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  1. A customer from New Zealand approached us with a couple designs to help with the overseas relief efforts. The two New Zealand earthquakes made the Japan earthquake all the more real for him. So, we decided to help him out and get the coins into production. They've both been started, and we expect to have them in 3 weeks. The listing says December, but that's just so we don't screw up your order with the backorder timing in the Zencart. You don't have to order now, they'll be in the store when they arrive. But I wanted to get the word out there now while people are talking about the relief efforts. $1 from each coin sold will be donated to the respective charity noted, most likely the Red Cross in both countries. The links take you to the Silver version of each coin. We will have two versions of each, Brass and Silver. Also, the coins are HUGE, @ 63mm across each, so this is no skimpy little coin. Side note. We also have a micro coin (LA Transit token) where the artist has generously offered to donate $.50 for each of that coin sold to the Red Cross for the Japan Earthquake relief. New Zealand Earthquake Geocoin Japan Earthquake Geocoin
  2. Continuing our fast moving series we started last year, you can find this gem for sale now at The Geocoin Store. It's in stock and ready to ship to you in time for Chinese New Year, when the Year of the Rabbit begins (Feb. 4th). It's trackable with a custom icon, and only $8.75! Follow the links on each picture to buy yours now. Red on Satin Gold Blue on Satin Silver
  3. A previous customer job with a cacher named Cruiserdude. He came back to us a few months ago, and said he wanted to refresh the art and run them again. So we did. And here they are Shiny Gold Sale Page Shiny Nickel Sale Page
  4. Seems like we lost the original post. So let's try again. Our latest piece finally showed up, so we're proud to announce the Cache Angel. It's not up for sale yet, but I'll bump this thread with direct links when it is. We're going to debut it this weekend at Geocoinfest. Tranquil Edition Fury Edition
  5. This item is a bit of a stretch from our normal offering. We steer clear of traditional US holidays because it narrows our focus on such a worldly game. But Pete (The Moop Along) had this picture in his head of a waving flag, with a burst of fireworks on the back. So Jackalgirl (bless her heart) struggled along with Pete until his napkin drawing actually became a pretty spiffy looking coin. Well, in Pete's opinion anyway So, GCC proudly presents our little timely tribute to Independence Day. In three flavors. All trackable, with one unique icon. You can buy each one at the link above each picture. The front is the same on all three. CELEBRATION JUBILEE TRIUMPH
  6. So Rusty had a little spare time on his hands, and put this piece together. Really not much to say about it, other than it's a Lucky little token. It's trackable with edge text, and a unique icon. Oh, and you can buy it HERE
  7. So by now you all know that Chris Mackey has a flare for the classiest geocoins out there. So why would the latest Pathtag carrying geocoin he designed be any different? It certainly wouldn't Therefore, we present to you the Pathtag Emissary available in two flavors, Aristocrat and Woodland. What will Mr. Mackey think of next? Aristocrat Sales Page Woodland Sales Page
  8. GCC is proud to announce our next fully trackable Pirate Dubloon, Pieces of Eight. You can PURCHASE IT HERE
  9. A new creation from The Geocoin Store. Purchase it HERE Fully trackable with a custom icon 1.75" Diameter 5mm full 3D, with a 3.5mm edge Translucent enamel fill over half raised detail Shiny Gold plating
  10. The GeocoinStore and Mr. Mackey are proud to finally debut the final card in our poker series. You've seen that Caching is King, and you've met the Queen of Caching. You've been smited by the Caching Ace, and wowed by the Jack of Cache. So don't be surprised if you're amused by the Caching Fool. A wonderful design to cap off that fifth position in your poker hand. Some of you might say "But, the fifth card is the ten". Well of course it is, but is a ten really that fun? Not in our book PURCHASE IT HERE As a bonus for those of you that actually read this far down, we've also put a very small qty. of the other four bronze cards in the webstore at the same time. In case you've been trying to finish the hand. We'll be sending out a newsletter in about a week, and those extra four cards won't be around long after that, so don't wait. Purchase the King Purchase the Queen Purchase the Ace Purchase the Jack GCC
  11. This design was brought to us by a Montana artist. The front side was a scene that she had made a pencil sketch of, and really wanted to see it on a geocoin. The back side was chosen to be the bitter root to give a little more Montana feel to her front side scene sketch. It's actually her pencil sketch of a bitter root she had made, not just a photo. We made it into a proof geocoin to highlight all the sharp details in 3D for her. This geocoin comes fully trackable with a custom icon, in an airtite plastic case. It is 1.75" x 4mm thick, 3D both sides. Note that this is NOT an official Montana state geocoin, nor is it affiliated with any Montana state geocaching organizations. It's simply an artist expressing her views of the scenery PURCHASE THE SILVER PROOF HERE PURCHASE THE GOLD PROOF HERE
  12. Sorry, we had HUGE pictures and had to go back and shrink them down. Full size photos are available on the coin sale page.
