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  1. Here are a couple feature suggestions for flagging/filtering/sorting multi-caches... what do you think! Scope: What is the radius or search area of the multi, or crows flight distance from edge to edge (automatically calculated if waypoints are entered)? Stages: How many waypoints are in the multi? Basically... take the information that people usually type in the description and make them flags.
  2. I'd like to be able to sort multi caches by whether or not I need the cache listing to determine the next waypoint. This could be done by recategorizing multi-caches into two groups: multi-traditional and multi-puzzle. Alternately, multis could be flagged if they require referring to the cache description to solve, and this could be a filter. What do you think?
  3. Why not just disallow duplicate "Found-its" altogether?
  4. Sometimes if I zoom out to the point where there are 500+ caches, then zoom back in then I don't get any cache locations, so I have to reload and everything works ok.
  5. I now use GSAK to load all my caches into the GPS. I use the description format: %Name %Con (%Dif/%Ter) So I can see the container size on my GPS as well (I don't always carry the hints, but it's nice to know how big of a container I'm looking for). Much happier with this system.
  6. There is this already. It's under Trackable Item Options called View in Google Earth. Google Earth isn't Google maps... but yes, that link works even for google maps. * right click on that link, and copy the url. * go to http://maps.google.com/ * paste the link in the search field Awesome, thanks
  7. I'd like to print the PDF of every cache in my pocket query and make my own field guide for the day. Preferrably sorted in order that I plan to visit (i.e. kml) or alphabetically would be ok.
  8. I think it would also be neat if the individual cache icons could indicate some of this information, so I dont have to click on everything to see it. Maybe 1-2-3 dots on the cache to indicate size or a colored dot to represent if trackables are present or something to show whether a cache has had a lot of DNFs lately
  9. Also... I'd like to see a google map route created to show all of the caches that a trackable has visited. I know there is a map and you can jump from one spot to the next, but it's hard to follow, and I often don't know what area the map is showing. A line showing the bugs movement from cache to cache would be pretty cool... and maybe a datestamp on each waypoint on the course.
  10. I think if I'm holding on to a TB or Geocoin for a couple days then it should automatically be placed/recovered from every cache I visit from the time I pick it up to the time I place it... that way, if I'm on a long road trip then it doesn't just jump from one place to the other, but you can actually see where I took it. Also, the "cache found" entry form should also let me log any TBs/coins right there, with a blank for the tracking code. I hate having to log all the caches, then go back and log all of the trackables afterwards... or, if I pick up a trackable and say "Retrieved from xxx" then it should automatically log a visit to that cache. Also, it should be easier to say that a TB/coin is not in a certian cache. I like to let people know that their cache does not contain the trackables that it claims to, but when I do so then it is added to my "discovered TB/coins" list. I think when I log a cache entry there should be a list of checkboxes for each TB that is supposed to be in the cache and I can uncheck the ones that I did not find in the cache.
  11. Since about a week ago, when I would send to GPS, my caches would download to the GPS with the name "Geocache" and a blue Waypoint flag instead of the usual Geocache flag with the waypoint named after the cache name. However, if I save caches as a GPX and load through MapSource then it works fine.
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