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  1. <------- . . . my Pampers are wet . . . TPBM is sniffing at them and thinks "Woohoo, lunch" ... where is it?
  2. Amen to the above post! ... where is it?
  3. 42! TPBM knows the Author! ... where is it?
  4. ... and I loved it. TPBM got up early ... where is it?
  5. Oh, you were talking about geocaching.... the title made me all excited... :-( ... where is it?
  6. quote:Originally posted by Marky:Man, that place is a dayworker's hangout. I just drove by there last week. When did it get so bad? Congrats. Imagine rocking up there at peak time and start looking for a cache. FTF & LTF ;-) I doubt that there are many dot.com workers there, but I could be wrong. Wouldn't they rather congregate in front of the cisco building? ... where is it?
  7. Searching with bored people hanging around, watching every step you do. one thing when the folks are busy and on a mission, another story when they are just hanging around. But then again, I get these nasty attacks of wanting to place a magnetic micro cache on Hamilton/Hwy17 in San Jose, CA, right in front of the Home Depot. This would have to be a 4 star, even if placed out of sight in the most logical place every geocacher would head for straight away. If you have ever driven past this place during the morning / noon hours, you know what I am talking about. FTF/FTL for the first correct answer, if anyone cares. Totally off topic, I know. Cheers! ... where is it?
  8. quote:You know, even if totals aren't included, I like the changes. Change is good. Change is our friend. Change is inevitable... except from a vending machine. ... where is it?
  9. Yeah, the official homepage is no more. The dude in charge decided to not develop it any further. Pitty, but the current version rocks, so we should be OK. That asp.flaaten link seems to be a cool forum, you will need to register, but there is still heaps of activity there, if I am not mistaken. At least I found the fix for this Hotmail problem. Next task will be an update how to capture webcams when you are doing a webcam cache without having a friend/mobile phone. "camembert"! I love this "sport/hobby/addiction"! ... where is it?
  10. quote:Originally posted by PhilippeGPS:Nostrada, looking at your coordinates (66 39.72) you may have more options than you think. Using 66 as your W longitude: - northeastern Canada (New Brunswick) Using 66 as you N latitude: - Norway, Sweden, Finland Good Luck! Indeed, I contacted the owner of a cache in Canada already. The Finland one is very, very high up in the north. I could also go for Pakistan or antartica ;-) This will be interesting. No way of deleting a post or changing the title, eh? ... where is it?
  11. quote:Originally posted by PhilippeGPS:Nostrada, I'm not 100% sure, but I think you're only supposed to divide the minutes by 2, not the who;e coordinates. At least that's how I read the instructions. So that would give you 66 39.72 . SIGH. You are naturally correct. This will place me in the toprical rainforest, I bet. :-) I will adjust my request. Thanks for checking. These long/lat is still confusing me profoundly. Markus ... where is it?
  12. quote:Originally posted by The Alethiometrists: Maybe both should be kept out of the total cache finds figure, eh? Maybe both should count instead ? I find these locationless caches quite interesting and they certainly make me more aware of mine surroundings. Seeing - thanks to the new stats page - that some of the legends around here have some 10% of virtual/locationless caches under their belly I am embracing these as just one of the aspects of this sport/hobby/addiction. But I am certain that this has been discussed a few times before. Not wanting to rattle any cages. ... where is it?
  13. Fellow Cachers, I am trying to get the Where's In A Name Cache done. My user name is Nostrada, this converts following the guidelines to: 66 78 72 which then divided by 2 results in 33° 39.36' This could be LA or Phoenix. I'd appreciate your help in snapping a picture along these coordinates and you can claim a find as well. Drop me a reply or mail if you want to assist - I would highly appreciate it. Thanks, Nostrada ... where is it?
  14. quote:Originally posted by Fallenfaery:I was trying to find a cache today. I couldn't remember the # for it and wanted to look at the maps to locate it. But I can't find the map you would get when you did a search of state or zip code. What happened to it? Hmm, I checked this yesterday, as you can see above, and it worked for us. I checked it for this cache Free Food.... (jk) and it works: In California, United States [state map] Hidden: 7/22/2003 Use waypoint: GCGFDY (what's this?) You will need to click on the [state map] link. Maybe a bug with this particular cache? ... where is it?
  15. Ahh. Found it - yes, nice indeed!
  16. quote:Originally posted by Team Bernie: Hey we used to have an option to show caches all over the stat with a state picture and All the icons on it. I cant seem to find that anywhere!?! I was trying to send a pic to a little 8year old to show her how many caches there really are in the state of Florida but alls I come up with is the list of caches not the actual pictur ? I.E. map. Thanks for the help,,, B.Bernie@BMeinhart.com) "If you're not the lead dog, The view is always the same" You will need to click on the In Florida, United States --->[state map]<--- link at any cache page, right beside the little map of your state. Here we go? Time to move to California ;-) ... where is it?
