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  1. i am going to help with this thread being on the wrong forum. .. I will give you a dollar for a picture of the dog who bit you, let me know how much is the GPs that you are currently using (must include blood from the incident or at least the KFC wipe)
  2. Will you take $120? Right now it is for sale new for $186 http://www.remsalesltd.com/garmin-gpsmap-60cx-handheld-gps-navigator.html
  3. I have a Geomate Jr. that is not in use. It works great and is in perfect condition. I am asking $50 + shipping.
  4. Hi, I have been using my triton 300 for a while and I am ready to replace it for something else. So far it has worked great for me as an entry level GPS, it does everything you need including a geocaching mode. I have the data cable (Price: $29.99) so you can download the caches from geocaching.com straight to your GPS. I am willing to sell it for $100 + shipping. Happy New Year.
  5. I know it is not an auction I was just wondering if you were willing to sell it for that much, goodf luck.
  6. Does it come with USB Cable? Will you take $50 for it?
  7. I think it is crazy that magellan asks $30 for a cable so I am asking for an extra one that somebody might have that could use a new home. I am willing to pay an adoption fee.
  8. I know I posted this while ago and somebody answered. I am back into geocaching after moving to a new house and all that... I am still looking for a cheap data cable ( or somebody with an extra one).
  9. I know I posted this while ago and somebody answered. I am back into geocaching after moving to a new house and all that... I am still looking for a cheap data cable ( or somobody with an extra one).
  10. I can do that maybe even 200
  11. Hi, After a few months I am upgrading my GPS unit so I have this Triton 200 for sale. The unit has very light use, I don't have the original box but I have manual and CD that came with it.
  12. Since this is going on I will offer $175
  13. Hi, This GPS unit comes with a USB cable, I will have to buy one for it. Will you take $180 shipped? If you do, will you take paypal?
  14. Hi , I am interested, does it come with USB cable?
  15. I did install the drivers for the adapter. I might try to find the FTDI and replace the prolific driver. We'll see if that works, thanks segler and I'll keep you posted.
  16. I am trying to update the firmware. I already downloaded the updating software from garmin but it's not detecting the GPS. I tried two different USB to serial adapters.
  17. Hi, I just bought an etrex legend and I am trying to connect it to the computer so I can update the firmware and activate the waas before I get the known issue with the old firmware. I go to interface but I can't highlight the Serial Data format. I tried restoring default options but nothing happened. Am I missing something here?
  18. I just ordered 8 etrex legends, I am pretty sure I will not be needing 8 cables if they come with them I will let you know and I can send one your way.
  19. After reading some comments I decided to buy the Etrex Legend since I found it for $99 at Target http://www.target.com/dp/B000058BCQ/175-9524917-9100124 I am waiting on the units to get here. I will post comments on the buying experience and the units as soon as they get here.
  20. The computer got disconnected while posting. I am trying to pick between the Etrex "Yellow" the Vista or the Venture (all the most basic units) to teach mainly kids how to use a GPS and introduce them to geocaching. I also have a Triton 200 which works great for me. Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.
  21. I went to best buy and they didn't have the data cable, besides the associate was really rude, he pointed and said, they should be over there. So far this GPS has been working great for me but I want to be able to load coordiantes and maps from the computer.
  22. That is good ot know, my personal GPS is a Triton 200 which was an update from my eXplorist. So far it works great but I want to make sure that I get the right one for educational purposes and technical support and warranty would be an important one.
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