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  1. I am sitting at my computer looking out of the window that points west....... The little direction pointers however are wrong... south is behind me ! Do you think they can fix it for me !!!
  2. As far as I was aware nothing was left at the pub... I had a check around the marquee and also inside after people left.... I will contact the owners to see if anything was left, but I have been up a number of times and nothing was mentioned. If I can do anything e.g. visit his house please let me know. Robin (Harrogate Hunters)
  3. The Hunters Stones Which was released on 10th March 2002 !!! Is one of the first caches in England. The cache was created by James and Julie who now reside in Australia, still creates problems for cachers (even Seasider had two attempts !) I was asked a few months ago to look after the site. The pictures are now availiable on my website Link Can anyone who recognises any of the faces, please let me know. By the way I have the numbers back to front... No 24 was the first on the camera, 23rd next etc. If you require an original in the post, please contact and I shall send (I shall pay for postage), or if you require one e-mailing, please let me know size. The originals are 1.15MB and I am prepared to send as I have broadband ! Have You ?
  4. THANKS Thanks This worked a treat 1.15MB to 41.6 KB. Now I can work on the cache pictures and display them for all to see......
  5. I have a disk which I developed from a cache I own with all the pictures on. However the size of each photo is 1MB ! I tried loading them all to the website, but soon ran out of space ! What is the easiest way to reduce the size so that I can display on my website for all to view ? Do I need a special program ? Normally when I use my digital camera, I have an option to reduce the quality and this brings the size down to under a 100 kb. HELP !
  6. I logged into my cache page, had a quick glance at the nearest unlogged finds and whoh ! Whats this Another column with grey boxes and red dots..... Another upgrade.... by the way I thought as a premium member I was supposed to be told in advance improvements to the website, or is that just a ploy to try to get me to sign up and spend my money ? What other improvements have been going on recently that I may have missed.... anyone found any ? I also had a local cacher ask me last week..... What benefits do you get from being a premium member..... Can I ask this also to other premium members and see if they think it is worthwhile....
  7. Now that would create a good cache...... Equipment needed..... boat & gps Must be a difficulty level of 5..... how to find a bottle in the middle of the ocean ! Not quite a drive by then ?
  8. Dear Pengy&Tigger Any joy yet on your Race TB. I did pop you an e-mail, but wondered if you got it. I did not get a responce, hence this post.
  9. Never added my name before, but I have e-mailed mine...... Sorry if I knock you all down the list !! - As if !
  10. As one of the TB's is in a race, as instigator of the race, and its within the rules, I have already communicated with P&T as to an outcome if the TB does not appear... At least that is one solution.... not the best, we never live TB's disappearing , but at least one answer. Harrogate Hunters
  11. Yes thanks to DS800, I played with this last week. I have a bog standard mobile a Nokia 3210i. I entered a new bookmark in services with the link http://rtr.ca/geo It logged on everytime. If used in conjuction with your GPS, e.g. find out where you are on the GPS, type in the Lat/Long into the mobile and it will inform you of the nearest caches. Full descriptions, cluewords and all the past logs. You can then log on to the geocaching.com website and register a find or place a note on the cache log. Great but a bit slow, as you are limited to the usual typing constraints of the mobile keypad. It does work... I experimented with a note on one of my caches, and within 10 seconds it appeared.... If you want to play before entering into the phone, just click on the link above and it will work.
  12. I have had the same problem with landowners, and I have a spreadsheet with all mine in, per month, per cache, which I include in a small pack I give to each landowner. I have currently 30 caches, and all are rural location around Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Based upon my caches, the only trend is that despite popular oppinion there is no real serge at the beginning, just a 4-5 visit every month since the cache is placed. If you want a copy of my excel spreadsheet for numbers, please let me have your e-mail address, and I shall be only too happy to provide.
  13. Point noted and will be implemented. Keep them coming....
  14. You can always up the difficulty factor.... A easy hide with easy clue .... difficulty 1 A easy hide with no clue (or hard one) ..... difficulty 2 A hard hide with easy clue ..... difficulty 2/3 A hard hide with no clue (or hard one) ..... difficulty 10 !
  15. This is all interesting.... especially from en event organiser..... keep the coments going..... I am listening.... My aim, especially for the 2nd North Yorkshire Cache meet (June 2005) will be again on the lines of a social...... maybe a short 10 min walk cache from the pub) as per the 2004 meet..... Arrive midday, chat, swap TB's, a quiz in the afternoon !, and more drinking and ending up with an early evening meal ? Midday arrival gives cachers chance to get there and do a few caches on the way, and for the dedicated leave around 6-7 for a few on the way home.... I was actually approached by two people at the event, to arrange a Xmas social..... 1) Is the layout right for the 2005 event 2) Would anyone want a Xmas 2004 social 3) Is Harrogate OK ? (brearing in mind it is a North Yorkshire Event Cache ?) and yes the cheap flights come/go from Leeds/Bradford 15 mins away.
