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    Originally posted by Phideo:

    Well I think this is dreadful too, who is he? what's his handle? I keep reading these posts and all I see is "Him". I too buy and sell here and just don't want to be burned either.


    Yeah, I've looked at a few units for sale here, but I think now I will stick with avoiding buying anything from here.



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    Originally posted by jarja_grl:

    For those who cache together, how many of you feel your obsession for the sport is about the same?


    Do most couples only do this together or is caching with others okay?

    I've gone caching with my Dad, but that's about it for doing anything without Kathy along.

    Are you competitive with each other on stats?

    Nope. We're both "McKee".

    Do you share a GPS or to each his own?


    Has caching improved your relationship?

    Nope. It would be awfully hard to "improve" perfection!

    Just curious ..... cause I'm like that.

    Good for you!



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    Originally posted by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders):

    'You' refers to the people in general that think it's a good idea to change someone elses cache. If I spend the time and energy to place a cache why would I want someone riding on my coattails and using the same place? If someone wants to use my location it seems pretty obvious that they can/will not find a good location on their own.

    If someone adds a 'linked cache' to one of my caches who is responsible for the maintenance of it. Again, will they get it approved through admin first or will it be a surprise?


    Does this make it any clearer?

    Yes, and it doesn't resort to name-calling. That makes it easier to respond to without the temptation to get nasty.


    I don't think the idea here is to put forth some huge organized plan, but to find out how things might be done so that a cache owner isn't in danger of finding their cache missing.



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    Originally posted by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders):

    We put a lot of time and energy deciding where the cache will be placed and what will be in it. I'm sorry you aren't smart enough to figure out how to hide your own cache but I don't need that type of assistance. There is also a proximity rule of .1 mile. So if you place another cache that close I don't see how it will be approved. You would get it approved, right?

    It sounds like you want to do a team cache placement but don't know any cachers to ask to do it with.


    Thanks, but NO thanks.


    Hard to tell which post this is in reference to since you're not using the quote feature. We have to guess that either you're throwing out a blanket insult ("Sorry you're not smart enough to...") or you don't realize that if you click on the quotation marks at the lower right corner of the post you're responding to, it will automatically quote the post.



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    Originally posted by CYBret:

    I've seen similar variants before, without the pirate theme.


    Something I was wondering about (and yes, it would need to be done with the cache owner's permission) is something I thought of as a "Leprechaun Cache." I hope someone will pass my apologies on to the Leprechauns for my using their name for this) icon_wink.gif


    A note is hidden in a cache container from the Leprechauns, that a "pot o' gold" is hidden near by. A map and some hints are included and people (especially those with young children) are encouraged to go looking for it. The pot could be some kind of tupperware container painted black, the treasure could be just about anything.


    I think it would add a nice twist to the game, give the kids something fun to do and NOT spoil the original cache for anyone who didn't want to play along.


    What do you think? Doable or no?




    Absolutely doable, and it's something that you could do without having to ask permission. No cache is raided, nothing is taken, nothing is stolen.


    Willing to bet you can even use the pirate site to post where the map/instructions/whatever is hidden. It can be viewed as "piracy" since you are not placing an approved cache, you're "going rogue."



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  6. quote:
    Originally posted by Marky:

    This variant doesn't belong on this site. Here's why:


    Moving caches are no longer allowed because it is too hard to verify that a particular placement is safe and legal (or appropriate). This would be the same issue with contents being moved. Basically, the pirate is free to place the contents where ever they like with none of the double checking that we get with the admins. This is a bad thing. Basically what I am saying is that unless the new placement of the "stolen goods" was run by an approver this shouldn't be allowed.



    "All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"


    Why move the cache? Why not set up a "stealth" cache with instructions placed in an "official" cache, so someone who wants to play can discover the "map" and take part?



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  7. quote:
    Originally posted by Jamie Z:

    When I read the title of this thread, I gave a laugh thinking a classic thread had been dug up.


    That's not the case... but as long as I'm here, I figured I'd show you newbies one of the best threads I've ever read:






    {edit} I sure wish the old forums were still online so we could read the entire thread, and not the truncated version. icon_frown.gif


    We don't have a dress code, fortunately. She learned a lesson about sandals, but I won't labor it.


    Now she's complaining that the body stocking is going to get runs in it. icon_rolleyes.gif She just opened an account a Victoria's Secret for some better caching duds.



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  8. I typically do not email out "missing child" information since so often it turns out to be fake, as identified on www.snopes2.com.

    This is different. I will be sending this out to friends and family, with a link to this thread so any posted photo can be seen.


    Our hopes and prayers are with you. Let's hope we can find her quickly. Please get a photo up as soon as possible.



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    Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:

    I suppose you don't really need water to swim in (you can swim in pudding, Jell-o, toxic waste) but really, music is not related to geocaching in the least. Try to use a proper analogy next time.


    Yeah, otherwise the Thread Police will swoop in and complain that you're draggin this thread off-topic, then a mod will be called on to lock the thread down. All because you mentiond music! icon_mad.gif



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