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  1. Definately out of retirement..... Guess who is also back in the forums and posting...... Welcome back to the west coast man !
  2. Beer belly to lose..... Hard luck there are too many cache events coming up, with real ale laid on.... Great to see you back Robin
  3. Just a note regarding your GPS.... I had an old Magellan 315 which again had only two decimal places...... I used the UTM conversion (www.jeeep.com) for over a year setting over 25 caches, and finding 150+ It works, but check, re-check, recheck, go home, come back check and you will be fine... If you need any help, contact me... In the end I was getting more accurate results than a modern GPS !
  4. I usually buy GPS goodies TB's etc from here...... But they seem to have stopped selling items.... Anyone know ? Where is the best place to buy now ? p.s. I need 50 TB's cheap.... can anyone help ?
  5. As a placer of a number of caches now I think this is a good step in the right direction. Every cache of mine has permission from the landowner and yes sometimes it takes months to meet, agree etc etc I make a point of forwarding in my submission report the landowners name and in some cases contact telephone numbers to prove to Eck & Lact...... If we all get approval why don't all the UK cachers do the same...... We all know that (I am guessing) that a good percentage of current UK caches do not have permission..... so come on UK cachers, lets make the UK outstanding... Lets take the game/sport/addiction into the next century with landowners agreements in every case ! (Just my views)
  6. If I drive the 17 miles to Leeds can I pick them up for 99p each and therefore not have to pay the postage !
  7. Since you have just about covered all the country with your trip, if you post here where you are actually staying (hotel wise) I am sure that cachers close to those areas will then point you in the right direction.....
  8. No just a North Yorkshire record........ (not hard since this is only the second year !) Anyone know the numbers at past events ?
  9. As we approach the event, as per last year, a TB race will start..... for full details see the cache page. However It looks like record numbers of atendees.... I need to know prior to the event the numbers that wish to take place in the 2005 TB race..... Please email me if you wish to take place.... nb only attendees at the event qualify for an entry. Look forward to seeing you all there... I think its going to be a record attendance.
  10. Well there is no point adding any more logs.... Well done Leoness.... (by the way are you on commission by Yorkshire Tourist Board !) LOL ! To Gary and Jane... have a good time in Yorkshire and enjoy....
  11. I am going on a day trip from North Yorkshire A1 A1(M) M18 M1 A42 M42 Arriving In Birmingham Anyone close to this route that can let me know of any 'drive by' or short walk caches that I can grab on the way down (or up) Cheers
  12. Tell me about this cache placement rate..... my objective on 1st January 2005 was to clear North Yorkshire of all live caches (by finding them not pinching them !) before 31st December 2005. Even though I have found 44 caches since then (admitted not all in North Yorks) the net result is crossing 3 off the list ! I now have 61 to go. So if the caches keep appearing at this rate it will be October 2006 before my objective is achieved ! Looks like some serious caching days.... pity most of the ones left are on top of hills (and I mean big hills !) so grabbing 20 in a day is not likely.
  13. I must admit of being guilty of a lot of FTF ! My work enables me (i) to be online office hours and (ii) able to drop everything and run out.... There is many an occasion that a FTF has been logged within the hour ! At least it breaks up the working day !
  14. Update to 18th June 2005 Cache Meet in Harrogate.. The following note has been placed on the cache page, but for those who are not watching the event I have duplicated it here. "As this is likely to be a large event, there are now 29 people watching the event and over 15 already saying they are attending. Can anyone who is interested in attending please let me know what is the general oppinion regarding food:- 1. Do I just let you all order from the bar menu 2. Do you want a buffet laid on, and if so £3/head £5/head etc etc 3. You are not interested in food ! Please can you email me back with your suggestions. Although I might not be able to suit the needs of everyone at least I will have a better idea." Thanks It will give me a better idea as to what people want this year. If any other cache event organisers want to make any suggestions please comment !
  15. "this is probably the next one I'll find" Sounds like too many probably's in this list ! Just go for it and have a day caching, as for waiting for summer, is it not summer all the time down there !!! You should see the weather here ! p.s. A woman who hates shopping centres - now I know you are telling fibs !
  16. Well done to you two.... keep it rolling... Are you planning to complete all scottish caches before the holiday is out ! Will that be a record !
  17. I was unfortunately the one who visited a cache yesterday to find the box and contents strewn around the ground. So my log on the webpage stated Left Nothing, Took logbook, Box and contents !!! Luckily this cache will be dried out, repaired and replaced in the next couple of days. How many times has this happened, any other stories........
  18. Congratulations from the Harrogate Hunters Well done.
  19. Well it's certainly getting exciting.... The North Yorkshire Travel Bug Race which commenced on 19th June 2004 and is to end on 18th June 2005 has now 3 clear leaders jostling for first place. Leoness's bug has travelled completely around the world and is closely followed by Maxkims and Slytherin's For all the results click on the link above. Good luck, and too all UK cachers, please help out the competitors by moving the bugs...... The race is on...... but time is running out !
  20. Any help would be gratefully received.... I can not get any inspiration for 'Harrogate Hunters' Harrogate is in the Middle of North Yorkshire, The North Yorkshire Dales are close, with dry stone walls, sheep etc. Any help would be better than what I have got !
  21. Thanks will try the service..... All I need is a design... Any ideas anyone for me !
  22. I once knew a chap called Rutson....... was't he that geocacher that XP^$^%£%&^* (censored for this forum) No.... Only kidding Rutson....... Just be warned the longer you are away the more caches you will have to catch up on.
  23. Maybe we should have a vote by the newbies on existing caches, especially with a view to some of the older caches....... I for one have a number around the Harrogate Area, and if the vote was there would only be too willing to put some 'to bed' to allow newer cachers the chance to utilise these spaces.
  24. Come on TB Race bug #37, Second place, come to daddy on 18th June, and lets be first !
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