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  1. I didn't think to check my profile, I was searching waymarks.com - which didn't even exist in 2003. So I guess the 'legacy' benchmark records/datasheets from NGS are no longer available as automatic waymarks, and there's no way except manually to correlate between the "old" benchmarks list and the new mess that is Waymarking, which I would have to enter each one individually as I find (and only if I find) them? Are there any other sites that can keep track of benchmarks like the old geocaching bencmarks site?
  2. Many years ago (2003), I started doing benchmark finding in the central Texas area. I'm pretty sure I had logged a few dozen, including 16 NGS reports with updates. I was able to identify the NGS submitted datasheets, but none of them appear to exist in the Waymarking database. When were benchmark records removed from the dataset, and are all my old finds no longer logged anywhere? I know it's been 20 years but that's a bit disappointing that the history has been lost.
  3. I found the same thing on KU3229 ...and I'm not even in that area to check the mark personally! You can tell from the pic of the disk that was found and the description that --GARDEN #1-- is not --GARDEN--.
  4. Yep! I've had a few show up on the county (monthly?) updates, and my updates do appear when looking up the individual datasheets. Hopefully, the information will help someone in the future!
  5. You can still search by PID on the Main Benchmark Page.
  6. If the NGS actually sent someone out to retrieve the disk, it should be noted on the mark's official datasheet. However, there doesn't appear to be any mention of this change. I would be curious to hear from DaveD as to whether the NGS actually will come out and remove a disk, or do they contract with local surveyors to do so, or if such a mark would simply become "not found". PS: your link in the original message actually goes to the log a mark page, I believe that this is actually the page you wanted.
  7. search through the forums. There has been numerous threads on this topic in the past. IIRC, someone found a Canadian database, but I don't remember if it was public or not. GC.com does not have any entries except ~2 year old NGS records, but perhaps Jeremy or another admin would work with someone who can provide/enter the necessary info.
  8. Speaking of mapping software...does anyone know if Magellan has finally updated their MapSend software? The copy I have, version 1.00b copyright 2000, is missing some major highways that were built at least 2 years, and in some cases longer, before their copyright date. If anyone has a newer version, please, can you check for me: between N 30.1146 W96.0752 and N30.0236 W95.8348 is a new section of US Hwy 290, sort of a North Bypass, that was completed about 1996. Delorme Street Atlas 2003 includes this highway, as such: However, MapSend Streets doesn't include the new northerly route, but the old US 290, which is now Business 290. Basically, I'm trying to decide if an investment in the newer MapSend software is worth the cost. However, if anyone knows of another package (non-Megallan, perhaps?) that can upload maps to the Magellan Meridian GPS, I would definitely check that out...
  9. ACK!! I just realized that a url I had included on BM0988 is gone! it's the "proof" for the destruction of the mark! Please tell me that posted URLs can be returned to the mark pages...?!?!
  10. Just to clarify, how does "Confirmed Destroyed" cut out those who don't report to NGS? The confirmation doesn't have to be Deb Brown's affirmation. I have a couple of marks (BM0988 and BM0068) that I have confirmed as destroyed that I haven't reported. Sometimes it's because I haven't taken time to compile all the evidence in a form to be presentable, others I will probably submit a "not found" report to NGS after double checking the area once again. The marks are no less "confirmed" as being destroyed as long as the hunter takes the time to do some research. I think "Found as Destroyed" is more confusing, simply from the seemingly contradictory terms in that description. We (those that frequent the forums) understand what it means, but first-time hunters would be more likely to understand "confirmed" instead of "found" when it comes to something that simply is no longer there.
  11. (ok...I posted this in the pinned thread...how I'll put it here, where it will probably be seen...) Looking better! great! One of my nitpicks...could something be done to make the difference between the visited and unvisited links more distinct? It's hard to tell which marks I've already clicked on, with the current a:link and a:visited settings. Oh...and the TerraServer link is finally fixed! Thanks! As for the debate about "found", "not found" "destroyed" "note" references: I think "Confirmed Destroyed" would be more descriptive and less contradictory-sounding, especially to a new mark hunter. If it counts toward "found" logs, so be it.
  12. What the heck..I'll just post this here. My current tool kit consists of a 5-gallon bucket (like paint or plaster comes in) containing: spray bottle of water extra bottles (2) of water (for drinking and refilling sprayer) folding army shovel in case yellow nylon twine line level small brushes roll of paper shop towels dozen marking flags, pink flag on wire roll of pink flagging ribbon (2) 28" ground probe (Walmart "camp fork" with the fork cut off) plastic bags for trash not in bucket: 300 foot fiberglass measuring tape, inches and tenths markings rolling tape measure aka "walking wheel" (Lowes link) GPS, of course Palm m500 with datasheets (bm2gpx, then "Watchered", then gpxtohtml, then "Pluckered") print-outs of maps from StreetAtlas with marks and pids indicated clipboard with notepad And, of course, there may be some more items I missed....I'll have to check when I get home to be sure. I know there are one or two things I will add in the future, such as a stiff-bristled brush (better than the small paint brushes I currently have) and one or two orange cones (both for safety and for spotting, esp. when hunting RMs).
