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  1. Thanks very much Quenya!!! That's more in line what I'm looking for. rrn124
  2. Have you seen http://www.thepropers.com/geocaching/60Ser...stomSymbols.htm ? This article may give you what you want. Those are good. Thank You. I will try them. But I was really looking for the BMP versions of the standard Garmin "treasure chest closed" and "treasure chest opened".
  3. If you name an icon .bmp the same as your POI file name (such as MyFinds.gpx, and MyFinds.bmp) and put it in the same folder, upon uploading you will get this custom icon displayed. Where can I get the "GeoCache.bmp" and GeoCache Found.bmp" files to associate with my custom POI files. I've tried xlimage to get them off my vista cx, but it just pulls the blue dot custom icons off. I've looked at downloads throughout the net with no luck. I'd like the Garmin originals to match my vista icons.
  4. I've searched this forum and also the Garmin site without luck. Does anyone know the exact specifications on input voltage to the Vista Cx. I purchased a non-oem 12v car to USB converter and measure the voltages (dual port) at 5.53V (5.4V with a 300mA test load). Normal USB specs I've seen put the tolerances from 4.75 to 5.25V, so my device is over the spec. I'm assuming Garmin has a buffer zone built in, but don't want to chance it till I have some hard facts. Thanks in advance!! Randy
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