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  1. I have the same problem with mine. Contacted Garmin and they no longer have parts for these. I looked at purchasing the case, as you did, but decided there was more involved than just switching the case, and I'm an electrician. Didn't want to take the chance of screwing it up and having a useless paperweight when I got done. I am covering the hole with duct tape for now until I decide which direction to go.
  2. I have 2 on my dashboard right now that are awaiting review. I went through this process about a year ago for one that fell through and heard from the reviewer within a couple days of submission.
  3. Anyone know whats going on with the Earthcache reviewing? I submitted a couple mid November and I haven't heard anything from anyone about them. Usually you get a reply email saying they are looking into them or ask you some questions about them, but I haven't heard a thing. I have even posted another reviewer note, and nothing.
  4. I love watching everyone on here squirm. And didn't anyone read the scoring rules. lol
  5. I agree 100%. Bad way to do business.
  6. I found a small trailer once that was padlocked and the combo was on the license plate. It was in a storage unit parking lot.
  7. Something I would like to see added to the Profile page is just above "Recently viewed caches", add "Needs maintenance/Needs archived". That way when you log onto your account and open your profile page any of your owned caches that have been marked as needing maintenance or needing archived will be there in your view until you take care of them. This might get some people off their butts and take care of their hides. Right now the only way to see a list of them is to go into the process of hiding a new cache and you get the list asking if you want to take care of these first, or go through you caches one by one to see where the problems are.
  8. There seems to always be a lot of people on here playing with their socks.
  9. I can't believe this is actually being discussed.
  10. How many people did this questionnaire get sent out too? I never received anything asking me what I thought. Of course what the paying customer wants is usually ignored. If it wasn't for pocket queries I wouldn't need to waste my money on a membership every year.
  11. Complete garbage! You won't find this crap on Open Caching.
  12. I guess the Coin Dropping Fairy has been busy. Visited me on Christmas Day at GC2F39G. Thanks for the present.
  13. Groundspeak makes their money supporting geocachers. If they fail to do that well, then they will go out of business. They have a strong motivation to keep their members happy. Garmin makes money selling GPS's. There is no direct revenue stream for them from 'open'caching.com. Their motivation is selling GPS's, not supporting geocachers. If 'Open'caching doing a poor job of supporting geocachers that won't significantly hurt Garmin's GPS sales. However, 'open'caching.com is a 'cost' center for Garmin, not a revenue center. If you're familiar with corporate environments you know where this is going. Highlighted in red: If that is the case, then lets hope they are following this and listening to what is being said. I have been mostly happy with GS, but they have also done some things lately and started in a direction that some don't agree with. I've been looking at the OC site, which needs improvements, but could turn into something. I'm sure GS didn't start with what it has now, it built to it. Just hope they are paying attention.
  14. That wasn't the point, but I didn't figure you would understand anyway.
  15. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised and outraged by the outcome of this whole situation, with the world we live in today. But when you care about something, it's hard not to. Won't be long and this whole "game" will be nothing more than a bunch of park and grabs thrown out everywhere for the number hounds. Look at what this started as, and look at it now. The first caches were an adventure to find and finders told of their adventure in detail. Now finding 75% of the caches out there (or more), there is no challenge at all, and there is not a story to be told except for "found it". But apparently that's what someone wants, so that's where it's headed. I don't think this is what Dave and Jeremy had in mind when this all started, but who could predict it anyway. Didn't want to get off track of the subject, just wanted to express my thoughts.
  16. 1. I didn't start this thread. 2. I am happy to see the issue finally resolved. Is that so bad? 3. I will not comment on the whys but judging from past actions anything the man gets is probably deserved. The thread that started this whole mess was at 6:32pm on Dec 5, 2010. Remeber that? Then it got shut down. And maybe he deserved what he got, but there was no reason for this to happen other than to kick him while he was down.
  17. Hmmm...you seem to have a huge vested interest in this topic. Is there something you're not telling everyone? None at all other than wondering why you started this thread then were so happy to see the outcome. That and I think it was a shame to treat another human being this way even if he was banned for whatever reason. I don't know the story but I bet you can fill me in. It's called karma and it will come back to get you eventually.
  18. Now that he has completed his mission, I think he left.
  19. That seems to make you quite happy as I'm not surprised. Better hurry out there and GOBBLE them up.
  20. Ha, I just realized my profile pic is one of Cav's earthcaches. How ironic.
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