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  1. ... still don't have an apple. I have mailed the author of gpx2html and asked him to consider a txt filter as well. I got my sun at work, so please do mail me the script over. I will be out for 10 days soon, but will certainly report back next month. Thanks! ... where is it?
  2. OK, I think I have it sorted out. Assumption: You are using Windows, have perl installed, own a Palm and/or Ipod (new model) 1) Get the Premium Subscription and support geocaching.com :-) 2) Run a report and select GPX format. Wait a day :-( ---> Or download the test file found under the next link... 3) Get gpx2html from here (Careful, this will change in the future, but google should be your friend when attbi moves to comcast) gpx2html 4) Run gpx2html against your *.gpx file, it will create a HTML directory with all the caches as individual html files and a nice index file as well 5) Get the following tool to strip HTML files into TXT (needs perl installed) Perl Html->Txt You can use the following batch file to get the job done: C:> for %%f in (*.html) do perl h2txt %%f Now you will have a heap of txt files, which you can move into the notes folder of your IPOD. It will take a while for the IPOD to open this folder, but hey, nothing compared to a nice level 4 cache hunt. Bonus: 6) Get plucker - linked on the same page - or from here in order to geocaching enable your Palm! Plucker Run it against your INDEX directory - might have to read/play a bit for this one, but great tool! This will create a handy compact file for viewing the caches on your Palm, including a viewer. ... where is it?
  3. Silly me, not only don't I know how to do Perl, but I also don't have any MACs around ;-) Thanks for the heads up. ... where is it?
  4. Yes, this is the way to go, no doubt. Jeremy's first answer gave me an idea, and some googling later I think I am getting closer without having to start learning Perl. I will of course update this thread with my findings, but it will look along the lines of this: 1) Run a report for the caches in my area (Premium Service) - using GPX format 2) Use gpx2html to split this up into html files 3) Use plucker to look at this on my palm - much smaller than the mobi book 4) Or convert these individual html files into txt files by stripping out the markup 5) and copy these onto the IPOD, as you outlined I will play with this a bit more, but find the idea truly intriguing. Instead of GPS, Palm and iPod I would now only 2 devices ;-) Are we geeks yet? ... where is it?
  5. Interesting. I haven't thought of looking into the GPX format. Thanks for your reply. ... where is it?
  6. Not sure if this is an old hat, my search didn't yield anything - but wouldn't it be cool if we could somehow convert this MobiPocket Reader prc file into a format to download and view the caches on an IPOD? My old Palm is reaching its limits, but my IPOD could hold a huge number of caches beside the music. Any thoughs?
  7. quote:Originally posted by Marky: quote:Originally posted by Ron Streeter:Anyone drive 5 miles an hour faster than the speed limit lately? If you don't, you are probably at risk of causing an accident by driving too much slower than the flow of traffic. --Marky ... and don't forget to run the yellow ^h^h^h^h^h^h red light!
  8. quote:Originally posted by Sparrowhawk:The ultimate in flame-ish http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/06/04/127224&mode=thread&tid=126 "While the dweebish geocachers might think it's all good clean fun, a way to show off their disposable income with a high tech gewgaw and exchange some swag for other swag, terrorists are finding web pages full of GPS coordinates in the midst of populated cities." OMOGOD!!! OMIGOD!!! Watch out for screaming newspaper headline!! "GEOCACHER-INSPIRED TERRORISTS BLOW UP ROTTED STUMP. "Travel Bugs Of Mass Destruction" rumored." If some evil goofball need a terror-target, they can do better with Mapquest or Mapblast than with geocaching.com. Either that or the local equivalent of portlandmaps.com. Coords are found EVERYWHERE. Sheesh. -Elana (a.k.a. "Sparrowhawk") [This message was edited by Sparrowhawk on June 04, 2003 at 10:08 AM.] Yes, but think about the children... If the terrorist line doesn't work, try the one about how this will harm our children. Works for politicians all the time . . . SIGH. But way, slashdot is how I learned about this site. Dang, now I am part of the conspiracy?
  9. Howdy Folks, just wanted to say hello, am new to this fascinating hobby and finally found a good incentive to get my (old?) bones moving. Will be lurking here a bit to see how things are done, and do a few, more moderate, caches to learn the tricks of the trade. The last one we tackled yesterday was a bit too ambitious, considering that I had to carry my son on my back. But boy, did we feel good after the work out! Thanks to all of you, Cheers, Markus
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