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  1. Any chance you could back up that global statement with some documentation? I realize SOME don't, but I know a lot that read every word except from that one Texas cacher that writes a meaningless book on every cache or WN log. I'll admit I just ignore their logs.
  2. Another vote for "other". While the host is regular sized, there is only room for a log. In cases like these, I always use "other"
  3. I finally got around to playing with this one today. THANKS much for what you've created. I love the ease of seeing my logs which led to lots of memories as I perused the application. I can see this being lots of help researching qualifications for "old school" challenges.
  4. This thread is yet another example of why I rarely read the forums!
  5. Another approach would be a traditional cache with a "field puzzle" to determine the correct combination for the padlock. It might teach them to read the description and pay attention to attributes in the process.
  6. It depends on where they put it. If they added the photo to their log, you can delete the photo by going to their log, clicking on the view log link in the lower right, then when it comes up clicking on the edit link for the photo at which point you'll have the option to delete the photo. I'd suggest you send the cacher a note explaining that you deleted the photo because it was a spoiler. (BTW, I'm assuming you're doing this from the website. Don't know if you can do it from the app.)
  7. The Esri World TopoMap on the Geocaching "Browse" map also shows US county lines. I'm not sure if it does the same for other countries since I do most of my county trip planning with Project-GC and Cachetur.
  8. You've been given some good advice, and since you've asked, I'll toss out a couple other things to ponder. 1) If you have the opportunity, I'd suggest doing some caching in other areas before placing a cache. Different areas often have different hide styles. You can leverage those differences when you start thinking about your first cache. 2) I'm a bit of contrarian. Many of my caches have some field puzzle / gadget aspect to them. As such, I build the cache, make sure it works, and then look for the place where it fits. I rated my first cache higher than I would if I were placing it now, but it is still in play. All but one of the group that I put out shortly later to increase cache density in my neighborhood are gone, simply because they weren't good enough (at least in my mind) to justify keeping in play. That said, experience will be your best teacher!
  9. The traffic on this thread seems to primarily agree that the surveys are a marketing tool to HQ. With that in mind, I'd love to see some efforts to improve the design of their app which is often the only source of information for newbies. I regularly see log entries by newbies on caches that require reading the description to complete the find. Earth caches, virtuals, or challenges that have additional logging requirements that the newbie is ignorant of because they didn't click through to read the description. Multis that use a virtual first stage, or traditional field puzzles result in logs expressing frustration simply because they didn't read the description. I can try to helpfully educate them, but all too often I don't get any response to my messages to them about the requirements of the specific cache with the end result being their incorrect find is deleted. In my opinion, it's a design fault of the app. Seems like the "less than 100" group, unless they are caching with someone more experienced, aren't even aware that caches have descriptions!
  10. I'm quite impressed with both mustakorppi and thebruce0 and your abilities to take a tangential discussion down a rabbit hole.
  11. Many of the badges can get a number attached showing how many times a diamond level has been reached. For example, it takes 60 Wherigo to earn a Diamond for WIGs. A small circle with a number two on the diamond badge would indicate it had been looped twice, i.e. at least 120 WIGs had been found. The wordiness award requires 100 words AVERAGE for a diamond award. Sure glad they eliminated the looping for it!
  12. It's interesting to me that in this whole thread no one mentioned Wherigo. Wherigo, built by HQ and then abandoned as an infant is essentially the same as AL except that you get just one "find" when you sign the log at the end of the completed WIG cartridge. In my humble opinion, HQ blew it when they concocted AL with the inflated find count instead of investing more effort into WIG.
  13. I got nosey and did a quick check using my premium account and a non-premium account. They showed the same number of caches in a 10 mile radius of your town - a VERY different result that I get from doing the same comparison around here.
  14. I almost always log my DNFs. I have some strong expectations of COs since I'm a CO myself so I don't let CHS dissuade me. In fact, sometimes I'll add the cache to my watch list. I'm rather surprised at how slowly some reviewers react to poor cache health or NM/NA logs. I've yet to see a cache that I've DNF'd get disabled with any reference to CHS. On the other hand, I've seen several that the reviewer has posted a warning note and up to a year later there's still no action. It seems more likely that a visitor will "help" by replacing the missing ammo can with a pill bottle.
  15. The Help system isn't always the easiest place to find things, but it does contain lots of helpful information. Third word of the last sentence is the curve ball. 3.5. Can I hold a geocaching event while on vacation? It depends on the region An Event Cache is a gathering of geocachers, focusing on the social aspect of geocaching. In some situations an event while traveling is a great way to meet the local geocachers. In regions that don’t have a local geocaching population however, vacation events often don’t see any attendance except for the geocachers holding the event. Therefore, reviewers may (my emphasis) limit the number of Events during a vacation to ensure the social aspect of geocaching is met.
  16. I think that this is commonly true and the result is often a regional style. I know that it isn't an option for everyone, but travel WILL hone your geo-senses because you'll run into new hide or camo techniques in different areas. If we're fortunate enough to spend a week geocaching in a new region, we'll usually find the first day to be the most difficult until we catch on to the local "style." Some regions read & comprehend the guidelines differently, holes drilled in public property, buried caches, etc which, once found, will impact your search techniques.
  17. I"m aware of two different definitions for Birthday Cache, resulting in two very different challenges. The simple one is what was most recently described by GrateBear - find ANY cache on the anniversary of it's posted placement date. The other is to find a cache with a posted placement date matching YOUR geocaching birthday but commonly this challenge does not add the limitation of the date it must be found. Confused yet?? As with lots of geocaching subjects, there are commonly more than one correct answer.
  18. I was just getting ready to say the same thing! 5200 would be my "go-to" for the very rare occasion that I use a plastic container.
  19. I've had zero success getting permission from property management companies, but I've had great success with churches, some fire departments, and some law enforcement offices. All my gadgets in the past three years have been placed in public locations after having gadgets muggled on state land.
  20. In our local area, we've had issues with non-premium caches being vandalized. Yes, vandalized - not muggled. The issue would come in waves but was always limited to non-premium caches so when I started placing caches I made them PMO on the advice of other local COs. There's just a small chance that with some experience you'll find there are good reasons for PMO caches.
  21. Favorite Point notification, edited log notification, and photo added notification are all available to Project GC paid members. They're not automatically sent unless you request them.
  22. I usually don't pay any attention to numeric milestones (unless I need them for a challenge,) but I hit a different one today. I got lucky and filled the last cell for my Challenge Cache Fizzy Grid this morning. I'd never taken notice of this grid until a couple months ago when I realized I only had two open cells. Now I can go back to ignoring it!
  23. You'll have to take that up with HQ. For some reason, they seem to include lab caches (including adventures) in your total geocache count and include them in the Cache Types I've Found summary in your stats. Sure seems like they think they're a form of geocache even if you don't.
  24. Not quite. It excludes all lab caches including adventure labs.
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