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  1. I suppose you could collect enough of them to slip over the all branch ends on a Christmas Tree and start your own unique holiday tradition.
  2. If the ioff-trail damage is their real concern, perhaps the parks could just forbid children in the parks? Based on observation, they're the real culprits for that damage. Don't EVEN get me started on those pesky animals that parade through the park at all hours! I've written a note, as part of my duty in this hobby. My emphasis? "You're turning down the opportunity to make more money by involving yourselves with a new and exciting activity. These people normally wouldn't have a reason to set foot in a national park. They are customers looking for a market! YOUR market!"
  3. If you want to stop a grizzly from charging, take away his credit card.....
  4. quote:Originally posted by Criminal: "Badgers? Badgers?! WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING BADGERS!" -UHF Didn't Suzanna come from Alabama with a badger on her knee? That's probably why we're always telling her "Don't you cry for me." Especially if she's wearing Capri pants.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Aunty Weasel:And *don't* take them to the animal shelter. We're finally down to just 4 rabbits. (We had 15!) http://www.hugs.org/Hasenpfeffer_-_Rabbit.shtml http://www.hugs.org/Fried_Rabbit.shtml http://www.freerecipe.org/Main_Dish/Meat/Rabbit/MexicanRab_hbha.htm http://www.freerecipe.org/Main_Dish/Meat/Rabbit/WelshRabbi_bbbad.htm Delicious!
  6. quote:Originally posted by Priscilalepew:oh.....I forgot something.....I'm apologizing again for the brown bag. the brown bag was neatly folded with brand new "stuff" in it, sealed and taped with a written warning note about the content. And if one of my children would found this cache and asked question, I would feel that it would a good oportunity for me to explain them the "birds and the bees theory" That is a tactful alternative.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Renegade Knight:Speaking of condoms my wife called me over and said "check this out" and she showed me these little things all rolled up that looked like condoms but were just too small. Turns out they were 'finger protectors' for her quilting. Go figure. No wonder they fit so tight.
  8. quote:Originally posted by JoeCthulhu:On the other side of the coin, another geocacher e-mailed me to thank me for pointing out the unsafe nature of this hobby. She and her family would no longer be participating in the sport since "harmful" items like condoms and "rat poison" could be place in caches by unscupulous persons. We've now created a new Urban Legend. "I heard someone found a condom in geocache once, and some guy used it, and later found out that the person who hid it in the cache spread the AIDS virus on it, poked a whole in it, AND covered it in rat poison! He gave AIDS to ten of his friends, but he also got a check for $5,000 from Bill Gates and a gift certificate from The Gap, so I guess it all evened out. www.Snopes2.com , here we come!
  9. quote:Originally posted by benjamin921:Well I guess if that were to happen, it's time for "The Talk". "Son, when two geocachers love each other very much, they'll start to cache together..."
  10. quote:Originally posted by cmachler:Are condoms really still adult-themed items? I'm 25 and there are 15-year olds who see way more action than I do. :-) -Cody I had the same problem. Then I got remarried!
  11. Courtesy Chuck Jones of Bugs Bunny fame...
  12. quote:Originally posted by Scook: quote:Originally posted by mckee:No badgers? My wolverine can beat up your badger! (and eat your hamster too!)
  13. quote:Originally posted by Dinoprophet: quote:Originally posted by mckee:No badgers? "Badgers? Badgers?! WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING BADGERS!" -UHF And here I have 2! Excellent! Any others? Anybody?
  14. quote:Originally posted by davwil:Badgers... We don't need no stinkin badgers! I was hoping for a "UHF" fan to be hidden here somewhere.......
  15. I actually put the plans together for a massive paintball game back in the late 90's, utilizing geocaching concepts to hide caches for the teams: paintballs, water and orange juice (it was a multi-day event), some prizes and other items to help get the teams what they might appreciate in the Central Oregon Desert during a long summer weekend. We had plans to "mark" the caches with noise generators (an AM radio cranked off-station), UV glowsticks for night-time caches (easily sighted with night vision once you are in the general area), etc. All the team needed was the coordinates for their GPS systems, and someone to regularly monitor thungs so the caches didn't get passed by. Some caches were going to be boobytrapped, just to keep the soldiers on their toes. I wish we could have done more with it, but the game never got off the ground. Maybe the time is right to start digging up the stuff again........
