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  1. That isn't a valid argument. I have rights of way across my front yard for the state, the city, the power company, the sewer line, the cable TV provider, the phone company, etc. That does not give anyone the right to do something unrelated to specific maintenance in my yard, I still 'own' it. Even if everyone agreed that this is on the state right of way for the road, and they are the 'owner', all that would mean is that permission would then be required from the state roads department. The OP owns the property the cache is on. Please respect their wishes rather than try to find ways to justify circumventing them. Lachupa, this isn't directed to you in any negative way, you just own the statement I quoted. Ed
  2. Actually, these make great containers if you spend the additional 10 cents or so for a REAL o-ring. That is what is cheap on these (lucky to last 2 months). Still gets you in the field for well under a dollar each. The better quality o-ring on a 6 dollar Bison tube will eventually disintegrate and then the good container is going to leak as well. Just my opinion. Ed
  3. Unfortunately, 'doesn't make sense' doesn't always work. There is one cache near here beside a gravel road about 30 miles from the nearest town - large (3x4 foot) transformer box and a meter panel. It is real and live, there is nothing within miles that could use electricity, unless there is a hidden gov't installation underground. The cache is actually in the crotch of a tree about 10 feet from this equipment. It looked like a LOT of people had tried to open both equipment boxes. I'm glad noone was able to.
  4. I think nanos have a definite place in this game, that of allowing a hunt. We have just over 1600 finds, roughly 50% are listed as micro. Of those, probably half were nano. That makes about 400 nano finds. EVERY ONE of those was memorable. Why? Because I was out of the house, with the person I love, doing something we both enjoy. I personally don't see a lot of difference in a 3 mile hike through a beautiful area to find a nano and a 3 mile hike through a beautiful area to find a 5 gal paint pail. We've done both; both were fun hikes. Isn't that the whole point?
  5. Unfortunately, you need to get a tracking number from a valid source, usually GC.com You can create any object you like to have it as personal as you want, but without their official number, there is no way to list the item and have it tracked.
  6. I don't cut and paste logs, but was tempted once, ended up placing the caches on an ignore list instead. It was in Southern Calif on a visit to my daughter's. They have since been archived. A series of 12 caches, all on guard rails, the map showed them all on the NE corner of the overpasses, all writeups were IDENTICAL cut and pastes other than the series number - dumb cache #2, dumb cache #3, etc. The hints were even the same - "camo'ed film can on the second post". Then the CO had the guts to write this as the last line on each - "Cut and paste logs will be deleted. If you can't write something nice about the cache, don't find it."
  7. Bullets can explode if tossed in fire. For the most part they are harmless without a gun. Actually if the rock came out of a stream or lake, it can also explode in a fire and is more likely to cause injury than a live round.
  8. For those that are having logout problems, have you checked your settings for updates to your OS and your browser(s)? It is possible you got an update that changed something without you knowing it. For this reason, I do not allow any updates unless I approve them. I also ALWAYS make a backup of the system before updating.
  9. patned

    Clock issue

    I submitted 5 PQs last night, at 10:56 PST. They ran almost immediately, but the time reported for them on the Query page was 10:03PM. The current server time as reported on a query I popped up was only 10:59, so it wasn't just an hour difference, but something else. Not a major problem, no impact on me, just reporting it as something to look at in your spare time this weekend.
  10. patned

    Feature Request

    If you were/are running that script, you won't see the GC Code. I actually had to disable that script to confirm it was there before I posted. I'm running IE8 on XP, so that wasn't it. How did you change my screen from wherever you are? Are you one of those secret 'Titanium' members?
  11. patned

    Feature Request

    Strange. That GC wasn't there when I looked at a cache log before responding to the posts. Now it is. I'm sure it wasn't there. (It's an odd font) I agree with Cache O'Plenty - strange! I would swear that the GC # was not there earlier, but it is now. I don't think I was that blind. If it has always been there, I apologise for wasting everyone's time. Ed
  12. patned