  16. After recent heavy rains, and swelling of rivers in North Yorkshire on Thursday/Friday, I was worried about one of my boxes on my new Skipt 'un Scramble multi-cache, which resides in the bank of a river. After a visit this morning (Sat) I found the box, in its original location , but obviously looking at the surrounding reeds, this box has been at least 2-3 feet underwater. Its a good job the tree roots kept in place. What I am commenting on is a big thank you to Lakeland Plastics and snap lock boxes ! Despite being underwater for 24-48 hours the contents were as dry as a bone.... I know the manufacturers do comment that they are watertight.... but isnt that keeping water in not out ! I would recommend these boxes to all other cachers.... (and no I do not have any ties or links with Lakeland Plastics)
  17. I have just placed my new series in Skipton (all accessable), but I have placed a bonus cache (for members only). 5 caches for everyone, 1 extra for members. As members we do not get a great deal, so I thought here is the bonus. After watching recent forums, whereby the topic was raised, and no one objected, I therefore thought I would be great for members to be allowed a FTF. I shall of course be releasing the cache in a couple of months. Only 13, I dont think thats going to hold someone up caching. I agree with Cave Troll & Joan One other nice feature you also get for being a member, is that when you create a members only cache, you get a log of who is looking at your cache !
  18. Is it a hobby......? I thought a hobby is something you do in your spare time...... My geocaching is something I do in my normal time, and fit work around it ! Hobby or no hobby, sport or no sport (do you think it will become an Olympic sport !) At least it has side effects ..... weight loss. (Yorkshire anyway... I can not comment about flatter parts of the country !) Eh Up lass, bet you miss us up ere.
  19. Hopefully no problem with the Hokester TB.... if its still there next week. I have placed a watch on it, and also messages in the cache and on the TB pages. The latter is in the hands of a cacher.... and I wont be stopping on the way down.... sorry.
  20. After a successful visit to your county a couple of weeks ago, Harrogate Hunters are once again coming back for a re-visit...... Maybe I will get some sunshine this time..... If there are any travel bugs in the county, which require transporting up to Yorkshire, please let me know which ones, so I can place a track on them, and hopefully pick them up. Visa Versa..... If any in North (and West) Yorkshire require transporting down, let me know....
  21. Since it seems to be splattered accross the front page of Geocaching Today...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY I could not remember which day it actually is, but it must be close...... From one oldie to another....... Don't get too pissed, I dont know if you can remember drinking heavily, but at our age, it takes 24 hours to sober up !!!!!!!!
  22. Dry stone walls...... I must have missed this one.... I did not know about the dry stone walls situatuation.... I have just re-read all the guidelines and dont seem to find it.... Can someone point me in the right direction.... what else have I missed.... I have always been careful about placements, and always tried to be up front with potential problems, by asking Lacodorum & Ekington's views before releasing... I think this needs to be publicised more.... Am I the only one who does, not know this rule..... I think not, not after visiting plenty of sites that this applies to, and some of these are new sites. Maybe its just more promient in Yorkshire. As I think, as mentioned with the previous people, there are quite a few of these around, and some, new caches also. Anyway.... I have just reviewed my caches, and I have only one..... the wall in question is in the middle of a forest, and large chunks of it are gone.... its no longer there for its purpose, and therefore I think this should be ok....however, I will visit in the next 7 days, move and alter the cache page.
  23. What a pity it was the hottest day of the year..... HA HA HA ! They were only little hills !
  24. I am now pleased to annonce that the Skipt 'un scramble has now been released in the Skipton, North Yorkshire area. The third in the series of Muti's around North Yorkshire Towns. WARNINGOn a visit today (first day of release) to have a laugh at a couple of cachers find the final location, the park wardens were putting up a closure notice for the area surrounding the final cache location. This is due to the start of the grouse shooting season. This area will be closed next weekend (what timing !) If you are intending to do the cache, please see the updated notes on the cache page for full dates of closure. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VISIT THIS CACHE AT THE ABOVE TIMES
  25. I have it.... Only purchased a couple of days ago.... still on Chapter 1. The pages seem to repeat alot, and so far not learnt anything new. Looking forward to chapters on 'inventive caching'
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