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  1. You may want to try doing the text so it is easily readable without spinning the coin. On the top half put "When the Sun Goes Down," and make the bottom of the text go around the center, and on the bottom half put "Cachers Come Out." but make the top go around the center. This way all the text is facing one direction if you are holding the coin. Also, another idea may be to make the clock the entire inside of the coin, and put the stars and moon on the face of it. Then make the hands and ticks a yellow like they are glow are the dark. Just some ideas to try, but I like the idea!
  2. I found out that Google released an update last week which introduced this bug. It will be fixed when they roll out the next version. It has nothing to do with the GC web site, so it affects everyone that does a query for latitude/longitude.
  3. Haha... that's what I thought. But check it out... So it shall be fixed next push... whenever that is.
  4. And a Google Employee has responded with: So maybe it will be fixed.
  5. I'll be watching the API Group for a fix for this, but if this is a permenent change it would be nice if the link took you to the currently Beta Google Maps version of the GC site and center on the cache you clicked on. Don't want you to make a knee-jerk reaction on this, but I'm hoping Google either puts this back, or gives us another parameter to pass to get this working the way it did.
  6. I understand this, but there is no other place to really discuss Google Maps by itself. Someone just started a topic in the API Group about this. This would become a GC issue if they could change the link to bring back the old behavior.
  7. I believe as of yesterday or the day before if you clicked on the Google Maps link on a Cache or Benchmark it would take you to Google Maps with the point centered and it marked. It no longer is marked, but just centered on that point. I believe this has nothing to do with the Geocaching.com web site, but more of a Google Maps issue where they changed the behavior of how this works over the last few days. Anyone have any details? I looked around the Google Maps API Discussion form but couldn't find anything about this change.
  8. Animals in unexpected places scare me all the time. I've almost stepped on a frog and snake before noticing it and jumped back. Also walking along, and then a bird flying out from no where. This is especially true for large birds like turkeys and storks.
  9. I say screw technology all together. We should make had drawn maps where X marks the spot and vague geographic details are given, along with "paces" used to measure how to get to the X.
  10. Instead of a code, I've come up with a different variation of the concept that you may want to consider. 1) Two cachers meet on the trail. 2) One (or both) use their GPS to find the coordinates of their meeting. 3) They both write down these coordinates. 4) They both come to the site, find the user, and enter the coordinates. As long as they match, they are "connected". This would give you the ability to use Google Maps to easily create a map of where you met people. This could be the premium feature you could offer.
  11. A neat idea might be to assign each one a charity and donate to that charity whoever wins.
  12. Go HERE to update your Home Coordinates. This should fix it. And Welcome to New Jersey!
  13. Premium Cache... I feel left out. Guess I need to upgrade soon.
  14. Interesting perspective, but it all comes down to how you play the "game". The game is more like solitare then a sports game where you compete with others. I think you should play it because you enjoy it for whatever reason and not because you are going to get a trophy or a cash prize at the end. I looked at Terracaching, and there are 6 caches within about 20 miles of me, where as Geocaching.com has probably like 2,000. You don't have to participate in the journal part of the site if you don't want. Some people like that part and use it as a social experience.
  15. This same tip works if a suspecious character tries to talk to you in NYC and you fear getting mugged. Just throw your arms up and act crazy and then keep walking.
  16. stayfloopy... increasing the cost of crude oil in the US one cache at a time. Toyota should give him a Prius and make him a spokes model.
  17. http://www.geocaching.com/articles/stashnote.doc For a complete list of options you can view it here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/
  18. A CitySelect set of maps may have a selection of Psychologist's in its database.
  19. The USPS already holds the record. Every mailbox has a unique address though it just uses a different standard for coordinates.
  20. If you are going to place a cache, it's good etiquette to put crisp $100's in it. I'm a fan of interesting items that aren't so common. For instance I put a Linux Penguin pin in my first cache that I hid, knowing some other computer geek will find it and get a kick out of it.
  21. If you are that freaked out about it you could do urban only caches.
  22. If you have time you may want to monitor techbargains.com You can search for GPS and watch for any great deals that come along. Right now they are mostly on car navigation type systems, but there are a few Magellans available.
  23. A lot of times you can reference another point. I've seen hints similar to this: "If you stay on the trail you will see 3 trees that are split. The cache is 50 feet North of this." An option for getting better signal depends on where you are located. If the leaves fall off the trees you should get a better signal then.
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