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  1. there is no time but we should try and get a net going againe SteelHead[bC] VE7WCC
  2. you did connect up but you have no audio try againe and i will see if i can help
  3. Cool well lets get a date and time and have a chat and try it out sometime
  4. Its up and running...... a place for Geohams to talk and stuff ... Echolink Node 243320 its a dedicated geoham server on Echolink SteelHead[bC]
  5. i had it on ECOLINK and IRLP ........ need more geohams intrested to get it going againe
  6. ok net at 6:30 Pacific Time EchoLink Node 243326 and IRLP Reflector 9000 Thursday Be there see how it works out SteelHead[bC] VE7WCC
  7. What type of router do you have ? i can help you out SteelHead[bC] VE7WCC
  8. that would work ......but who is going to run the net?
  9. ok so i think thats a no ???????????????????????
  10. Well it seems that we have some intress in this net .... i used to run net controle for this net with help from Old Hippy when i could not do it .... we can have a net go this week for a dry run if you like . it would run on Echolink Node 2243326 and IRLP 1507 . I run the Echolink and Irlp so if there is a problem let me know Lets have some fun guys ...it used to be a real blast running the net and lots of GeoHams had fun with it to lets get a Time and Date set ..i need some input from you guys SteelHead[bC] VE7WCC or even connect up and say hi ECHOLINK 243326 IRLP 1507
  11. i want to but i need some help from you guys to cheak into it and 2 cheakins are not going to do it Come on guys it would be fun to get this running againe SteelHead[bC]
  12. you can revive the net but you need a net controle and you guys can yous my system to run it let me know im willing to help VE7WCC SteelHead[bC] Node 1507 .....Echolink 243326
  13. Yup we need all the cachers we can get to get into checking in
  14. Guys there is a coool net every thursday at 6:30 come say hello Its on IRLP node 9000 And echoLink 243326 SteelHead[bC]
  15. Ok the Net starts at 6:30 pacific time Every Thursday.... We use Echolink Node# 243326 and IRLP Reflector 9000 If you need more info you can e-mail me or connect to the EchoLink # 243326 OR IRLP Node # 1507 SteelHead[bC] VE7WCC
  16. Come On GeoHams we need more Checkins to the nets on Thursday at 6:30 Pacific time on Echolink Node 243326 or IRLP Reflector 9000 SteelHead[bC] VE7WCC
  17. Can someone take the net tomoro ..... im putting the engine back together for the racecar but i will cheak in SteelHead[bC]
  18. well can you take net buddy:) Tag has dun the last 2 and has bin doing a great job SteeLhead[bC] VE7WCC IRLP 1507 EchoLink 243326
  19. cool glad you got it working ...connect up anytime to me Node there is always someone to talk to and even GeoHams and a GeoCaching talk net on thursday Nights at 6:30 PT SteelHead[bC] VE7WCC Echolink# 243326 IRLP Node # 1507
  20. hmmmmmm if you have dun all that it should work try connecting to me 243326 VE7WCC
  21. well we could set something up im in or even just connect up to echolink node 243326 or IRLP 1507 there is always a GeoHam listning on there SteelHead[bC] VE7WCC
  22. Oops, completely forgot it about tonight! I'll try again next week... its still up and running get in there
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