulled over. If I remember correctly my dad had one in his conversion van and got pulled over for speeding, but nothing was ever said about hte detector. Of course it was inside a built in cabinet for it and was not easily visible. Virginia has had those signs/laws for a very long time. AS long as I can remember for 15-20 years. I would imagine that if it was illegal for them to do so, that someone would of pushed the issue with them.
  13. same idea here. i really don't do too many car stops. more surveillance stuff. sneaky peeky stuff... lol. one of my many toys at work. robbie That looks like more fun than pulling over some hot chick, I mean license plate light violator, to get her name, I mean "advise" her that it was out... lol
  14. Hey the owner of the TB rides a harley....you better hurry up and return it or start running....you know how them harley people can be! lol
  15. Run for your life..... seriously...according to your profile you have 3 TB's from back in September. Did you forget to log them? If so you need to contact the owners. Let TPTB know any threatening emails you received. I do not think that calling the police is going to help the situation any.... or at least not peacefully...
  16. I have a Garmin Geko 201 and the neck cord. I hang it over my mirror and it keeps a pretty good signal...
  17. RADAR detectors don't matter, a police officer running radar can beat a detector. I used to do it all the time....
  18. They didn't get a ticket from what I understand...just pulled over because the state law prohibits RADAR detectors and the GPSr was thought to be one. Normally, these type of laws are secondary and are not offenses that bring an initial pullover. Legally they could, but normally dept policies don't have them to. Just like seat belt laws. Although some places are saying they can pull you over if they see you aren't wearing one. It's petty stuff. We pulled people over for petty stuff in the Air force all the time. It was usually to check the driving status of the person (expired DL's, no DL's, vehicle registrations, wants and warrants from time to time and etc). Normally it resulted in a "hey you need to get this fixed" or whatever. Many times it resulted in wanted poeple being caught, drugs found and etc.
  19. I agree Tahosa, it's a matter of cachers helping cachers....where's the community?
  20. Perhaps I missed your point. Why is a log saying 'found it' not good enough? Anyone who doubts the find can check the log in the box. In my opinion, a codeword doesn't solve the perceived problem of fraudulent logs, it merely makes cheating a team sport and saves the cache owner from checking on his/her cache. EDIT: I before E except after C That was in response to the "trust" issue that bons was speaking of. I was stating that there was no need for logbooks then and that simply stating I found it was good enough.... I mentioned that the codeword/lid code thing could be optional for those cache owners who would want something like that. Some already do it now from what I understand, but it's not automated..
  21. Doc, to get out of tickets, you have to have a the right kind of "frame"...
  22. Must of been Virginia? It could a common error. I just wouldn't put it on the dash...lol But I think it's silly to pull a person over just because they think they see one. Now if they pulled him over for speeding and saw that he had a detector, that would be a different story. I think the the officer might of been violating the way they are supposed to handle it. Probably some young gung-ho trooper at that. But it would of been funny to see the expression on the troopers face when he was told no that it wasn't a RADAR detector.
  23. That was stupid to close that thread...that topic was on topic technically. We have to have an internet connection t oget on here...no offense, but it's no different than "how much does geocaching cost you" or "name my dog", or any of those other type of threads. Lighten up on the kill switches... What gets me is that you use the "Report" button and then 6 hours or more later, they finally get around to saying something to someone, but don't warn them or anything. As RK said, see you on the dark side...<wink-wink>
  24. There is no requirement as to what is to be written in the logbook. Some write their experiences. Many write their name. It's used as a tool of logging your find. Each one writes differently. It's also used to verify finds and to let the owner know you found it. The online log are a similar thing, they are referenced in with your counts, if you decide to do so. But by you saying it's a conversation between people, then it shouldn't be required. And your words of "found it" should be good enough. just don't log it online I guess. That's for you to decide.
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