    Feature Request

    I reference everything by the GC number rather than the cache name. Now and then, I get to the log page for a cache I've found, and forget which one I am logging. Would it be possible to get the GC # added to the logging page, preferrably right after the cache name? If it's already there and I'm just missing it (possible), please point it out to me. Thanks.
  13. I submitted 5 PQs to run last night, up1 thru up5. Up1 ran at 10:58PM PST, up2 and 4 ran at 10:43. up 3 and up5 are still sitting in the queue. I also submitted 5 PQs last night, scheduled for today, up6 thru up10. They all ran early this morning. I received 1 copy of Up6,7 and 10, 5 copies of up8 and 6 copies of up9. All the data looks good, including logs, just a mixed bag of results. Any chance of getting up3 and up5? Thanks, Ed
  14. Something is definitely wrong here - you have too many decimal points. N33 17.3508 (most common) or N33.173508 (Decimal degrees) or even N33 17 35.08 (Degree Minute Second.xx - which I have seen only once before) But, you can't have a decimal for both the minutes and the seconds. You got these from Google? Take a second look. Ed
  15. I though the best part of this whole thread was post #14. The cop said it should have been placed under the bridge. Would he have automatically forwarded that info to the bomb squad?
  16. If you hate wire hangers so much, what do you do with all your wire, just leave it laying on the floor? I always hang mine up to keep it from getting tangled or kinked.
  17. patned


    So, let me make sure I've got this straight. You have been using the site and the interface and the data for 9 years now, which enabled you to enjoy geocaching all that time without paying anyone a single penny, and you think you have the right to demand that they specifically consider your needs and wants before doing anything with their business? Interesting thought process.
  18. If someone is going to cater to MSIE 5.x, then they should also cater to all the other browsers that have more than its 0.03% of the market. I was being a little sarcastic in my post, in reference to all the people complaining that IE6 or whatever now looks bad. Unless you are going to support ALL browsers and ALL operating systems, then something somewhere is going to fail. If it is user code that fails, or someone does not use the latest tool, that is their choice, not GC's error. I have some very simple cache pages and don't see a problem with them. That doesn't mean some people don't now have bad looking ones, it just means that everyone is different. Should GC have really checked all of the nearly 1 million pages out there to make sure nothing went wrong?
  19. Just to remind everyone that you need to make sure you are offering a good design, I have a laptop running Internet Explorer 5 on the Windows ME OS, so make sure your new design works in that configuration. Good luck.
  20. The bold part above is the key. Where do YOU want to go? It is your decision to go there. The road those people got stuck on may or may not be passable. If I am in a Jeep with a 10" lift, good tires, a winch and with 4 other vehicles, that road could be just plain fun. I wouldn't even think about trying it at this time of year in a Corvette. People need to be responsible for their own decisions, and not try to blame others when they make the wrong choice.
  21. We don't need more signs or warning labels, we need more common sense. It doesn't matter who is telling you to go - a GPS, a navigation unit, a map, or your spouse in the passenger seat - DON'T TRY TO GO OVER A MOUNTAIN IN THE WINTER UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED FOR THE TRIP!
  22. Even if the subject of his ribbing is the fact that you blanked out your number? I'd say he still has the facts in that conversation. I still don't see it. I see this as competition, which you say you don't want. You win because you are in charge. You just shifted the competition.
  23. I love the arguments back and forth. Noone will ever change their minds on this one. On the issue of photographs as 'proof', regardless of whether this cache ever existed, a photo would not satisfy anyone. Those believing the cache was never there would say the photo was faked, those who believe it WAS there need no such proof. How about this scenario? If I really wanted to spoof the caching community with a non-existent cache, I could create an exact duplicate of a rock face (just as an example), take a picture of it, show the cache to one friend sworn to not log it, submit the photo of the cache and its intended location to the reviewer, THEN NEVER ACTUALLY PLACE IT. If ever questioned, I could simply say "gee, someone must have taken it". Perfect non-cache, not findable, noone could ever say it was not there, because I have a photo and a witness who would swear in court that he saw it. I'm betting this thread has at least 20 or more pages to go before dying out...
  24. I'm a little south of you, down near Albany. Around here, about 20% of the caches have soggy/dripping logs in the winter, those cachers are usually new and learn the best ways to do things the first winter. The remaining 80% usually have placed pretty good containers and the majority of the caches I find down this way are dry, unless they've gotten wet while they were opened up in the rain, a common situation.
  25. As a grandfather with a grandson w/a severe peanut allegy, I'd like to second this. That way we'll know if he can handle the container. As it is now, if he sees it first he can't grab it until someone else checks it for him. We'd like to know we can let him go once in awhile. Yes, we're carrying an epipen. Please don't take this personally, but if you rely on an attribute, you are nuts. It would only be valuable if EVERYONE used it and used it honestly. I'd rather rely on common sense. If it looks like a peanut butter container, keep him away from it. An ammo can or Bison tube is probably OK unless someone intentionally placed peanuts in it, in which case they would be unlikely to use the attribute.
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