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  1. I like to spend my holidays in Turkey..
  2. After seeing this thread I wondered how dificult it would be and have created 2 searches (1 for zip/postcode searches and one for waypoint searches). I need somewhere to host the files (all 4K of them, preferably on www.geocaching.com) so that everybody who uses firefox has access to them. If anybody can help let me know..
  3. There is a new Orange phone (which is a PocketPC). Sorry I don't know the model number, only know about it as one of my mates was given one as a sample. Try This or This HTH
  4. I use FastHosts. Reasonably priced and quite well featured.
  5. Ah but I got my request in first so there
  6. Dear Santa, I've been very good this year and hope you will visit my house. I'm not being greedy this christmas, I only want one stocking filler, just that nothing else. If at all possible can I have Kylie Minogue as I think she would fill a pair of stockings really well. :D Thank you Glenn.. PS. I have left you a drink and a mince pie and something for Rudolph. PPS. If I can't have Kylie, can I have her little sister Danni instead??
  7. Even more so Here. By my calculations to do the distances between caches he/she/it/they would have to have been traveling at approx. 180mph (averaged to cover the 4298 miles in 1 day). Just my 2p worth.
  8. Merry Christmas to all. (and all keep your hands off my breast)
  9. Could be down to This Report. Unlikely but I don't trust that guy at all..
  10. It might be worth your friend watching This auction and this one to get an idea of what the Garmin might be worth. You don't often see second hand GPSr (unless reconditioned which are usually overpriced or on e-bay).
  11. As far as the iPaq goes, I think This might be what you're looking for. From what I've seen, the Navman Sleeve/Jacket costs £80-£100, TomTom software approx £100 and iPaq £150-£200 (all new prices)
  12. Unfortunately I can't get Photoshop to work today to show what I mean. (windowz refuses to run any useful software). I like the idea of this but maybe without the green. Instead have a blue sea and natural coloured map. Maybe some symbolic satelites over the sea area??? Just my 2p worth..
  13. As far as I remember you only need 5 colours for the 4 national flags. Red/White (England/N. Ireland) Blue/White (Scotland) Green/White/Orange (S. Ireland) Red/White/Green (Wales) So the 5 required colours are Red/White/Blue/Green/Orange. Just my 2p worth. P.S. As far as Cornwall is concerned I don't know what colour the flag is but as Cornwall is NOT a country then it doesn't require it's own flag. P.P.S If you use the Union flag for UKand the Irish flag for S. Ireland you still only need 5 colours.
  14. I too have found that it isn't easy to portray a humurous comment without it coming out wrong so I use. [tongueincheek] I think you're all raving loonies so there [/tongueincheek]
  15. Here's another tracking program Santa GPS which now sort of brings this thread on topic Also if anybody is interested you can download waypoint files for fugawi and Ozi Explorer Here and use your GPSr to track santa yourself.
  16. [tongueincheek]That's it I give up, even when you try to bring a little cheer to people's lives there's always somebody getting upset/offended. Why did I even bother? [/tongueincheek]
  17. Been logging on to this site for the past 5 years and have to say it is very entertaining during christmas eve/day. The whole story as to how and why it was started (50 years ago) can be read here. Enjoy [Edit]I know this is off topic but I thought it might inspire some seasonal goodwill between fellow cachers. After reading about this and seeing the results for myself, it shows just what is possible to bring people together towards a common goal.[/edit]
  18. Me:- Leo - Tiger (I thaink that makes me a Liger) Mrs Turkey:- Cancer - Rooster (Makes her a Craster)
  19. See that rucksack down there, that belonged to the last guy who didn't give us what we wanted, you really don't want to know what happened to him. I don't know what you're smiling for mister, you're next
  20. You wait for ages, then 3 turn up at once, typical.
  21. but that means it wouldn't leave much room for my gpx queries and stuff on the card :-( Actually the maps take up 211Mb and the full GPX file for all UK caches take up about 17Mb so there is enough space for them. I have just ordered a couple of new 512Mb SD cards for multiple maps and other stuff for a quite reasonable £57 the pair.
  22. The software is a cut down version of Navigon Mobile Navigator V4.2. It incorporates TeleAtlas maps (earlier versions used NavTeq maps). The software now comes with 4 Cds worth of maps of europe. The software works well on my older model PPC250 (although the UK & Ireland map nearly fills the 256Mb MMC card).
  23. Does that mean that this is the first ever cache placed in UK??
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