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    Originally posted by slinger91:


    Another thing alot of people may not know is Washington state will honor a Oregon CCP. I'm not sure if Oregon does the same for Washington though.


    Nope. In fact I was asked by the nice folks at Clark Co. Sheriff to pass onto my students that Washington DOES NOT honor the Oregon permit, and trying to carry under the Oregon permit will get the carrier into some trouble.



    You better qualify that first statement about a CCP being not just for guns. I can't speak for Washington, but my Oregon CHL (Concealed Handgun License) is ONLY for ONE gun (at a time) and does NOT cover knives, billy-clubs, etc.


    The Oregon permit law does not specify how many. You may carry a primary, backup, supplemental, supplemental backup, primary supplelntal backup and a "just-in-case" handgun if you feel it necessary. Sure, you'll get an odd look or two, but it's your choice. It is a handgun permit, not a weapons permit. You are correct on that point.



    Also, can someone point me a legislative link or something that offically says Washington accepts my Oregon CHL?





    The way I understood it, as a non-resident I could get a WA permit, but my OR permit was not valid.


    Correct, just go into the nearest Washington county sheriff and you can fill in the paperwork right there, do the fingerprints, pay the fee and wait a few weeks for the background checks to clear.



    Finally, I'm fairly certain that oregon does not honor other states permits.



    Correct, they do not.

  2. I put together a plan for this type of game dating back to 1997. It was slated to be a 4 day war across the Central Oregon Desert, 2 teams of 30 "roughing it" to a grand prize. Unfortunately I couldn't find anybody who thought it sounded fun, so I couldn't assemble the planning and financial support. My, how things have changed since then...

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