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  1. Probably the best that I've seen. A cache was close by.
  2. Very nice. Thanks. Picked one up for me and one for my search and rescue team's library.
  3. Looks great. Thanks for getting me on the coin. I can't wait to see it in person. HB
  4. I keep checking back to see if I've been put on the list. I added my name back on page 5. Thanks for the updates. Hiwbiwwy
  5. Great cointest. Congrats to the winners. HB
  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Happy New Year from the mountain time zone. My resolution is to start eating healthy...also to work less and play more. Thanks.
  7. Hiwbiwwy If there is still some room. Thank you.
  8. I started using a Legend (blue) for search & rescue about 4 years ago. I've recently upgraded to the 76csx with the help from everyone on this site. THanks.
  9. While researching a new GPS on Garmin's website I saw a link that said "Geocaching ready". So I clicked it and ended up here.
  10. Well, I havne't been lurking long but I am glad I found this site. There seems to be a wealth of knowledge here among you guys and gals. This is a knew hobby for me. I kind of discovered it on accident while researching a new GPS to buy. Thanks a lot. I'm hooked. HB
  11. I'm most thankful my dad is alive and doing well after enduring so much. By the way thanks for a great site and introducing me to a fun hobby. HB
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