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  1. In the last week I have only had roughly 50% e-mails from Geocaching website notifying me of visits to my own caches. The only way I know people have been to them is go onto 'my cache list' and look at individual caches. Anyone else had this problem....
  2. I am confused ? Is there a cache called "Where's in a name ?" If so what is its waypoint ?
  3. Just click on 'my caches' on your main page and all the caches appear in date order ! Bingo, easier than the paper trail !
  4. Not a good record, but I shall start this one off.... 12th, 13th & 14th July 2004 - three days on the trot, achieving 8 caches It would have been 5 days as I cached on the 16th but missed the 15th ! Best record for me therefore : 3 days Pitiful, I am sure compared with some more to follow
  5. No this is not a dating agency.... but I just wondered if we have yet had any romances (or marrages) with people meeting through geocaching, or is it early days yet ! Can we have a cache meet when someone gets married ! I assume all romances will (if any) have been with single people, I do not want to upset married people here, as I do not want to be held responsible for disclosing any affairs ! It was just an enquiry ! And no, I am happily married and not enquiring.
  6. I carry a tea-towel !!!! Not for the dishes but its excellent for drying out boxes.
  7. I am sure you will get over it, my doctor takes off the straight jacket every second Wednesday now for my hobby !!! You wait until there are no more you can manage within your lunch break... now thats a dilema ! What next ! Welcome to the clan.... I am sure you will enjoy it. Next objective is to convince the wife for a geo-caching holiday !!!
  8. Brilliant.... small things please little minds. Can we have a sequel ?
  9. Just to keep you all on your toes and confuse you all, I released my members only cache to the general punters on the 3rd Oct ! Thats where one disappeared !
  10. Well its now 3 months and out of the 17 race travel bugs released some bugs have been to the following countries Australia, Sweden, Eire, Germany, USA, Monaco, Nederlands WE HAVE A NEW LEADER : Well done to Slytherin.... his TB now resides in Austrialia (I bet that cost you a beer or two !! - not that I am saying any bribes are taking place !!! ) Come on all you cachers out there get them moving..... ***NEW*** By the way there is a spot prize to the person who has moved the greatest distance any race TB's in the year ! NB You must abide by the rules and not handle your own or delay another competitors bugs. None race goers can also take part in the 'handling'. Just pop me an e-mail so I can keep an eye on you, if you wish to take part. Full rules and current distances of all bugs click here and follow the link.
  11. I logged onto my page this morning to find the following message:- My Inventory Sylvie's Gray Mousie Toy* * No activity in the last 14 days - Please drop off this travel bug in a new cache or contact the owner as a courtesy. If the Travel Bug has been lost, the owner can change the bug's status to an unknown location Well that's new ! Never seen that before. I feel guilty now, especially as I went caching last week and visited 11 caches, but forgot to take the mouse with me ! Anyone else seen this message or is it new !
  12. Why two days ! Go on just go for it..... one day should be sufficient for 16 caches !!! LOL
  13. I was asked by a recent landlord, how many people are actively caching in the UK at present. Defined active as doing at least 2-3 caches per month. I could only give him stats on the numbers of visits to my boxes. Anyone know ? Where can I look it up ?
  14. Hints......... A car would be useful if you want to get between the cache locations quicker than walking..... Is that ok ?
  15. Welcome back to the forums and welcome back to geo-caching. Now theres a A59 with a nice cluster for you to do at the end................ For you an experienced cacher a couple of hours will see.
  16. I think I will give in !!!! Came 25th Last month, this month with only 6 finds I think I will be 55th ! Come on October.... I have done 11 already !
  17. After a chance meeting whilst I was checking on a cache Yorkes Folley I met a nice couple who I got talking to. They were interested in geocaching and a few months later I received an e-mail saying they were hooked. That was in March 04..... 6 months later the 100 is logged up WELL DONE
  18. As already discussed with Lactodorium, I am willing to take over Grimwith (GC7197) as this is the only nearest one to me..... Let me know if anyone closer wishes to adopt it. On another slant.... obviously I would wish to put a paragraph in dedicating the cache to Mark. Does anyone (including Family - if Teasel is in contact) wish to add anything, or suggest any paragraph.
  19. The problem was finding the correct person.... I am still awaiting a response. I wanted to place a cache in 'studley roger' land (NT Owned) which is next to Fountains Abbey, Ripon. In the end I had to place one at another location on farmers land - permission was easier there. I approached the visitors centre at Fountains and they said they had no authority, they would contact someone... I am still waiting despite ringing 5-10 times ! If anyone finds a contact, I would be also grateful... How have people got on in Cornwall !!! I notice after visits there, a lot of coastal caches are on NT owned land.
  20. Again what can we add. I met mark as a lot of people did on his Children in need run around the country.... now that is dedication especially the problems he had with vehicles last year. He called into our offices for breakfast early one morning, and I must admit we had a delightful 1/2 hour. Long may his memory continue..... We shall think of him annually at Children In Need day. Robin (Harrogate Hunters)
  21. Whilst placing one of my caches around Harrogate in a forest I came accross a forest fire, I phones the fire brigade and gave them a Lat/Long reading..... They took it along with my mobile number. 10 minutes later I had a phone call from the engine who were on the way. Apparantly head office have facilities and they use this to send out the engines, but individual engines do not, so they phoned me and I had to walk to the nearest road to meet them ! Well it nearly worked. Best laugh was watching the fireman taking a portable pump 1/2 mile through dence woodland. They never did ask why I was there. I hope they did not think I had started it !
  22. Anyone thinking of setting a cache 200 metres further after the road ran out (the one at the end of the program !) ? I assume that could be a 5 difficulty !
  23. North Yorkshire Moors..... yes..... This area is only 1/2 hour drive from me, and must be void of cachers. I have thought of placing in the area, but so was Harrogate area before I started. Now rectified ! I kept leaving the north yorkshire moors area for new cachers to populate, but nothing seems to happen ! What do people want.... if I do place some out there... will people go ! Thoughts please...
  24. I went to Dublin in late July (only for 24 hour birthday stint !) but did manage to grab 3 finds and 1 no find. I was without transport, and only having 24 hours in the city, does not give much scope for investigating public transport. All the finds I had were virtuals, which are all easy to grab by foot from the centre, the only non find was a traditional box Iveagh Cache, which unfortunatly went missing, and has still not been replaced (again walking distance). If you e-mail the owner, he might replace for you, he was planning to. Its a great park, and worth a visit. By the way if you have not been to Dublin before, try the Viking Tours.... They start from one of the two cathedrals, 1 1/2 hours by amphibous vehicles.... 1 hour by land 'typical city tour' and then you take to the water..... great fun, and also a chance to shout at the locals, as you have to act as Vikings. We (and my 8 year old) had great fun.... Book before hand it fills up. We were lucky... contact the Dublin tourist board for tel number. If you had transport there are quite a number of other caches avaliable. Use the GCUK interactive map facility..... I know it does not print the outline for Ireland, but it still comes up with a range of 'blue dots' which at least you can see all together graphically the no of caches within dublin. Any other help.... send me an e-mail Harrogate Hunters
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