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  1. Another dissatisfied customer here. Why make the geocaching.com map the same as the app map? They are two different systems with different capabilities. Is that another of these times where the youngest member of the team decides what is best for the rest of the world (a bit like the loud "modern" musik when DIY shopping on OAP day) because that is the only thing they use and have no clue that there are others about. The new icons are unfriendly, work intensive as one can't see what they are by just glancing at the map. Looks like I am slightly colour blind as well. Please revert back and separate the two completely different systems (app and web) as other companies manage to do.
  2. Sort of got the menu back. Upgraded Firefox to 48.0.2. Did this: http://geo.inge.org.uk/gme_trouble.htm#resetconfig - Be very careful, that will also loose your Bing Key, so copy it beforehand and copy any other settings you have I now have the menu back. Of course, could be a co-incident. However, as soon as I add gccomment I'll loose the menu again. Map Enhancements never worked with 'gc little helper', now also not with gccomment. Any clever person out there that has a clue where the problem might lie, other than gc fiddling with their maps again?
  3. I've seen the original around, but never managed to get my hands onto it with my late cache dog Schroeder. Another TB, another dog (Sandy), and another try. Count us in.
  4. Why...? Did the manual tell you it was broken or something? No, but it doesn't quite do what I expected it to do. I initially thought it would be the right one as it is rugged and further up in this threat someone said it can "summary details of geocaches (including hints)". However, that is not straight forward, it looks like they have to be POI via GSAK (which I have as premium member, paid for). I just don't have the patience to fiddle with all the option etc. I just want it straight forward. Anyway, it just doesn't seem to be the right one for me.
  5. Reading all your helpful comments and experiences, I am actually thinking that the Oregon 300 is the right one for me. I used the etrex for years, but the enter button is now broken. I had ordered a 60SCx, but after reading the manual, it will go back. I just have one question, how do you folks protect your Oregon 300? The carrier case I can find is a hard one and doesn't have a view window. Just adding the screen shield doesn't seem to be too adequate. Thanks for any help.
  6. I not only use the ignore list for cachers whose caches I don't like, I also use it for caches that I have found as member of a team (and logged as such). Some have been found years back and I can't remember . I'm not really mind doing it all manually by hand. What really is a pain is that they are still shown on the map. The map is able to pick up my found ones (smilie), it would be nice if it also would consider the ignore list and don't show them. So, yes, please some enhancement on the ignore list.
  7. I'm glad that the coin has reappeared. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.
  8. Hi, does anybody know who signs their logs with C + M? They have found the University Challenge (Reading, Berkshire) on the 6yh April 2007, signed the log and taken the geocoin, but never logged it . I've promised the owner to have a look for it. Does anybody know them? Are you checking the forum? Please log coin and cache and send coin on its way. Thanks Ecky (of Team Orti & Ecky)
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