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  1. I use Fasthosts, Not as cheap as 123-reg but the basic hosting packages are somewhat more comprehensive. If you are hosting images for forums then the unlimited bandwidth is a bonus. [edit] I am in the process of building another machine to set up my own (Linux) web server at home. That is the cheapest form of hosting of all. DNS is handled by ZoneEdit and information on how to do it all is on DSL / Cable Webserver. Excellent resource for anybody who wants to set up their own web server on their cable / adsl setup. [/edit]
  2. I don't know if this has been mentioned before bit I thought it might interest some of the geocaching community as it does give a small mention to geocaching itself.
  3. The International Telecommunication Union, which oversees the radio spectrum, has told Europe it must start using the space allocated for Galileo by mid-2006 or risk losing it. See here for more information.
  4. Turkey's don't have trotters, they have claws so ...
  5. Thank you all for your help. I will now close this topic.
  6. Ok, a while ago I came across a link to a site (either here or from some other GeoCaching associated web site). The link was to a site which was planning to photograph every square in the OSGB grid. I'm sure it was set up by someone who uses these forums but can't be sure. If the site still exists and if you have the link then maybe you could make me very happy by posting it. Thanks in advance Turkey
  7. I'm still for the Jag in British Racing Green, S type or my preference X type.
  8. I heard about Spice quite a few years ago. They are an organisation specialising in outdoors / adventure activities. I heard about it from a student and I registered for their brochure. Well FEK me the prices for some of these activities would bankrupt a small country. They are a rip-off organisation who charge the earth so that people with no organisation skills can go and do activities that would cost any motivated person next to nothing.
  9. I was going down to Liverpool to do nothing (as the Bangles once did) but now I think I'll just stay here and do it.
  10. Sorry yes that's probably true just that I always launch in a seperate window.
  11. You cant. It uses IE "under the hood" Yes you can. First set Firefox as your default browser. Tools > Options > General and check the firefox default browser box. Now do Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs On the bottom of the left is Set Program Access and Defaults. Click on this. You will be given a number of configurations, select Custom Set default browser to Use my current browser. That should then allow any program to start Firefox. HTH
  12. Don't forget www.geocaching.org.uk when it goes live.
  13. You can use UK Postcodes on Navigator v4.2 (you could on V3.0) and also on TomTom 3 the maps are so old the M6 Toll doesn't exist. No versions were ever released on SD card, they came on 256mb MMC cards (installer & GB maps and only when supplied with the PDA/GPSr package) & CD (installer & maps for major countries in Europe with PDA/GPSr package or as a stand alone software package).
  14. I use this on my PDA and it is an excellent product (the maps are far newer than TomTom 3). I'm curious as to where he got the SD cards from, as they come with a PDA (with built in GPSr, bought from Aldi for £379) and the software also comes supplied on 5 cds containing all the european maps.
  15. Another plugin for greasemonkey Here. Just rightclick on the link and the option to install user script should be at the top of the menu. This script adds a link on Google Maps views to launch a window showing the nearest geocaches to the center of the map. Should work even if the map has been panned/zoomed dynamically.
  16. Even easier than Tools > Extensions to install the script, just right click on the script and an option to install appears as if by majic. Try it Here
  17. In a certain town there is an area frequented by ladies of questionable morals. One road leading into this area has a sign proclaiming "Humps 300 Yards"
  18. Ok, the first thing I can suggest is that you setup a new connection step-by-step as detailed in this FAQ. This is for the Meridian GPSr but I'm sure it will be the same for the SporTrak. This is the document I used and it worked first time. There is a section on backing up your basemap in there. Once you have a connection then you can use the checksum program to calculate the correct string to type in and Bob should be your uncle. HTH
  19. Some pretty serious reviews of the prices I hope! For the price you are listing the 60CS at you can get a 60CS AND a Legend from Global Positioning Systems and still have around £9 in your pocket. I'm not holding my breath for price reviews & to be honest I'm not sure I would want to buy from somewhere where they can't even get the name of their products correct (unless Magellan have changed their name ).
  20. @DomHeKnows: How big is the european basemap? I'm just curious as if it's the same size as mine then maybe my US basemap might work for your sportrak. Also when you tried the backup yourself, was the basemap actually called eu_m102.dat on your directory listing? If not then that is your problem. Also the 2 characters at the end of the line are actually a checksum and if the filename is different then checksum will be as well. There is a small programme Here to calculate the correct checksum. HTH ps I also found it easier to enter the commands 1 at a time and actually save the results to a file for future reference, (makes it so much easier to switch between the 2 basemaps if you need to if you have the correct filenames already stored on your PC)
  21. @DomHeKnows: I think you will be very lucky to find any basemaps on these groups now as I think they were forced to remove them by Thales/Magellan. That is why I suggested you & ash_eng backed up your own maps and exchanged them.
  22. I have both the European & American basemaps for a MeriGold but I'm not sure if these are compatible with the SporTrak Pro but as a thought gouls you both not backup your basemaps and maybe e-mail them to one another??
  23. Both Correct. It was indeed the sketch by Mr. Jasper (Robert Davies) Carrott
  24. What, like this? "huff, puff, blow" No silly, that's for frogs..
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