  13. Available here is a tribute to the upcoming Year of the Tiger. You can purchase it HERE
  14. The Geocoin Club has always provided a tradition of celebrating the new year with a functional geocoin. We started small, with the ROT13 Decoder. A coin you could take into the field to decrypt ROT13 on the fly. The 2nd year found us wanting to stretch ever further, so we hired an engineer and designed a RangeFinder. And yes, it works in the field to find distance. So we were tired, and thought we deserved a break. And we made the easiest functional geocoin. 2009 rolled around, and we went high tech. With an LED Nametag, which quickly became the envy of all the event goers around. Which brings us to 2010. And the need to stretch even further. So a team effort brought about the latest and greatest functional coin: Yes, you're seeing things right. It's a trackable film canister, because it's got a trackable FILM CAP on it! The greatest challenge was reproducing the attachment system, since on a plastic film cap it's flexible. Hard to make a flexible piece of metal. After many iterations, the team created a tooth system to keep it snugly attached to a film can, and allow an easy on, easy off feature. We hope you like this design. It's currently only available to our coin club subscribers. Anyone who is signed up now, or signs up in December will get this coin as their first design. We'd like to make a store version or two, but that would be down the road a ways. GCC
  15. Another remastered design, originally from Applewomyn out of Georgia. This time we stuck with the blue theme, and knocked another inexpensive beauty out of the park. Of course, you can buy it HERE
  16. A brand new addition to the store. This little beauty was neatly remastered by our own -Eleanor- to suit her tastes. And gosh darn it, we think it turned out perty fancy. Very cheap, but all the bells and whistles. Glow in the dark UFO, glitter sky, you name it. You can buy it HERE
  17. Introducing Tag-A-Bondz, the newest exciting trackable item from The Geocoin Store! What is a Tag-A-Bondz you might ask yourself? Well, it's simply a cheap, innovative Tee-rackable T-shirt that will travel from cache to cache. It's base metal is aluminum, and it's got a chain to attach another cool item if you wish. We've printed a great colorful geocaching slogan on one side, and a traveling message on the other. Under $5, it's the ultimate tag to actually travel. ----> Purchase Born To Cache and E is for Everyone HERE <------ <moderator edit at OP's request>
  18. geocoinclub


    We always like to go caching with the GeoHound. But how is anyone to keep track of them? Well, you have to make them trackable. Of course So here's the first coin in our new GeoHound Tribute series, DogTagz. We hope you like them. RED FIRE HYDRANT 1.5" diameter 2.5 mm thickness Antique Bronze Plating Imitation Hard Enamel Collar Clip Trackable at gc.com Custom Icon
  19. Always fun to have a racing team out in the wild. Who's the fastest? Only one way to find out. Get them taters moving and see . . . IDAHO RUSSET SWEET YUKON 1.5" diameter 3.0 mm thickness Black Nickel Plating Imitation Hard Enamel Trackable at gc.com Custom Icon
  20. This is the third geocoin in our Harmony series. A great Mackey series that we're proud to continue. Purchase it HERE! Coin Stats: 1.75" diameter 3.5 mm thick Foggy Silver plating Imitation Hard Enamel with Translucents Trackable with a unique icon Mr. Mackey has this to say: We all know them... the eternal optimists who see good in even the worst of times. The injustices of life seem to wash over them like water on stone while they remain unmoved from their position of stalwart good nature. I'm reminded of these people every time I've attended a CITO event. You see people shaking their heads at the deplorable conditions while smiling and holding open bags to receive the debris being removed. They know it could happen again, but they're positive that they've made a difference and I agree. I see cachers releasing new coins after all their previous coins have been stolen. I see cachers replacing muggled caches and setting new ones regardless of how many have been lost to chance and poor behavior. Nothing seems to get these people down and they're my caching heroes. So we begin to wonder where all this positive energy comes from. Were they born this way? Was it learned behavior? Are they just lucky in life to be oblivious to the depressing circumstances that can sometimes cross our paths? In