  17. Howdy, I did search for this, but didn't find anything about this in the archives, so please forgive if this has been brought up before. You might find this a bit complicated to setup, so please take it with a grain of salt and as a heads up for the more hacker oriented folks amongst us. Sorry. This is just a heads up for the hotmail users amongst us. You might have noticed that the URLs within a hotmail message have some strange garbage in their links. This causes not only the login to not work correctly but most likely allows MS to see and log where we go and what we do. Here is an example, we see the following instead of http://www.geocaching.com/ In Windows - sorry, no MAC knowledge here at my end - a wonderful tool can alleviate the pain considerably. I have made very good experiences with "The Proxomitron" (http://computercops.biz/downloads-cats-19-10-10.html). After installation you will need to enable it in the browser, basically pointing your browser to it as a proxy. Once this works, you can use the following information to have it replace the hotmail URL garbage with the plain old URL: Proxomitron Forum Post Name = "Remove Link Tracking Redirects" Active = TRUE Bounds = "<a*>" Limit = 300 Match = "0href=$AV(http*(http*)1)2" Replace = "0href="$UESC(1)"2" You can reach this screen by double clicking on the tray icon, then select "Web Page" under the "Edit Filters" heading. Now hit "New" and do not enter the "" except in the last line. Then apply and do not forget to enable it and to save your default config. Whilst you are on it, you can also exclude geocaching.com from being filtered. Drop a reply here if you are running into problems and I will try to assist. The above shown webpage has some decent info as well, but you will need to register. As a nice side effect you will start loosing some of the advertisements on the webpages. Do the right thing and allow geocaching to bypass so that they get their ads impressions, of course. OK, I hope I didn't violate some long standing rules with this post, otherwise pls just let me know and take it down or so. ... where is it?
  18. quote:Originally posted by Marky: quote:Originally posted by forman:He put Joani's age. That is a no-no. Well I liked the write up I already knew her age, and she doesn't care who else knows. Speaking of ages and milestone events, anybody interested in a geocaching/birthday event on the 22nd? I don't think Joani would mind if we had a few geocachers show up for her birthday party. Since it's on a Tuesday, it would have to be a Pizza type deal, or maybe an evening BBQ somewhere. What do ya think? --Marky "All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr" I would love to. I can bring a vegetarian Pizza. ... where is it?
  19. quote:Originally posted by Marky: quote:Originally posted by nostrada:Odd, it says at three places xx instead of a real number. Is this article only half finished? Hmmm... looks like you were looking at a pre-edited version. I never saw that text that you quoted. --Marky Odd, it must have been a pre-version then, since I clearly saw several XX placed where the numbers were supposed to be. It was early in the morning. ... where is it?
  20. Indeed - Utopia looks very nice. Have to check this out in more detail. Thanks! ... where is it?
  21. quote:Originally posted by TeamJiffy:Cool! Fy and I are leading double lives! Wow! Somebody’s gotta clue me in on where my 2nd life is - I must have lost it somewhere, ’cuz I don&rsqou;t know about it! [] Actually, this is as positive an article on Geocaching that I’ve read. Good work to all who contributed! Yeah, I felt as if I was part of a conspiracy, having communicated with you twice recently. I am still struggling with both of riddles.... Maybe later I will get these longitudes sorted out and the objects associated to the names... ;-) ... where is it?
  22. Odd, it says at three places xx instead of a real number. Is this article only half finished? Even more enthusiastic is Mark Yvanovich, 46, of San Jose, a former volkswalker who geocaches with his wife Joani, 44, and has found xx caches -- recorded as a Bay Area high -- since courting the game last summer. The couple keeps two giant tubs in the back of their SUV: one filled with Tupperware containers of all sizes, the other filled with bric-a-brac. If they spot a good hiding place, they are well-equipped. Hmm, I think I know these folks from the forum. Nice article, is this a blessing, will it attract more decent folks or put our caches at risk of being found by ignorant folks? ... where is it?
  23. quote:Originally posted by vdbalamo:Anyone interested in some Ammo cans? I'm thinking about buying way too many off ebay - probably run a bit less than $4 each (all inclusive). Let me know ASAP. If it is not too late, I would take 3. Got to start some day with hiding a few. ... where is it?
  24. quote:Originally posted by Marky:Sounds like you are well on your way to a healthy addiction. Maybe you can play guitar for us at the next event cache (there will be a Pizza event cache up your way on July 9th, so keep that day free). Could you please elaborate on this? Haven't heard about any Pizza outing, but wouldn't mind to join, if my cache count permits me to mingle with the 10000+ folks, that is ;-) ... where is it?
  25. You are most welcome. I second the experience T.L. made - it takes a while, but then you are all up and running. MissJenn - I am not an Apply guy, so I can not help you there, nor have I looked into any fancy iPod stuff either. I have to admit, I took my palm along today. With my son on the back listening to music is out of the question :-( I will be out for a week, hunting in the Tahoe area and having some time off. But once I am back, I am glad to help! Cheers! ... where is it?
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