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  1. LOL ! My problem is the other extreme ! My Diabetes TB only has to go 43 miles ! I could drive there tommorrow ! Happy New Year to you all in Portugal !
  2. In addition to a couple of days in NY I am staying with some friends in the Saverna Park area..... Let me know please which caches are the best in the area..... I will have a hire car, so could travel 1 hour in any direction ! Thanks
  3. I am popping accross the pond on a quick visit to NY staying in Chelsea Savoy Hotel on 23rd Street. I will not have a great deal of time to cache as I have never been to NY before and obviously want to do some tourist things ! Can anyone suggest any caches near to my hotel that I can do a quick cache and grab, and also which ones to avoid.... Thanks Harrogate Hunters, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England
  4. MINE HAS ARRIVED I AM CLAIMING A RECORD for the shortist distance to be travelled. I am in Harrogate and the objective is to go to Newton Aycliffe (49 miles away !) Anyone beat that ! There you are with your fancy foreign places.....
  5. And all around the country people are getting excited about opening butty boxes as presents ! Happy Christmas everyone !
  6. Not really a teckie but if you are running Memory map...does that work with the satellites.....? If so you may have the same problem I had e.g. the Pocket PC can only deal with one program running at once.... So you may need GPSgate...... It is a program that basically splits the GPS signal into two so you can use both programs at once ! As I said I am not a teckie... but this might help ! Without GPSGate running I cannot get GPS signal on the second program ! HH
  7. Caches dont last a week across here.... but this is Yorkshire... you are on the wrong side of the pennines in Lancashire !!! Happy Christmas to all....
  8. Been away from office, but it was there once I got back.... brill thanks Hope Mandy got my envelope with donation ! HH
  9. Dont know what you are all bothered about.... just become the employer and bingo... caching within work hours is OK ! [] When I mention to my staff... "I will be back in an hour......." They know I am caching for that elusive FTF ! []
  10. I have had 116 first to finds, but do not know how many FTF on FP ! Posssibly quite a few !
  11. I thought there already was one ! You balance the GPS on your head, put both thumbs in your ears and wiggle your fingers about !
  12. Harrogate Hunters here... Yes please to the calender and by the way here are the advance dates for my two annual cache meets to be held next year North Yorkshire Meet - Year 4 June 16th 2007 Hunt & Munch III October 13th 2007
  13. For those who attended the CIN event in Dewsbury and managed to fail to win the Big Pink Rabbit, the TB has now been released for those who wish to follow its progress.... Know doubt you will all see him/it at an event near you... See you next year at Dewsbury and good luck and commiserations to those who end up having to take him home..... The Travel Bug Page Goldfish58 with the Big Pink TB Moote the lucky winner....!
  14. Brilliant..... just the advice I was looking for... 10 out of 10 for this one !
  15. Absolutly brilliant dino-irl and thank you for the quick response !
  16. OK... so far all I have used GSAK for is to download a pocket query from geocaching.com website... load it into GSAK and then export to memory map for my PDA and little red flags and also to export to GPX Sonar so I can go paperless 'into the field' So I am now looking at what GSAK can do for me... I have downloaded the nearest 500 caches, both found and unfound into GSAK... I have done the following 1. Set the centre point as my home address so I can arrange caches 2. Set my user name so all caches are itentified as Green (my caches) Yellow (found) Pink (not available) and white (not found) 3. Played with filters so I can search for nearest unfound. So now to the questions:- 1. If I do a pocket query every week for all new caches placed and update my database I assume this will keep my GSAK upto date with all caches.. Is this correct 2. How do I know if current caches in my GSAK have altered e.g. If my GSAK is showing as unavailiable how can I get these updated if they become availiable again 3. Once I find a cache do I log onto Geocaching site to log a find or do I log onto GSAK to log the find... and if the latter how do I update geocaching site 4. If I use my PDA out in the field how do I or can I get my GPX Sonar logs back into GSAK and then onto geocaching.com 5. Can I download previous logs for finds on geocaching.com into gsak Any other help or advice that people use GSAK for would be gratefully received.... Ta.....
  17. I suppose the easiest way of finding numbers of closet cachers is to prepare a list of cachers without any finds that are active e.g. First created cacher name, no logs and still logging on ! Deego - Thats a job for you ! LOL !
  18. I have just upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 and all is fine apart from the pictures attached to logs on cache reports. They now dont work properly .... All I get is the left hand third ! Anyone else had these problems and can I rectify it ! Thanks
  19. Thats a load of phone a friends ! Thats exactly double the number of phone a friends I have done !
  20. I just wish to appologise to everyone purchasing a second rate geocoin (from a yorkshire born lad ! ) LOL ! Looks a good coin... looking forward to seeing one in Yorkshire !
  21. And some experianced geocachers cant find it either ! LOL !
  22. I have just been reading all the cache logs for those attending last weekend.... I am popping this note on here to say what an amazing bunch of people cachers are ! Its credit to you all.... With people from all walks of life getting together and getting on with such atmosphere ! May I thank everyone publically for the kind comments you all made and may I thank you all for making the day amazing ! The event would not work without you .... Thank you !
  23. When you have waved one near let me know the answer !
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