my researching optimism I've found some wonderful insight into the positive and the old addage of what you put in is what you get out has never been more apt. On the one side of the newest Harmony Series coin you'll see arrowheads pointing within over symbols of balance and peace from cultures around the world with the words Optimism Resides Within. Whether it's the Japanese Choku Rei "Cho-Koo-Ray", the Hindu symbol of the Absolute (Om) or the beautiful Native American Wheel of Life the messages are the same. Peace within is found in what we except into ourselves and what we exude is a mirror reflection. The second side of the coin displays much larger arrows pointing out with the multiplied benefit of what has been gathered within. We invite you to decode the Braile to learn the words depicting the Harmony of Optimism. This geocoin is a constant reminder that every day brings the promise of greater things. Geocaching is all about giving more of yourself and enjoying more of life and this coin is all about that positive energy that radiates from the cachers we admire.
  21. Purchase it HERE! Coin Stats: 1.75" diameter 3.5 mm thick Shiny Gold plating Imitation Hard Enamel with Translucents Trackable with a unique icon Ever feel this way as a Geocacher? Everyone's going one way, and you're going the other. You have a secret. You know something they don't. There's a film can under that lamp post... there's a lock'n'lock behind those people at the picnic area. As cachers - we live in a secret world. A world where we make our own rules. Not just hiding and seeking guidelines, but you can literally play the game however you wish. Like racking up numbers? Go for it! Prefer those challenge caches - great! Only like attending events - that's awesome! There are only two rules in establishing how you will play the game for yourself. Rule #1 - You make the rules. Rule #2 - Refer to rule #1!
  22. This is the fourth playing card geocoin in a Mackey Made It series that we're proud to debut. Purchase it HERE! Coin Stats: 2.00" tall 4.0 mm thick Antique Gold plating Soft Enamel with Translucents Trackable with a unique icon Mr Mackey has this to say: We all know the King(s) of Caching I'm sure and the reigning Queen in our caching circle is not be outdone by anyone short of the Caching Ace of course so the rest of us often fall into the knave or Jack category ourselves. We're not masters of every situation or even masters of a specific type of cache, but we enjoy getting out there and giving it our all while enjoying the day of fun. We enjoy learning a little about all types of caching and often give it a shot regardless of how challenging just for the experience. We're the Jacks of All Cache and the masters of none, but we give it our all and we have the most fun! Stay tuned for more fun cards in the near future
  23. Purchase it HERE! Coin Stats: 2.0" diameter 5.0 mm thick Black Nickel Plating Soft Enamel Trackable with a unique icon Chris Mackey's Design Commentary: When asked to take part in designing the Official PA Geocoin for 2009 I was delighted to be approached and then immediately concerned that I would do PA justice with my design. Being a particularly poor student of history, I had my work cut out for me. I began by narrowing down my target by concentrating on the region where I lived and by chance discovered some amazing facts, met some amazing people and had a life changing experience as well. About ten minutes down the road the National Park System and U.S. Department of the Interior developed the Steamtown National Historic Site. It is the only place in the National Park System where the story of steam railroading, and the people who made it possible, is told. With a little investigation I learned to my surprise and delight that the first railroad in the nation began only a block and a half from my home and traveled over a mountain, through Fox's yard and all the way to nearby Honesdale, PA. It carried the coal that powered New York City and fueled the Industrial Revolution. The coal carried on these rails was transferred to the Delaware and Hudson Canal system where it went through the longest water-lock system in the world being more than twice the length of the Panama Canal! I visited the D&H offices in Honesdale that now house the Wayne County Historical Society Museum (since 1939) and learned a wealth of information. The offices are another national landmark and attended by a wonderful staff of enthusiastic history buffs. I was thrilled