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  1. Just been down to the HH HQ and met AdrianJohn so cachers are out there grabbing already ! Have a good day everyone and see you at noon ! HH
  2. Ditto.... boring I know but I could not think of anything else fast when I caught the bug and I wanted to log a find ! Why the plural I dont know, but people keep thinking there is more than one of me !
  3. I have seen these around quite a bit especially in Yorkshire.... What was their original purpose ?
  4. No problem..... They can be purchased on the day, the pre-booking was only to give me an idea as to numbers..... See you Saturday... p.s. who is doing the write up for the mag this year ?
  5. I'm sure it was discussed at the event itself that this rule would be relaxed to 'a cache near home', although I could be mistaken (It was nearly a year ago). T Hi everyone Just keep it calm ! I am assuming the the above has just been a bit of fun in the forums, but I must comment that the race has been run exceptionally well and I am 100% pleased with its outcome. If not, the 2005 race would not be taking place ! P&T were correct I relaxed this rule on the day, as it was a bit over the top and said that the TB could be placed near to home. The rule was to stop people first logging it into the Harrogate Meet cache, then travelling home and logging up miles etc etc I think that everyone has enjoyed the race, and is looking forward to the 2005 race, with its different set of objectives... Saturday roll on.... ITS PARTY TIME ! - See you all there.
  6. "Absolutely brilliant" - Harrogate Gazette "Wicked - inspirational " - North Yorkshire Times Well done, I am sure that Odeon will be wanting a copy next !
  7. Thanks..... I have marked them as unknown location for the time being....
  8. Unfortunately I have lost by either caches being muggled or cachers running away with them 3 out of my 9 travelling TB's Is there a way I can archive these TB's, as they are currently just sitting on my list, and more importantly they are also sitting in caches and people keep on saying "can't see the TB !" What can I do..... I am assuming this is not the first time this has happened !
  9. Yes 78 hours to go in the North Yorkshire Meet 2004 Travel Bug Race The final deadline is 5pm Friday 17th June 2005 (the day before the 2005 North Yorkshire Meet) For full position at present Click here In summary as of today:- 1st Slytherin 32,390 miles 2nd Leoness 29,535 miles 3rd Maxkim 24,328 miles 4th Harrogate Hunters (Who !) 18,656 miles ......... 16th Pengy & Tigger 307 miles May I now say a public thank you for everyone who took place in this years race, and thanks for keeping to the rules.... See you all on Saturday and here's to the 2005 Race.....
  10. Well done Rutson..... by the time the cache was released I had gone to bed ! That's one way of beating me !!! (Whoops that does not read right !)
  11. If I had know I was being timed, I would have logged the cache by mobile ! It took me 20 minutes to drive back home to the computer !
  12. I have just loaded a list of caches up for North Yorkshire on the UK geocache page and have just noticed a new rating system.... Can anyone please explain how this works... Ta
  13. Trying !!!! Start of May I had 80 left to do, and with a good cache total for May finding 45, taking into account new caches I now only have 37 left ! June I should be out a couple of times, but July/August I am away in Spain on holiday for 3-4 weeks so hopefully by the end of September It will be achieved ! Depends how many new ones appear... after all Yorkshire is the largest English county, there are now 221 live caches in it, but the distances and terrain are amazing ! Its quite a challange !
  14. Thanks (hope to get to the Harrogate Meet before you this year !)
  15. Can someone please let me know if anyone attending the Carry on Camping event next weekend will be able to bring or pass on the Event Log Book TB to the North Yorkshire Meet in Harrogate on 18th June...... Anyone attending both events ! Ta
  16. Does this happen..... If so what category do you fall into ? (1) I get bored at work on a friday afternoon and start creating caches... (after popping out at lunch to place the box) (2) Why only Fridays... I am bored all week ! (3) I place caches on a Friday so they are ready for the weekend rush ! (4) I never get bored at work and I never think about geo-caching until 5pm Friday !
  17. If you need any pointers on cache organisation just shout... If its after 6th July I am out of the country.... Dont forget the Harrogate Meet is on 18th June.... its only 1 hours drive...
  18. Well done..... Will have to produce some more puzzle caches to slow you down or you might catch me up !
  19. I have just had a look at the events in the future planned for this company, and as far as I can see the geocaching event on 21st May was a once only. There is no mention of any more events for June and July..... I dont think that if it is a 'once in a few months' activity then we do not need to get to upset about this.
  20. And from the other side of things I have a mother in Law who goes out of here way to go to car boot sales to pick me up geo-box-treasure ! Mother In Law who does not think her daughters husband has gone potty !
  21. Hiya... me again Just to let you know I complete 25 caches around Richmond, Swaledale and Uredale over the past 2 weekends.... That cleared out all the caches in that Area Contact me (you have my mobile I think) and I shall let you have a run down of easy/hard/long/short ! Harrogate Hunters
  22. A new travel bug race is being started at the 2005 North Yorkshire Meet on 18th June 2005. Last year the race details are stored on a web page which I manually update. Can anyone please create a web page that will automatically update the race position.... I dont want in the forums to give too much away as to how the race is done, but if anyone with web page building experiance could contact me, I would be appreciated.
  23. Well done.... which one did you choose in the end ? And yes I can not see any caches.... annoying as at 4pm Friday afternoon I start to plan my weekend caching....
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