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  1. Hi, I also just started. Good luck and have fun!
  2. Hullo. Im a noob too! I'm in the socal area and am quite bummed that you aren't im my area to hide caches. Welcome!
  3. oh yeah, and I was hoping to meet some geocachers in the 92563 area.
  4. I'm TheIrishDruidess, and I just started geocaching. A friend told me about it at school one day and we went on the website and I searched for caches at my school. To my utter most suprise, they were all over the place. In my excitement, I searched for where I lived, and again they were in all these unexpected places right by my house! Some of the caches were in places I go to all the time and had no idea there was anything hidden. I am so excited to bust out my gpsr and start searching. I've been hiking/camping/jeeping/rock climbing since i can remember and what an interesting new way to explore! thanks for this awesome hobby. Oh and now all i have to worry about is getting a day off, from my hectic work/school schedule Peace, TheIrishDruidess
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