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  1. I get nothing but a log in screen I went back and made sure popups were allowed. I cleared my cache and deleted all cookies. I relogged in and then went through 17 screens until I was accepted as not a robot. I changed browsers and get the same thing time and time again.
  2. How can I edit my existing adventure lab. After 5 hours of following links and repeating the same steps over and over again the front page at the builder does not load up. All I want to do is edit the information on MY existing Adventure.
  3. Love it. Recently 14 foot ladders have been a thing around Alberta. Seems climbing a tree is frowned on as you might actually break off a branch. Save your flames, I am 63 and climbed more trees then I care to remember. A Ladder of course.
  4. How far is ground zero? 20 feet SE , now 50 feet NW, ok ! 11 feet North, okay ..100 feet? maybe I should put the gpsr away. eh? (canadian added for effect. )
  5. I agree whole heartedly..for people who DO NOT LIVE in a large enough community,like myself. I would have to drive 3 hours to get a souvenir on MONDAY (normally a working day for most people)and that is insane..but who`s counting anyway.
  6. I would be interested in adding my name and address to this list. dronnord@snipercom.net TY
  7. Thanks be to all that replied to this query. I am trying to contact the owner to adopt. I do not want to actually place a new cache as the age of the cache is why I want to keep it enabled. I will just remove the ruined container and place an ammo can and go on about my merry way.
  8. How do I take over a Cache that is active but has no owner any longer? The owner setup the cache in 2005 and hasn`t been onsite at GC since 2007. The cache needs major maintenance. I would like to take it over.
  9. I think the two most notable treasures in Canada are the Rocky Mountains (pick any mountain as your favourite. Mine is Mount Robson and Mount Edith Cavell at Sunset. Pyramid Lake. Jasper and Banff National Parks,Vancouver in the rain,Edmonton at sunset in the late summer,Edmonton in the morning sunrise on the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Sylvan Lake in the middle of the summer on the hottest day of the year. CBC. A Hay field at full growth. The badlands. David Suzuki. Rick Mercer. Sechelt BC.Sydney BC. Fishing on the west coast.The suspension bridge in Vancouver.Marineland. My favourites all time is " NOVA SCOTIA" and "BRITSH COLUMBIA" THE ENTIRE PROVINCES. All the rest are already taken. Journey to the Centre of Alberta..GC99A1 Canada's First Geocache Nova Scotia..GCBBA I have way to many favourite caches that are special to me, to pick other than these two.I would be here all night. dronnord
  10. I agree with this person to the tenth. I have used them all. Being a field surveyor for 30 years I started using Garmins back in 1992 when they cost $1000.00 and they had a removable antenna.I have flown with helicopter pilots that have several different models and brands and know a " LOT " of geocachers etc... Buy what you want and get used to the quirks and as you get used to them..then decide which one is the best. I suggest you buy a cheaper model, I like a GPX60 which is still my favourite Bush Model and if it is strictly a geocaching model..a Dakota will serve you very well without breaking your bank book. I have used Magellans and one other model brand but I love the garmin since 92 and still do...look I`m a Poet and I know it..hope that helps....dronnord
  11. It is a long process to explain why this happens but if you go get Easygps..It is free and use it you will be happy.
  12. In Alberta I do a Pocket Query with the snow flake(winter friendly) in my attributes.Lets face it if it is on the ground or in a log under 16 inches of snow ....you do not want to be in there ..now do you.?
  13. Twice it has happened to me...once I was placeing a cache in a tree and spotted a camo`d Lock N Lock..opened it up signed it and realized it was a new one from a guy I worked with..LOL..waited until it came out and logged about one minute after it hit the internet..the other one was in a museum back yard.The funny thing is I took my wife to the museum because we were on holiday and she was " P O`d' at me for geocaching when we were 3000 km`s from home...really !...CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? so I am walking around this Acadian museum and I decide I like the looks of the apples..lean in to scoop one and see a lunchbox hanging off a branch.. ..geosense tingling,hands shaking, I signed the log and got the heck out of there before the wife caught me..LOL...she`s my partner but my obsession isn`t hers..u No...so that`s my story..all true and blue
  14. I have placed caches just outside of cementarys "because" I love the calm and serenity and the sheer beauty of the places I have picked. Tomato..tomatto....to each their own..
  15. First Time I have been Here in about 2 years...Lurking..no...Looking...yes
  16. Thanks for the link on your site.I used to live near Chatham and have always wanted to go back to Eastern Canada.Now with geocaching I have another reason...
  17. 30 Ammo Cans within 30 kms of Slave Lake and no further than 300m from a driveable road. Sounds easy right. You would be mistaken.Slave Lake area is a mix of muskeg rolling hills old and new fire burned areas,oil and gas roads that dead end and great bush.Spruce poplar pine balsam and willow. This is a beautiful area in Alberta and we have an event coming up on August 01 2008 long weekend. Come one come all we have a huge campsite arranged and a bathrooms in a hall with running water.Fire pits and a town of 7000 people right here.Not to mention nearly 100 caches in the vicinity of the town. GC1Bk8A...check it out folks
  18. It happened to my daughter and I. We where doing an event and looking for a new ammo can cache.I wandered around a group a trees and found a clue cache.It had a name and clue inside the lid but I have never been able to figure which cache it was a part of as it is in a large city area...go figure.Before geocaching how many people walk right past a cache and never see it? Lots I imagine!
  19. Hi dronnord here..looking for geocaching event ,coin dipping protocal..?
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