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  1. What's sad is that if the victim stayed around for another 10 yrs ro so and found the hobby of Geocaching that they wouldn't of committed suiced...wel then again....lol


    Hey BigBassDrummer, I see that you I have both found the LEgend of Sleepy Hollow cache. If the cliffs cache is as thick as that areas was, I can imagine no one finding him. That place freaked me out.

  2. I really haven't gotten my wife into the sport either. She has found one, but that was when we were bike riding and I took the GPS to find a cache right of the path. We have a toddler and normally the places where we cached (massachusetts) it was hilly and hard to take the toddler. So she ended up staying with her. She has gone to places with me, but usually doesn't go on the search.


    A suggestion I have would be to set a few of your own caches out just for her. Place them ahead of time without her knowing in a place she likes to walk. Put romantic things or something she will like in each one. I can easily think of things to put in caches for my wife, but I can't mention them on a family site...lol Tell her you want to go walking with her and sneak the GPS with you. Let her hold the GPS as others suggested and let her find the caches you planted. It will at least put taking the GPS with you on a good side!


    Hmmm now I'm getting some ideas for myself....lol

  3. Soem like WaldenRun don't use GPS's to find caches, he goes on maps alone so it would work to good for him. Plus a map is not a picture of the area, it does take some reading and understanding of the map reading to understand what the terrain will loke like there. A normal person would probably not be able to do that. I don't see how it could that much. Becuase you really can zoom up all that close anyway. At least not close enough to show an exact location. And even then you are going on the coordinates that the placer logged, which my be off anyways.

  4. I posted something similar on my website after learning about Mopar and Geo Ho a whiel back. I thought it would be a great idea for those that are singel and enjoy the outdoors. I was calling it "Outdoor Personals". I may work on something like that for my site. I might include where it's not just for dating but maybe to find a hiking or biking partner. Would anyone be interested in something like that?

  5. Glass is not a good idea in my opinion. Yes it could get broken and yes someone cut. You may be in a sandy area and drop it on a small rock that you didn't see and it could break. There are many what if's. I've found them and sometimes the tops are hard to get off if they have been there for a while. They are also not good in areas with ground cover that might be dry. A hot direct sunbeam could have a magnifying glass effect and start a fire aswell. Another what if.


    Another thing to consider is that not everyone carries extra containers or duct tape that matter. If I find a glass cache container I would take the stuff inside, but I woudln't feel the need to mail it to the owner. I maym but I wouldn't feel that I am required to or that I am expected to. I would let the owner know I have it and that their cache is out of commission. Even with broke plastic ones I feel the same way. I may or may not have duct tape to repair it. Just like many other cachers out there. At least plastic normally can hold on for a little until the owner can get out there. A glass container can easily just go into pieces much easier.

  6. Aiken itself does have rich houses. But also the areas nearby Hitchcock Woods like Warrenville, Bath, Langley are very POOR areas of the county where plenty of trailers and section 8 apartments are located.

    Depends on the area that you are accessing Hitchcock Woods. From Whiskey Road and Hitchcok Parkway, those areas are not poor income areas by any means. The only area that I would be aware to have a lower income area might be closer over to the South Boundary and Kamilia area, but highly unlikely. I do agree that areas like Bath and Langley have poorer income type of lifestyle, but that is generally due to the fact that they are mill towns. Most of Aikens poorest income area is to the north and east of downtown. You can read more on hitchcock Woods at www.hitchcockwoods.com . Interesting thing on their webstie in the "guidelines". It says no littering and to carry out, what you carry in. So does that make it against the guidelines for caches to be there? Because the person who placed the cache, left something and those who trade leave something....hmmmm...


    A statement of littering is one thing, because we could say it's not really littering, but when they say take out, what you take in or things to that effect, does that make it against the guidelines or rules and not allowed?