  16. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:The UID concept is pretty exciting. It has many interesting applications, but I agree with Criminal. WTFDTHTDWG? Bad flashback. Back in the 80's I had a private high school math teacher who always wrote WDTVHTDWM? "What does this verse have to do with mathematics?" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  17. quote:Originally posted by canadazuuk:please define baseball "Yet another boring sport, this one is so bad that they actually set aside time for the fans to get off their buns and stretch so the don't fall asleep during the last 2 innings."
  18. http://www.oregonvortex.com/ How many are familiar with the Oregon Vortex, down near Ashland? Allegedly it's a local magnetic disturbance, that also results in bending light and other visual perception phenomenon. The visual stuff is pure carnival funhouse, duplicated in all sorts of places. However they stand on their claims regarding bending light and magnetic/compass problems. Compass problems? Hmmmmmmm....... Would a place like that be the Worst Place Ever for a cache, providing their claims are accurate?
  19. quote:Originally posted by DarkSide:You are correct on all counts, Sir. I have permits for both Washington and Oregon and generally carry in both states while caching. It has been my experience that a shot fired safely into the ground will almost always frighten off both bears (at least ours, don't know about Alaska) and cougars. I didn't make a point of carrying all the time until one day when I was out caching with my 2 year old daughter in PDX and we stumbled into a gathering of scumbags openly sharing needles in the middle of the park. Things got a little tense, but turned out ok with no one hurt. That reminds me, I still have to write that thank you letter to Smith and Wesson. As was stated earlier in this thread - the 4 legged animals aren't nearly as frightening as the others........ While not a magic charm to drive off evil by merely possessing it, ballistic protection is mighty nice to have when all your efforts to avoid trouble have failed. Glad you escaped trouble without having to resort to anything much stronger than walking away swiftly....
  20. quote:Originally posted by Dave54:I always move it about 100 feet. That way the next searcher thinks his GPS is broken and wastes money buying a new one. And here I thought *I* was the only one doing this to make the sport more challenging! Perhas next time I will dig a pit, place the newly-found cache amongst pungi stakes at the bottom of the pit with a sign that says "YOU FOUND ME! NOW CALL 911!", then cover the hole with branches and let the fun begin....
  21. quote:Originally posted by wimseyguy:Two bear thoughts to share here. The first is from when we were silly bored teenagers away at summer camp in NE PA. The oldest groups slept in 4 man army surplus tents up on platforms. One night we snuck into the camp lodge and removed the stuffed bear head from the wall. Crept up to the tent of the kids who always got picked last and stuck it between the flaps! Flashlights were shone from the other end of the tent and we made some noises to awaken the residents. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Ahem* Kids, don't try this at home.
  22. What does it matter? In the grand scheme of things, this probably won't alter the course of human history, nor will it require someone in the distant future to travel back in time to correct this, thus saving mankind from almost-certain grave fate. They probably won't even make a movie about it. Not even an infommercial. The trail is open, activate your cache. Even if it's located nearby another cache. This has happened before, and it's a bonus for people searching for both caches. Now go and have fun!
  23. One other thing, the Washington permit is also a "concealed pistol permit," not a concealed weapon permit. Unless you've got law to back up the claim that you can carry other specifically-defined weapons concealed with the permit, I wouldn't act on it. Just some friendly advice to avoid getting into a semantic debate with your arresting officer....
  24. quote:Well you may already have tried these.. Save as jpg...and your avatar would be just one frame of the animation. You'd have to time your save-click just right. My friend, who I'll email about it, managed somehow (memory is fuzzy on this), to make the computer think an animation was a jpg...and thereby doing what you proposed, an avatar with an animation. Maybe geocaching.com has a more full-proof system than that other site where my friend made that work. I'll have to play with it when I have time. Thanks for the info!
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