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  1. So, what's the time & what's the number to use? Maybe a quick 'virtual' event cache could be set up for everyone who gets read out :P


    Send your txt to 88291 (between 17:00 & 19:00)


    Unfortunately I cannot access the radio2 website from work (blocked because it's possible to listen to the radio) so I can't give you the number for phoning in requests.



  2. Believe it or not, the whole thing was triggered by a book I have just written, which is a thriller based round gecocaching, which I am currently trying to get published - anyone know an agent / publisher? :)





    You could try Marjaq and select the marjaq scripts link. I have worked with Jacqui Lyons (the Jacq part of the name) in the past (although that was through the marjaq micro side of the business).


    My Wednesday night local,

    Another nice little pub with great atmosphere

  3. To get the whole UK into gsak on a weekly basis now needs two premium member accounts, as it requires over 50 PQs now.


    This is a current workable date range setup.


    Snip ..... Don't need to show whole list again. /Snip


    You can see 2007 saw an explosion in cache placement.


    Hope this is of use,



    Thanks Jamie, just what I wanted.


    Anybody who asked the question "Why do you want the whole database?".


    I would like to keep an up to date list on GSAK. Once the database is complete then queries only need to check for updated and new caches over the past week.


    With a complete updated database I can do lots of interesting (to me anyway) analysis which I can then use in planning caches, trips and other stuff.

  4. Ok, I have been missing for quite a while now and have just found my GPSr again.


    I decided to creat Pocket Queries to get the current database into GSAK and found that there are so many more than I imagined.


    So the question is, does anybody have an up to date list of PQ I would need to build the complete cache database?

  5. Sorry to say I have you all beat. I have been a member since 4th June 2003 (1345 days) and have only 8 finds (4 virtual) :)


    I make that 1 find per 210 days :)


    This will change dramatically this year but for now I am the worlds worst / slowest cacher.


    Edit: Just to mention that during house re-decoration and building work, my GPSr was stored in a safe place (by my SO) and only came to light recently :unsure:

  6. Definite Advanced Fee Fraud scam. 


    Since your letter has a (invalidly postcoded) postal address, you could forward it to The Metropolitan Police


    Basically, after you respond, it turns out that there's a "Claim Fee" or "Taxes" which you have to pay in advance.  Other variations are that they can only pay into an account with a certain bank, so you have to open one (with a minimum initial investment of £10,000 via Western Union transfer) and the bank ceases to exist.


    Looks like the "Lads from Lagos" aren't getting so much luck with emails, so they're switching back to posted letters like they used to use in the 1980s.


    I was only suprised that the letter wasn't all written in capitals.


    If you want a laugh, African Scam is a website where he answers scams to lead them on a wild goose chase.

    A better site is www.419eater.com. This site has a large membership who have even taken money from the scammers themselves. There are some absolutely hilarious pictures I.E.




    in the Trophy room. :lol::lol: Enjoy :lol:;)

  7. Is there any way of searching for cachers who live locally to me.

    I wondered if there was a way of searching for cachers similar to the way you search for caches ?


    I live in Northumberland so can I search for cachers say in a 10 mile radius of me ??


    Thanks in advance


    Serach for caches local to your Post code. The cachers who placed the top 10 caches should all be local to you. HTH :blink:

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