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  1. For serious walking country try the Yorkshire Dales of Course !!!! The three peaks spring to mind, I did them all in a day a few years ago (20+ !!!) with my soon to be wife and we completed them in just under 11 hours. Mind you there is a fell race once a year and the fastest is around 2 hours I believe !!! As a bonus there are Caches at the top of them all !
  2. Be also careful, as you as setter, could also be liable if another cacher causes the damage, or injury. The landowner (or cacher) could sue you as the 'owner' of the box, and therefore 'inviting' people to access the land ! Personally I would avoid, or stress in your notes that the only way to the cache is the three mile walk. Forbid anyone to use the direct approach.
  3. Food !!! Who has time to think about food !!! I thought geocaching was an addiction, and one thought nothing else about the cache and GPS !!!
  4. I have just spent a pleasant afternoon driving around North Yorkshire not finding cache boxes, but the opposite, not finding boxes. As with the rest of the country, we have had a fair share of flooding. My afternoon was spent visiting cache sites near rivers, and enjoying the British countryside in its full flood ! I fear that recent rains have wiped out a few boxes (at least three of mine I can confirm)..... Has anyone got any pictures of cache locations (under water !!!)
  5. I have an Magellan 310.... yes that old ! Its so old there is oly two decimal places e.g. N53 51.12 W001 01.23 and only enough storage to store 10 waypoints. Its quite bulky. There is no onscreen data apart from direction to travel, distance to go (in KM e.g. 0.01 km) and speed travelled. Despite all this, I commonly get to caches on trips out with other geocachers before them....... How.... I dont know, but old is sometimes better ! I am obviously worried about upgrading..... so many contradicting advice..... So.... I am staying put until mine blows up...
  6. No - he would never 'Phone a Friend !'
  7. Deego has disapeared... well his website has.... Obviously too many pre Christmas drinkies ! I will wait until he sobers up to find my result....
  8. Happy Christmas, and a big thankyou to all those new friends I have met during 2004 ! Robin (Harrogate Hunters)
  9. Thats amazing.... I have never laughed so much in a long time ! I assume its on the way to Jeremy Beedle ! Hope all is ok !
  10. Well its now half way through..... only 6 months left and so far a good result. We have various TB's in foreign lands. The leader has been changing frequently but as of this morning well done MaxKim, your TB has achieved 12229 miles. Now at the bottom of the table and on course for the booby prize there are two contenders Lathama with 117 miles and Pengy & Trigger with 131 miles Well done to all and full results follow the link here
  11. Dont you mean...... Anyone else fit caching around work. In that case.... I do !
  12. Recently, I have been approached, regarding rules by new cachers.... There are obviously rules we follow and also some not written, but done rules. Do you think we could have a section under pinned, with some of these.... e.g. 1. What is a geocoin... do I have to take it....... 2. When saying I have picked up a TB, do I log its number in the log... You get the idea ! Any other suggestions...... Lets help the new ones Also a lot of new cachers do not even know about the Forums. Should us 'old hats' send a quick e-mail to all cachers who log their first find, saying congrats and welcome to caching, and by the way, so you know about the forums.
  13. Regarding muggle partners/wifes..... Whilst driving along a stretch of road through Anglesey, on the way to the port, as we were going to Dublin, I spotted an obelisk on a hillside. Having briefly looking at it, and without saying a word, I continued on driving. My wife perked up and said.... 'Yes.... that would be a good place !' I was shocked, I was not even thinking about geocache sites, but she obviously thought I was !
  14. I have checked my own list..... the only ones that I appear to have logged, which now appear as my own, are caches I have adopted from other people. There are two caches that I visited, which subsequently I have adopted. Yet another in-accuracy.
  15. Yipee !!!!! Best month ever... Yorkshire Air must do something to me ! Loads of finds, etc 540 points I think, If I can add up correct !
  16. Regarding finding things, I placed a cache last week in a beuatiful spot on the river Wharfe in Yorkshire and found a perfect spot to place my micro...... unfortunately there was a packet in the same hole, which contained roll ups, tobacco, cigarette lighter & a £5 note ! And yes it was tobacco, not anything else ! Is this a cache I thought, should I trade.... I left alone and wandered off to find another hidyhole !
  17. Along the Christmas theme, I have just released a quickie.... Although the physical cache is in the Harrogate Area, you could always have a go at the puzzle.... Let me know how you get on.... The Christmas Word.......
  18. I had one a couple of days ago from him, within 2 minutes ! I could not believe my eyes, I had only just ticked the little box. By the time I went back to my own home page, and back again to check something there it was ! Obviously the Fiver attached to the cache approval page helped ! Edited later... Whoops ..... just realised It was Lactodorum ! Anyway keep up the good work Lacto & Ecki....
  19. I saw in a forum a couple of weeks ago a link to a website that gave you cache maps of the rest of europe (like ours on geocacheuk) Can someone point me in the right direction, or let me know how to create one through geocaching.com Ta
  20. I missed the snow !!!! First snow in the winter in Yorkshire and all I knew was when I came back from my 2 day trip to Venice (yes 1 did a couple of caches) I found 6 inches of snow on the top of my car which was parked at Leeds/Bradford Airport. No snow left in Harrogate, but still a coating on the grass around the area surrounding the airport. Pity it did not snow harder all over the country and I would have got snowed into Venice, what a shame !
  21. I have a couple of pictures which I snapped at the event, so I shall download them and send them on
  22. Good luck to you..... And dont forget, we now have another challenge in Skipton for you when you return: My own 'Skipt 'un Scramble' (6 caches) and Yorkstans 'International Dialing' (7 caches) plus the bonus cache 'Embsay Steam Railway' ! All in the vercinity of Skipton, with quite a bit of hill climbing. That should be a good challenge... 14 in one day in winter conditions, with darkness falling at 4pm 'ish... Anyway good luck with IOW, and say Hi to Leoness for me.
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