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  1. How do I make a gpx file of a group of puzzles I have solved in a specific area so that I can download to a offline / list?
  2. Hi, ive been trying to see how to set up a geoart trail, Ive seen acme mapper has been used, but every time I try to move markers another one comes up in its place, is there an easy way to move the markers around to get the desired picture??
  3. The Submit for Review process is simplified.... Yeah right!! Ive got a cache page already to go, every time I hit submit for review, it just doesnt happen, Ive tried this over ten times, why fix something thats not broken!!! Argh
  4. Today, I visited GZ in New Zealand and have the required information and am now looking for someone to swap that info with please. Look forward to hearing from someone soon. 0
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