to meet Nancy, the caretaker and historian in charge of the museum. After spending an afternoon learning the amazing story of the Lion, I finally approached the lead historian with my idea for the geocoin. Imagine my surprise when she told me her son is a Geocacher and thought it would be a great idea! The project was moving full steam ahead, but the surprises kept coming. A short time later Fox and I were invited to take a working model of the Lion out from the glass display case of the museum and operate it on an actual track near Lansdale, PA. Under the close supervision of the engineers, we were able to fire up the coal and had the boiler steaming in short order. Out onto the tracks and down the rails we went! The tiny scale model pulled Fox, his daughter and myself without the slightest hesitation. I could only imagine the awesome power of the real engine the first time it charged up the mountain. This coin is a tribute to the legacy of Pennsylvania and it's debut of railroading in the United States. The lion should be a symbol of pride for every Pennsylvanian and I hope this coin represents that legacy with honor. The coin itself is encircled by the tracks of the Gravity Railroad and the spokes are replicants of the original spokes on the coal cart pulled by the lion. The 180th Anniversary of the Lion is proudly displayed over the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company's trademark shield. The face of the lion in it's traditional place on the face of the boiler challenges the task set before it as it claims it's place in the history of American railroading. Though much debate rages over the birthplace of American railroads no one can dispute the fact that Pennsylvania had the honor of being the first to pioneer the locomotive. THE HISTORY: The "STOURBRIDGE LION" was the first locomotive to run on a railway in America, and was operated between Honesdale and Seely's Mills in Pennsylvania on the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company's railroad, August 8, 1829. On March 13, 1823, The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company obtained rights from the Legislature of Pennsylvania, authorizing them to construct a canal from the mouth of the Lackawaxen to the present site of Honesdale and also to construct a railroad from their coal beds at Cardondale to the head of this canal. In January, 1828, Horatio Allen left New York for England and contracted for four locomotives, one of which, the "STOURBRIDGE LION," built by Foster, Rastrick and Company of Stourbridge, England, was shipped in February, 1829, unloaded in New York, May 14, and then taken to Honesdale, PA., arriving the later part of July, where it was placed on the track and prepared for service. One of the Company's coal wagons was fitted up to serve as a tender and a box added under the boiler, built around the junction of the two exhaust pipes form the cylinders with the single exhaust pipe to the stack, from which water flowing form the tender was pumped into the boiler. This was probably the first feed water heater in America. The name LION was suggested by the fancy of a workman, who painted on the circular front , the head of a fierce-looking lion in bright colors, covering nearly the entire area. Early in the forenoon of August 8, 1829, the "STOURBRIDGE LION" was "fired up" with Lackawaxen coal and ready to go. It was run back and forth on the straight portion of the track by Mr. Allen and then set forth on its history-making trip, for it was the first locomotive to run on a railroad in the Western Hemisphere, covering a distance of about one and a half miles to Seely's Mills, where it was reversed and returned to its starting point. The trial was a failure despite the beautiful performance of the Lion. The original specification for the locomotive had specified a maximum weight of 4 tons. The Lion and her sisters weighed in at 7.5 tons, nearly double the specified weight. The track made of hemlock rails with iron railcap with tie spacing of 10' between ties had been constructed for a much lighter locomotive and would not support the greater weight of the locomotives. Sadly, the Lion and her sisters were retired to other uses. The only remaining pieces of these locomotives are the boiler from the Lion and one of the cylinders from the America, both in the possession of the Smithsonian. All traces of the Delaware and the Hudson Locomotives disappeared after the locomotives had been delivered to Honesdale. Fun Photos!
