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  1. I'm with Telewest, 2Mb, no download caps. Have been with them for about 4 years and have had 2 free upgrades 1Mb->.1.5Mb and recently 1.5Mb->2Mb. Ok they are a little more expensive than most but the service I have had from them has been exceptional.
  2. I Just got this error page when trying to search for local caches: Anybody know why??
  3. Real name gives: Well sign in nobleman Noblemen win ill nags Winning lemon labels Ban swelling in lemon Benign lemons win all Now ban smelling line Swelling in nobelman (ooerrr missus)
  4. I was just there and it's really dead. I would try to help with the logo thing but I'm really artistically challenged Glenn..
  5. To all newbies (I'm still one myself really as I still have single figure number of finds) you can check lots of different stats based on your finds here and also use the G:UK Forums to discuss your finds and other stuff. A lot of the members here are also members on the other forums but there are also a lot of other very helpful people on that forum who rarely post here (politics I think) but feel free to try it out. Glenn..
  6. Am I the only UK cacher with a Magellan GPSr??
  7. The same way most official organisations get their data, they GUESS and hope nobody finds out If anybody actually does find out the information is wrong tho, god help them. Anybody remember a guy called Dr. David Kelly? Never contradict the official data even when you know it's a load of poo Slight edit in the last line - Lactodorum
  8. Yes I agree a remote GC-MS is currently pure fiction (although there is a FTIR system which could be used for just that purpose but the portable units of these devices are not that portable just yet). There is some information here which suggests it could be one of a few gadgets but I think it has something to do with the Micro-IR system described in the link. Interestingly, NASA have created a miniture GC-MS (it measures only 4" high).
  9. Actually a Mass Spectrometer is not fiction. These devices are widely used by forensic scientists to examine the make up of all kinds of stuff so they can match it with evidence from crime scenes and therefore prove their case. I don't think they have gotten quite samll enough to attach to an iPaq but there are Man Portable units available.
  10. You might want to look Here. There is a zip file which contains a text file with all UK postcodes with their OSGB & Long/Lat coordinates. I found it when I was looking for a way of converting postcode to GPS coords. HTH PS: There is a similar file for America but I can't seem to find it. I have it on my PC at home but unfortunately that machine is really, really sick and I don't know how to fix it yet.
  11. Have been watching these things for over 1 year, the first one was Motorola. This has been available in one form or another since 2002.
  12. I didn't type d4mn I typed dadgum
  13. If you're e-mail does have restrictions you could always register for Gmail, see This thread for more details.
  14. I have the Medion software (V3 & V4.2) and also Tom Tom V3 and I have to say that the Medion maps (for V4.2) are far better (i.e. more up to date). The Tom Tom maps don't have the M6 toll (not even under construction) whereas the Medion V3 has it under construction and the V4.2 has it completed. The POIs (Points Of Interest) are a lot easier to implement on Tom Tom, (Medion requires extra software "PoiWarner" which costs 29euro). Just my £0.02
  15. got that a few weeks ago, better than the original IMHO
  16. Is there going to be a west-mids meet anytime soon (like maybe this year)?
  17. Apparently not, you can do the journey back direct so I assume it is one monster of a one-way system. Good opportunity to get to caches in 6 different countries tho [edit]Having just re-run this route selecting shortest route gives even better results [/edit]
  18. 1. Go to http://mappoint.msn.com/DirectionsFind.aspx 2. In the Start section, select "Norway" from the listbox and enter "Haugesund" into the "City" field 3. In the End section, select "Norway" from the listbox and enter "Trondheim" into the "City" field 4. Click on "Get Directions" Interesting choice of route
  19. I once read on this forum that somebody went to a Max Speilman shop and they were given loads of them. I haven't tried this myself but I'm sure they just throw them away so it might be worth a try.
  20. Not too sure. If I try to connect using Firefox I get connection refused but if I try IE then I get Page cannot be displayed and Opera says cannot connect to remote server. I wish all browsers would give a similar error then we'd know for sure..
  21. Deary Togmeister, Did you know there are a number of your T.O.G.G.S who are so technologically advanced they are capable of using billion dollar military satalites to find tupperware boxes in fields. Ian Sane..
  22. Now why is it that when I use that answer I get called a smart @rse???
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