  13. I'm no expert, but I do log with NGS occasionally when the condition of a disk or the "to find" description has radically changed since the last official report. Keep in mind that GC.com's NGS sheets are several years old, and will not have any updates since (I think) 2000 or '99. Check my log on AW5445 for an example of my logging to both GC and NGS. I will usually copy my NGS report at the end of my GC.com log entry. BTW, does anyone have the full URL to directly query the NGS database? I mean the one where I can say (for example) www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_pid.prl?PID=AW5445 or something like that? I used to have this info somewhere, but I can't find it now. I believe someone (BeachBum22?) has direct queries on his site http://www.benchmarkhunting.com/, but I don't know the URL he uses to query the NGS.
  14. I showed it to my wife...her response was basically "oh no...now what do you want to buy?" *grin* JoGPS - that is very cool. I was already thinking about getting a single light or small lightbar that could be mounted and removed from the rack on top of my blazer, but hadn't thought about magnetic signs. Now I have something else to consider. Since I'm often alongside narrow roads, additional lighting isn't a bad idea....
  15. Yep, that would be the one I mean. Thanks! Searching on "tools", "metal detector" and "compass" didn't find it...thought that was strange, but I chalked it up to the change-over in the boards somehow losing it. Glad to see it's still here. I'll update my complete list on that thread soon.
  16. I hunted for the old thread about what tools do hunters use when searching for benchmarks, but could not find it. I just wanted to add something! I think I found the perfect, cheap, lightweight, ground probe. Wal-mart sells them a "camp cooking fork", about $3 for a 28" long metal stick with a "U" fork for holding hot dogs, etc., on a wooden handle. Cut the "U" fork off the end (and round off the tip, of course - Dremels are wonderful tools) and you have a perfect ground probe over two feet long with a handle! If you want to take the extra time, you could mark foot and inch measurements along the shaft and "emboss" them with the Dremel, as well.
  17. it's unfortunate that (we believe) the oldest plots in the cemetery are unmarked. We have markers at about 2/3 of the available land, but the back corner and part of the back row remain a mystery. It's suspected that the back area was used to bury slaves. (uh...note that first, this is a community cemetary, so it's not just my family, and second, this is in East Central Texas, and the land was deeded to my ancestors as Mexican colonists before Texas won it's independence).
  18. GeckoGeek: good point. I need to check with my mom (the family Geneaologist) and find out the oldest recorded plot at the cemetary where my grandfather is buried. My oldest ancestor I know buried there was in 1864. (incidently, he died as an old man the same month and year his oldest son died fighting in the Civil War.) However, the land was used as a cemetery before that, we're pretty sure; GreatX6 grandfather settled there as a colonist in 1824 (before Texas was independent from Mexico), and returned to raise his family there shortly after the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836.
  19. From my understanding of it (at least in Texas), cemetaries had to be registered with the County office (usually the Tax Office, but not always). Since it is property, the Tax Office has to have a record of the land ownership, and often seems to have notes about improvements, or uses, of that particular plat of land.
  20. I see pink all over Central Texas as well...from Brazos County to Harris County, and most every point in between, at least.
  21. The other problem with closing a BM log after one entry is that changes in status, description, corrections, etc would be impossible. Everything from a mark being destroyed after it was logged, to having the wrong mark logged (RM for tri-station, etc) would cease. I personally (not a pro surveyor) consider the GC.com BM database an invaluable historical reference, because many marks are logged here that never have updated reports to the NGS. I'm mainly into BM hunting for the history of it, and being unable to update that history when things change would negate the usefulness of our data.
  22. I picked up a roll of pink marking ribbon at Home Depot, and have started "refreshing" old flags on fences, poles etc when I find a mark. Many times, there are signs of marking ribbon there, but it has been degraded by heat and time, so I simply "tie one on" adjacent to the existing flag. I haven't made any other more permanent marks, and don't intend to, because it's not my property and I'm not a professional surveyor. When I'm hunting a mark, I will often use stake flags for visualization points, but those come with me when I finish.
  23. I'm not sure if my wife would buy that one...."Sure, I went to that adult bar, but I was just looking for a benchmark!"
  24. I've added a reference to this thread to the Bugs/Suggestions/Requests thread pinned at the top of this forum.
  25. Reference to this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=62531
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