  7. Aiken is small, but not real small. It is one of the higher priced areas to live at. They have things like the Aiken Steeplechase and polo. Many of the people that live there that have lived there a long time come from "old money". Aiken is about 20 miles or so from Edgefield, home of Strom Thurmond. It's also about 25-30 miles outside of Augusta, Georgia, (my hometown) home of the Masters Golf Tournament and Georgia's second largest city. Many people that do live there work at SRP, which is Savannah River Plant. A nuclear bomb plant. Many horse racers from the north have winter homes in Aiken. If you go to downtown, you will find huge homes off of dirt side roads. It's weir, you are driving down the road seeing million dollar homes and they are on dirt roads. They never paved them because of the hormse farms there, yes in town! The crime rate is pretty low there.

  8. Get ready for your beating 360!


    Just kidding. What I was talking on about what's the difference on a code word and a virtual is that virtuals are allowed where you have to give information from the area. Hence one I just did the other day that required info from a sign. To me, that's a codeword. You are right though about the difference of a virtual and something actually placed by a cacher. I even noticed a virtual online today that requires no verification or at least no verification process was in tact that I saw. I have no problem with any of them. I probably wouldn't appreciate the sneaker one. Now if it was tagged as a dirty and disgusting cache, then fine as I would not go after it, probably. lol


    If you have a cache that can hold a piece of paper that will hold only a few names, well then you need to do maintenance more often to switch out the paper, IMHO. It would also depend on the amount of traffic as well as the frequency of finds.

  9. At what point does a micro cease to be a cache?

    What separates a code-word micro from a virtual?

    These are the questions like the sands in the days of our lives...lol


    I know you are making conversation Saxman, but it is true...there is no difference. Same as reverse caches as well. Of course they aren't allowed anymore.

  10. Whats the difference of a codeword from a webcam, virtual or even a cache event? None of those require a log book. Answers to verification can be passed around as well as a codeword. From what I've seen on the forum, not many owners "verify" half the time anyways.


    I think it also depends on the approver as well. We know that not all caches are reviewed equally. Not meaning that an approver reviews certain people harder than others, but that one approver doesn't approve like another.

  11. Going on what demonicanangel and Ranger One just posted, I would say it was in violation. But technically, maybe not. Technically one could argue I guess that a pointy object was not used, if it was no point. Now I have heard that you could use your hands to move stuff to the side like sand or loam.

  12. So how the hell do I get home if my keys are attached to the cache. I ain't walkin....

    dang it...tried to quote you criminal and think I hit the report button instead...that's what I get for not being around too much lately...


    anyyway, I was going to say that it could be a moving cahce, just don't be surprised if you get tackled by someone...lol

  13. Just because you didn't see a sign, doesn't mean it's allowed, or banned. I'm sure your park in Charlotte has some sort of law on the books forbidding you from erecting a shelter/tent/structure without a permit. I'm sure it also has a law on the books regulating hunting. But, does it have one forbidding geocaching?

    (PS, how's it feel to ge a good ol' boy again? :mad: )

    First of all.... YEEE HAW!


    Secondly, correct ammundo. Like you said, just because there is no sign does not mean it isn't allowed or banned. As well as because you don't see it written anywhere as well does not mean it's something that is prohibited. I think there should be more of a push for educating newer people to geocaching about it.


    And by the way, if it is prohbited in that park, then I found 5 "outlaw caches"... :smile:

  14. But I thought cachers were suppose to ask permission, so then how could the authorities not know?


    I think you are mistaken on that point. This website reqires "adequate permission", which means permission where it is required. If it isn't reqired, you already have adequate permission.


    And how does one find out if permission is required? Ask the park manager if permission is required? Or is it that "there's no sign forbidding it", type of thing?


    I went to a park the other day , here in Charlotte and there was no sign saying anything about erecting a building, but I would imagine it would be forbidden. Just because it isn't immediately noted as something that is not allowed, does not mean you can do it.


    You can always go about it however you want. But you should be aware of any consequences that may arise. Whether it be fines or banment of the sport. But then again if you do ask, you could risk the chance of banment and/or other caches in that area of being removed and/or punishment sent the way of the owners of those said caches.


    Darned if you do, darned if you don't. And your especially darned if you think about it...

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