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  1. 130036_5400.gif Gallant doesn't contribute to the "I know who the pirates are" thread because he doesn't want to be part of a lynch mob.


    130036_5500.gif Goofus doesn't contribute to the "I know who the pirates are" thread because he doesn't want his butt kicked by his pirate comrades.



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  2. quote:
    Originally posted by John & Lynn:

    So now, we not only have ordinary vandals plundering caches and &%#@*& Geocachers stealing TBs, we have these guys raiding caches as their purpose in life. No doubt this is a primary reason why so many TBs (including ours) have gone missing for months at a time. Shame on you!!!


    Was ‘Beyond Beggar’s Tick’ vandalized?



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  3. quote:
    Originally posted by Mark 42:

    Bedevere: Does wood sink in water?


    Bedevere: What also floats in water?

    Arthur: A duck!

    Crowd: Oooh.

    Bedevere: Exactly. So logically...

    Villager 1: If she weighs...the same as a duck...she's made of wood...

    Bedevere: And therefore?

    Villager 2: A witch!


    Bedevere: Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?

    Arthur: I am Arthur, King of the Britons.


    Actually the applicable punchline will probably be "Burn her anyway!!!!!"



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  4. quote:
    Originally posted by southdeltan:

    Actually, I'm referring to people who normally post daily (during working hours) and are very vocally in support of the pirates. It is an interesting coincidence they're ALL busy. Of course some of them work and of course most of them are probably not involved.


    Of course, starting a private topic about this is a lot more like a witch hunt than my comment icon_frown.gif


    I wouldn't say we're ALL quiet. I still have no problem with a variation of "pirating" that does not involve pillage (yes, that's not trly "pirating," but the semantic argument doesn't really mean much). Having been vocal about it, having contributed to forums regarding this topic, having suggested ideas on how to make it somethin acceptable, etc., I strongly suspect I'll be named or at least implicated in pirating geocaches, probably in the now-monolithic private topic regarding who the pirates are.



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  5. quote:
    Originally posted by carleenp:

    AS UMC noted earlier, apparently private topics are limited to 23 people. So perhaps several should be started with some cross over of people who will be authorized to cross post between threads?


    Or, does the response here mean that perhaps it should just be public where anyone accused could get a chance to speak (seems fair)? Of course that might keep people from speaking as freely, could reinforce the pirate's actions, and will likely drive the moderators nuts! There is probably no correct answer to those questions, I just throw them out for thought .....




    I suspect it will leak out onto the public forums anyway, as that's how people work. Throwing accusations isn't going to solve anything, and it certainly won't find out the Final Truth regarding "who it is."


    My suspicion is that the topic will merely be thrashed out in the public forums at the end.



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  6. quote:
    Originally posted by leatherman:

    I've seen topics with cool creative twists.


    One idea was to leave _Treasure cards_ in caches. Just one card with coords for an interesting prize item.


    This is _creative_.


    Messing with someone else's cache is not!


    Thank you. I have no qualms about claiming this idea as my own, as it did not steal anything from a cache. A note is placed in a cache referred to the pirate site where clues and coordinates led to a stealth cache near the cache the note was found in, a cache not listed on geocaching.com.



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  7. quote:
    Originally posted by MOCKBA:

    Can we perhaps blame ourselves for making our caches too accessible? That's what I concluded after loss of two of my caches which I was really proud of.


    Nope. Blame [xxxxxxxx] who get their kicks by vandalizing things. Some people live to destroy things, and their worth is negligible at best.


    I can't think of an example whee a person is responsible for the evil that another person does against them.



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    I was notified by KA about this, and I appreciate that he caught this.


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  8. quote:
    Originally posted by eroyd:

    So what of the good pirates, the ones that are trying to add something new and creative to this activity? Is this just a blanket cleansing?


    Fighting against the "pirates" will only strengthen their resolve. The bad one's obviously wouldn't care about GC nor of being kicked off it. There is nothing in place now to stop non member pirates from viewing cache pages so what's the point?


    Turning it into a pay-to-play site would certainly get more people to become paying members, but it wouldn't end vandalism. It would also slow the growth of the hobby and create compelling reason to go to other sites to take part geocaching.



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  9. quote:
    Originally posted by ju66l3r:

    Congratulations, Jeremy, I think you've brought us all back to 1692 (and Salem is only a stone's throw away from my apartment!).


    It's comical to watch everyone who gets really upset about these things, since when it is done correctly there's little difference between a "pirated cache" and a "multi-cache" AND the prize is bigger (and there's still "booty" for the kids). I think the original piratecaching.com pirate went far out of their way to make it something that could be enjoyable, temporary, and a fun surprise when you went out geocaching for the day. Anyone who wasn't following those guidelines was no better than the people who don't even know what geocaching is but take the whole cache when they stumble onto it. They were not pirates, they were plunderers and they have always been shunned by the sport, since they actually destroy the cache.


    Disclaimer: I am not a pirate, but more of a sympathizer. I think that creativity is a virtue and that some people really just need to chill out about a box of toys in the woods.


    The fine line between petty vandalism and trying to create an acceptable pirate has vanished or never existed in many people's eyes, unfortunately. The blood is in the water, the lynch mobs are forming and name lists will be created, whether accurate or not.


    This would have been fun given the right parameters. I suspect that the only acceptable "pirate's game" will be found in organized group events.



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  10. 130036_5400.gif Gallant uses Super Hold hair spray as a safe, non-poisonous alternative to keeping from being stung by bees. The bees recover, and Gallant gets his cache!


    130036_5500.gif Goofus uses Super Hold hair spray and a lighter to create a flame thrower that will slay all life in a 20 foot swath. The forest may recover in 5 to 8 years, and Goofus gets his cache!



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  11. Typically the problem ends up being "Took priceless gold dubloons, left broken McToy and baggie with poo in it." Leaving nothing is the ultimate in tacky and classless. It's certainly NOT illegal, but bad manners are unacceptable behavior no matter where you are or what you're doing.


    I'd hate to live on the same block as they do. Their kids are probably some piece of work....



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  12. quote:
    Originally posted by Xitron:

    No need to worry mckee, we are not watching you either.

    yours truly the CIA


    Funny story there, it was actually the BATF. I had a Federal F*rearm Dealer License for a while as I was trying to start up a business, and we were being monitored for a bit. We were sort of warned by the agent that granted the license.



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  13. quote:
    Originally posted by Kealia:

    I think I've seen a couple of posts now from this same person along the same lines.


    Kudos to all for the warnings, but does anybody else get the 'feeling' that this is not legit.


    Shhhh! It's sort of like with the KKK, where the FBI plant is always the guy who wants to go blow something up.



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