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  1. There's only one way to get rid of a mole. Blow it's bloody head off!
  2. What did she used to be before she turned into a florist?? And more importantly, who turned her into a florist? I don't think TDW would have done it. Did your wife use her career developement loan to pay for the damage to the accountant?
  3. What did she used to be before she turned into a florist??
  4. Nobody told me I had to beat Slytherin, I've never me the guy, why would I want to beat him? (Maybe I should do some of his caches to find the answer to that).
  5. New NASA photograph showing that there really is water on Mars
  6. ....the Church in the avatar is almost, and there is a Duke of York, but that church is not on a plateau in the White Peak, ask Reg Dwight............ lol Hey John, Got a New Motor
  7. Ok tried this for the first time ever and got me a 6 in 96 seconds (I'm a slow reader) places me 4th woohoo
  8. GPS or no GPS (I already have a MeriGold & a PocketPC setup for the car), I'm waiting for the Sony PSP
  9. That site is ok but this site actually goes on further to explain the product's addictive qualities (also has some interesting partner sites) including this site which should be of interest to all geocachers around the world as the product they sell will benefit all (and as a special offer you even get a free t-shirt).
  10. Has anyone ever had that greeting from an Englishman ? Well said that man. It is true, nobody greets us with 'Happy St. George's Day' but why should they, what's happy about it, it's just another working day.
  11. I've eaten soil, ants and also a few earthworms in my early years (with photos to prove it), and have even swam with the Mersey Goldfish (shudders).
  12. Can we then post the coordinates on GC.com and let the person who is FTF keep them? or even better tie a TB tag to their leg and release back into the wild so that they can be tracked properly...
  13. Yeah I do, and the nasty little beggers bit as well.
  14. In a case like this, I think it would be a good idea for TPTB to disable the offending cacher's ability to log an more cache finds until they have logged whatever TBs they have had for more than 2 weeks. Just my 2p worth
  15. oh no we can't This must be one of them new fangled lateral thinking problems cos I don't know where to start
  16. Unfortunately, markandlynn's homepage is currently down (due to excessive data transfers)
  17. There is nothing random about it, I ALWAYS get stung for VAT. I think the post office &/or customs have my name flagged on their computers so that if I buy anything from abroard I het hit for tax..
  18. I think the size of the map depends on the size of your flash cartridge..
  19. Have just seen This site and thought that it was a novel idea .
  20. And I suppose you'd want Robert Fyfe (Howard) to organise any outings
  21. There is also a way of changing the Power on screen on the Magellan Meridian series to whatever text you want, I changed this to my name, address and tel:
  22. A classic case of "I know i've forgotten something, but I'm damned if I can remember what it is"
  23. USB 2 Serial cables, PAH. I Agree with the PC store PFY, throw away your laptop and buy a new one with serial ports and USB, (oh hang on, if you're going to throw it away, I'll take it off your hands, after all you don't want to have to pay for disposal do you? so I'll save you some money as well)
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