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  1. quote:Originally posted by sept1c_tank:_Censorship_ is ADMINS way of telling a joke.........! Humor is good for body and soul and may those who don't like it...DIE. Or maybe just ignore it. The magic of Free Speech: Only the goverment is required to honor it. Private enterprise is exempt from the requirement, the good/bad part of that particular freedom. It's great when you control it, and it sucks when you don't. Especialy when someone who makes you laugh is banned. Been there, done that.
  2. Most forums fall on their faces when it comes to humor. Sad, really. Hopefully it's a bit different here.
  3. A bio hazard suit and SCBA will generally disperse crowds quickly, just like the movie "Outbreak." Let your pet monkey loose for extra realism. Kudos if the moneky has ebola!
  4. Does running a motorist off the road in a fit of Road Rage against the person who got to a geocoin minutes before you did count as an accident?
  5. quote:Originally posted by sept1c_tank:I've actually been to Seward and Homer on the way back from Kodiac where I spent the summer commercial fishing for halibut in 1969. Think I could count that as a find? My ex and I had property in Soldotna. If you get yours as a find, I get one too!
  6. Well, it's archived now. Maybe in a few million years the area will be a desert savannah and no longer a park. Then we'll see if there was ever a cache there in the first place.....
  7. quote:Originally posted by Brian - Team A.I.:Yeah. The only thing you might have to worry about are...whales. And the occasional 10-ton ice chunk that falls into the ocean. Brian Team A.I. Those lovelorn sea lions can be pretty rough.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Pantalaimon:I'm going to post a dnf... and then ask him to do some upkeep and check if its still there. Yeah, I looked for it while we were on vacation, and I couldn't find it. I have a McToy I was going to tie to the rope. Probably MIA. Maybe somebody raided it or moved it. He'd better go check up on it.....
  9. quote:Originally posted by sept1c_tank:I spent the $15 and bought a Groundspeak rock (charcoal). It's been placed for 5 weeks now, within an arm's reach of a park bench. It's in plain sight and not near any other rocks. It's big enough for small trading items. Mine is a theme cache involving coins. It also has a log and a pencil in it. I have about 15 entries into the log with some really good comments. It's gonna suck when some kid grabs it and throws it into a nearby pond or smething.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Vacman:Ok folks - just when you thought this story couldn't get any better..... Here we go with part #3 of the jailed cache.... I got the film developed and tru to his word the guy actually did take pictures of his genitals. While I can't show you those pictures, I can tell you that he is a white, circumcised male. Here is the funny part : http://www.vacsew.com/cache/cachepic/butcher0703/jail.jpg Notice the cache sitting on the floor of the jail cell! You must rename the cache "Big House," and when you re-hide it you must put a metal file and a bail bond coupon in it. That way when the cops find it again, it can either post bail or break out of jail.
  11. quote:Originally posted by RJFerret: A cache smelling that way would certainly attract a certain type of 'animal'! Tommy Chong?
  12. Fortunately I was able to buy my GPS used and avoid the background check for it, but I don't know how to dodge the cache "cooling off" period. I suppose I'll have to hijack somebody else's cache, such is my exuberence. If you outlaw cacheing, only outlaws will cache....
  13. quote:Originally posted by Bull Moose:Woo-Hoo! Billy Beer!! Did you find that can in your "concert vest"? The Spinal Tap episode of The Simpsons, right?
  14. quote:Originally posted by RJFerret: quote:Originally posted by Paul Ag: I am with you on this. That would be so cool. Someone please create adultcaching.com. I volunteer to be an approver (might be slow approvals, as each will need personal review to be sure there are NO virtuals but are ALL PHYSICAL...) Enjoy, randy er, Randy {wink} PS: I can see it now in the forums, "Who would leave this in an adult-cache?" "I found kids toys, this is NOT a family activity! What kind of weirdo would do this?" My wife and I talked about this. Doing something a bit more "not-so-family-oriented" would be amusing, and wouldn't create quite the drama. Finally, an appropriate place to get rid of all these condoms we have left over from before the hysterectomy.