  24. This is the third geocoin in a Mackey Made It series that we're proud to debut. Purchase it HERE! Coin Stats: 1.75" diameter 3.5 mm thick Antique Brass plating REAL Swarovski Crystals Soft Enamel with Translucents Trackable with a unique icon Mr Mackey has this to say: When the Tempting the Fates project began we desired a coin that would put fear into the hearts of would be thieves. We called upon the denizens of the underworld to watch over these coins and strike retribution against their enemies. When the Fortune Favors the Bold project began we threw caution to the wind as humans often do and dared the world to do it's level best, but promised that nothing would deter our gracious nature to share our traveling coins. This time we call upon a much higher set of powers to protect our coins. With the aid of the heavens themselves (and you of course) our travelers are ready to quest forth and record their incredible travels around the world. We begin with research, more research and yet even more research to find the keys to protecting our coins from the muggles and mishaps that plague geocoins. To our delight we found both the necessary keys and the heavenly guardians of all things geocaching along the way. Our story begins with King Solomon in the 10th Century B.C. and his incredible story. When given the chance by God himself to have absolutely anything one could possibly desire like wealth or power, he instead chose wisdom and knowledge to rule justly over his people. The heavens answered by rewarding him with such knowledge as has never been known before or after his lifetime. Much of his knowledge has been recorded and among those records are seals of protection calling upon all manner of otherworldy creatures to aid man in his goals. "Thus saith the Lord: According to thy word have I given unto thee a wise and understanding heart, so that before thee was none like unto thee, nor ever shall arise." - The Key of Solomon, translated into Latin from the Hebrew idiom In researching we learn that there is an Archangel known to Solomon as being dedicated to presiding over treasures, protecting them from the eyes of would-be thieves and revealing treasures to those of pure heart who hunt their locations. This Archangel is Paraseil and his powers are beyond our comprehension. The seals required to call upon this powerful host are imprinted on this coin along with the seal known commonly as the First Pentacle of Jupiter. "This serveth to invoke the Spirits of Jupiter and especially those whose names are written around the Pentacle, among whom Parasiel is the Lord and Master of Treasures and teacheth how to become possessor of places wherein they are." - Writings from the Greater Key of Solomon. So be pure of heart and steadfast for this coin is a powerful talisman to the good geocachers of the world. Among the many items left in the wake of King Solomon and his newfound knowledge was his personal signet ring. It is believed to have been another key in calling upon the heavens for aid and elements of it's design have also made their way onto this coin. Inscribed with what will become known as the Star of David, the ring is inlaid with four jewels and we bring those jewels to this coin as well along with the sillouette of Archangel Paraseil standing guard over this coin and all nearby treasures. There are more goodies, symbols and secrets hidden within the design and some will be revealed over time in cointests to come while others you might just divine on your own. So Tempt the Fates with the denizens of the underworld if you dare. Find that Fortune Favors the Bold when you throw your fears aside and stride forth in your endeavors. The heavens watch over it all and The Seals of Solomon might just lend its protection to you and your caches if your heart is pure and your intentions are good.
  25. We’re proud to present another Chris Mackey coin, this time as part of a series. Back in November 2008, we debuted Harmony Karma as our monthly GCC coin. This is the 2nd coin in the Harmony series, reminding you to look inward to achieve Harmony. The plain text says "If everything rubs you the wrong way, how will your soul become polished?" Definitely a great way to continue this theme, and you’ll have to just figure out the Braile text on your own. Purchase it HERE! Coin Stats: 1.75" diameter 3.5 mm thick Foggy Silver plating Imitation Hard Enamel with Translucent Trackable with a custom icon
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