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  1. Just a note to everyone to say "Enjoy yourself at Weston !" As organiser of The UK's first Mega in Harrogate I have had the privalige of "advising" the Mega 2 committee and I looking at their forums I know what special people these are and what a huge amount of organising they have done. I am sure everyone will have a great time. Unfortunatley I am out of the country so I can not attend.... Enjoy and dig a sandcastle for me ! Robin Harrogate Hunters
  2. If it was a couple of weeks it was down then I might have different thoughts..... BUT for a little over 48 hours..... (I have another life as well that can continue) Well done chaps in the USA for sorting out the problem so quick... keep the good work going.... 24/48 hours off line in 7 years is not bad ! I bet television cant beat that record ! HH
  3. go for one of the larger chains that can cope with random numbers of people turning up
  4. I placed a cache in Nice (FR) around 4 years ago (actually the first in Nice) and eventually was found by a local policeman... He is now caching (has taken over the maintenance of the cache) and has created a lot of other caches (and cachers). A great success... Anyway link.. Nice View Is a fantastic cache to grab which is near where the ship comes in.... enjoy
  5. What bribe did they give you to get FTF !!!!!! Where do I send bribes to Deci in the future
  6. At £249.99 and £9.99 a month its barking !!! I will have one straight away ! As always there is a drawback.... it does not seem to come with Memory Map ! How can my dog find a suitable path to the top of the mountain
  7. Fantasic... just go for it... Any particular questions that are not being answered in this forum just email me
  8. Try the following link http://www.geocaching.com/map/ Then type in the destination e.g. Cairo in the "zoom to address" box If you are going to the pyramids there seems to be a great virtal there http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCJG9J This is a great little known facility that will help many people I am sure
  9. The only reason I ask is that yes I have a number of puzzles.... However the main objective of caching (my view) is to get out into the countryside and enjoy the fresh air. Hence I actually have a bookmark list on all my puzzles. On that book mark list there is a big clue on how to solve the cache (e.g. see www.itsastory.com) The reason I would like to know how many are cachers are hiding my caches is that I could make them easier... After all its about visiting beautiful parts of Yorkshire not sitting infront of a computer !
  10. Is there a way to find which of my own caches are on other cachers ignore listings ?
  11. Now let me remember..... where was the first UK Mega event held.... Oh Yes Harrogate !!!!!! Not bad for a place that has only just got electricity !!!
  12. Wow.... I have been a member since 2nd June 2003 and when joining I ticked the box asking for updates and new features to be sent to me Today I received my first email..... Its only taken them 4 1/2 years !!!! Not bad service for being a premium member......!!!
  13. Not the wrong type of snow here... just deep Spent today doing a bit of cache maintenance... once cache meant 1/4 mile trek accross the moors without a path up to my knees in every step in snow. Crossing a stream and digging down two feet to get to the cache box. After replacing cache box and contents with another back to the car... All in glourious sunshine with not another person in site, just me the dog and wildlife Now thats what I call a driveby p.s. and not a micro in site
  14. So Wherigo has now been published for a while with official recognation on the geocaching site with its own icon for around a year. My first published in February 2008 was obviously visited by 141 caching teams at the Mega...... BUT What are people thoughts a year on... With only 23 published in the UK, I think I know the answer...
  15. Anyone noticed ? When I see a new cache appear I generally click on the Streetmap link on the cache page and there was a map with an arrow pointing to the cache location.... Streetmap seems to have been updated and the arrow has now disappeared... Any solutions ?
  16. And also one within 5 feet of another of my caches around a reservoir .......
  17. On the other hand my Christmas Word Cache was released on 30th November 2004 just in time for Christmas and its still going strong...
  18. Those little canisters that diabetic testing strips come in..... Or any little pill boxes should work
  19. A mega cache repair kit ! (Free at your local mega cache event !)
  20. sorry cant help but I have a spare Garmin Camo ! Example of what I have got If you would like to borrow that please shout ! Robin Harrogate Hunters
  21. At the port in Plymouth..... So when I miss the ferry again whilst I sulk I can at least grab a smilely !
  22. Also in some cases I've seen, the stash note can be placed so it's readable through the wall of the container. And dont forget those who received a welcome bag from the Mega there was some cache stickers in there to put on the outside of the containers
  23. Ooooo... WWFM IV will be held also at Harrogate..... I will publish soon HH
  24. http://www.epapertoday.co.uk/north-ycw/Bro...00-000000000000 Here is the link .....
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