  15. quote:Originally posted by RJFerret:Again, and vise-versa. Don't travel in areas one would expect to see nudity (and now you are enlightened that those areas are greater than you previously believed.) Respect their beliefs. So by your definition, leaving nudist-oriented stuff (perhaps even pictures?) in a cache is appropriate and respectful of others? How about religious tracts? How about pro- or anti-war propoganda? Pro- or anti-abortion literature? Pro- or anti-suidcide law pampthlets? Bumper sickers extolling the virtues or Republican or Democrat politicians? Pro-hemp or D.A.R.E. stuff? White Pride stuff? Yes, some people are ultra-sensitive about ridiculous things. I can just imagine that there are those who complain about McToys soley on the grounds that we shouldn't be supporting the WTO, eating beef, blah blah blah. It's just a toy! There is no agenda being pushed! (aside from the whole "cheap" aspect to it ) Nudism, political, religious stuff or other "Life Choice" garbage is agenda. I'd rather "Trash Out" that stuff anyway, no matter who's agenda it is. It seems to me that just leaving items that don't pursue one's personal agendas meets the spirit of the activity without creating a lot of bulls*** drama. Unless of course Trollish drama is what floats your boat?
  16. This is probably reaching a bit. "Get your hands off me, you d@mn dirty Geocacher!"
  17. quote:Originally posted by Paul Ag: quote: I think the webcam strip club virtual was a great idea. I am with you on this. That would be so cool. Someone please create adultcaching.com. Forget this boring geocaching.com site, adultcaching saying could be "Leave nothing, Don't want any evidence" I will even paid for a "membership" . I can't wait to tell the wife I am out "geo-oh-oh-oh-caching baby" We could have caches to places where people were murder. Crack houses? Maybe a few massage parlors? I know a few in Houston that offer "happy endings". There is a business opportunity for someone. Good Luck Cache Baggers - Paul Ag I'm gonna show her my Ge"OH"cache face...GeOH OH OH! You know what I'm talking about....
  18. You neglected to include condoms. Bonus points if they're "recycled."
  19. quote:Originally posted by carleenp:Interesting stats. Guess I missed the early D&D years! No, you really didn't miss anything. It didn't get interesting until the AD&D manuals came out. I still have people who invite me over to game, and I'm 36! I'm too old to be a D&D Geek!
  20. quote:Originally posted by Paul Ag:If you like his avatar then you are the type to like http://www.gnome007.fsnet.co.uk/geognome.html#Finding Have fun trading those gnomes and after you are done you can go in the woods and play D&D while dress in your elf outfit. I know the type. 20 yrs ago, I threw my new D&D game in the trash after the freak I was playing with roled the dice to have sex with a elf. I have been scarred ever since. That was the end of my D&D, trolls, dragons, or anything else creeply phase. Good Luck Cache Baggers - Paul Ag Did the elf fail her saving throw? We were going to start stuffing a bunch of our Tom Clark Cairn gnomes into caches, but most of the gnomes are too big. I will be stuck with my ex-wife's collectible gnome cr@p until I die, then they will be buried with me, I just know it.
  21. Give me your clothes, your bike , your GPS and your Travel Bug.
  22. The hard part of "Geocache On The Edge Of Forever" is jumping through the portal at just the right moment...
  23. quote:Originally posted by umc:Many will remember why but the rest just wont ever know because they never knew.
  24. quote:Originally posted by southdeltan:I'd at least give it a try Vacman. They emailed you which leads me to believe they could easily visit http://www.geocaching.com and put in the zipcode. They're likely already aware of the other caches but probably don't have the time or desire to 'remove' them. Somebody probably found your cache too close to their neighborhood or something and got pissy. I'd take the printout of the FAQ and maybe print a few favourable newspaper articles from the region. I'd explain it's not littering as you go back and check on the cache periodically. I'd also try to find out who is in charge of the land. The police are in charge of law enforcement (hence the possibility of a littering ticket) but I'm sure they're not techically in charge of the "public" property. The city clerk could tell you who is in charge. On the other hand, they probably won't bother trying to track everyone down. If they do peek at the site, I'll bet someone in the force is going to start thinking "I'll just track them down and get rid of them." By Day Two they will be logged onto the site as a new user, and will be thinking of really great places to hide caches of their own around town. By Day Ten they wil have 6 other buddies on the force joining them, buying gear, stealing their wives' Tupperware, taking their childrens' McToys, etc. It's just the way it happens.
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