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  1. How does everyone feel about logs containing just "TNLNSL" or "TFTC" and that's it? They drive me crazy. I think it's a little bit rude, maybe that's just me. So, I've started putting this on some of my listings: So it happened that I deleted my first two TNLNSL logs by the same cacher. After deleting the logs I sent them a nice note as to why. They reposted their find with the same "TNLNSL". Is this really an unreasonable requirement? I haven't yet deleted the reposted logs, I don't want to turn it into a pissing match. A friend at work suggested I change it to a request instead of a requirement. Other suggestions? Thanks.
  2. You had me sold up until you said "bucolic". My girls had that real bad when they were babies. D!
  3. BZ to $kimmer on 6000 big ones!! Where would you be without me??
  4. Dunno, he kinda looks familiar...
  5. Never ASSuME anything. PS, this was a no go from the start I wouldn't say that. Tony was really intent on doing this. I'm not sure what happened, but sometimes life gets in the way of geocaching. D!
  6. January 2004 San Diego Leaders Remember when 1000 caches was a big number? Remember when I went by the name Duscwe! (most pronounced it "douche-way")? Just realized I passed my 4th year of caching... What, exactly, was Parsa doing with this list...
  7. BZ to Chuy! on 500 FTFs!! Chuy! bagged 21 FTFs in the desert!
  8. I already told work and the Geowife that I will be out of town this time next year. They all think I'm mad...MAD I TELL YOU!!! WELL, I'LL SHOW THEM WHO'S MAD!!! D!
  9. Is this something to figure out how to use GSAK and cachemate and what-not effectively for us new people? If so, I would have an interest in it, I've left behind or lost so many pens at caches ! Yep, also to include GPX Sonar, Custom Points of Interest (POI), and whatever else I can't think of right now. D!
  10. It worries me that the growth curve can't just keep going like that without loss of quality. I guess it has already happened, but it doesn't seem terrible, yet. But eventually, if the growth keeps up, won't there be a cache in a lampskirt or transformer every 0.1 miles in urban areas, and caches every 0.1 miles along every possible path in every park or open space, and caches that require bushwacking in every open space that doesn't ban it? I'd guess that there's a cache in every major scenic viewpoint in San Diego county already, for example, and I'm not bothered that there are a few more to grab on the way to those spots. But where does it stop? There's really no need for caches every 0.1 miles of every trail to every scenic spot. I have been hoping that I'd see a slowdown of the growth curve after geocaching found most of the hikers and geeks, but it hasn't happened yet. What is already happening for me is that caches are popping up where I have already found caches before. In one case, I had found a cache where I used to have one hidden. I think the cache quality is the same as it was four years ago, it's just there's a lot more of them out there. I agree, no need for caches every .10 of a mile, every .20 is just fine! D!
  11. Any interest in having a paperless caching clinic? It's been some time since the last one. Lots of new cachers lately. Who's gonna fly RocketMan in from CO??? D!
  12. I've found all but "Geocaching Geometry (Euclid's Revenge)" and "Serious Black" They were both archived before I started caching... According to the logs, Duncan! has not found "Serious Black" either...which leaves FlagMan as the only one to find them all... Guilty as charged, never got to look for that one... D!
  13. Hey!! I'd better get that back on Sunday morning!! Good thing I upgraded to a new phone... Oh, there's no way you can rub me the wrong way! D!
  14. Yeah....you sure l know how to perk up a thread! I'm gonna be good and just say: I love everyone's caches and I appreciate the effort and the contributions to the addiction of geocaching. The reason we have lame urban micros and Go Bolts! caches is so that everyone can participate...the young, the old, the fit, the fat, the puzzle-smart and the not-so-smart. Just Have fun!!! r/ JnJ I'm with Jodi. I love everybody's caches. Except GoBolts!', his suck. D!
  15. Came across this tonight just before dinner...
  16. Edited for removal of unconstructive comments! Re-edit: The rangers might want to work on their people skills. I've seen quite a few chips on quite a few shoulders. D!
  17. NO MORE ICEPLANT, IF YOU ANSWER THE SURVEY! Jared missed your nuts at the campout, he saw the TB listed and got excited. Has anybody ever hit this button?? What happens, exactly?? D!
  18. It may be the unpopular choice, but I say just archive it... no cache is an island... I mean, no cache is meant to last forever. It was a good run, time to say goodbye. Oh, don't get me started on ICEPLANT!! Makes me crazy!! D!
  19. DaMoores said: I'm getting so confused We need to seperate John and Jodi when they're posting. So John...What color of dress are you going to ware? Duncan says: Isn't it obvious?? D!
  20. Hey Jeff, at least you don't get cursed after an FTF!! Home Run D!
  21. Pure coincidence. I happened to be placing a phamplet about the presidio in the cache when the FTF frenzy started. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. D!
  22. Here ya go! Funny you should mention Bill. I'm just putting the finishing touches on his website. I'm just giving it a new look, making it a little easier to read. I'm by no means a "webmaster", but I think it came out okay: http://wtetw.com/indexnew.htm It will be up and running in a couple of days. He says to say "hi". Hi. I can only imagine all the caches he's passed by... Very impressive what he's doing - and you for helping - btw, Google Video is spelled wrong! Yeah, I know, just testing you guys!
  23. You only scratched the surface...you left out some of north county's worst!... My opinion is: I don't like them...and I think the ones that do not state, in the description, that it is there house or that they have permission, should be archived. I loved the one that is 40' down a driveway (big red ammo can visible from the street) and the listing says you don't need to enter the driveway. Another good one is the one next to some one else's driveway (they don't know about it I guess) because they followed us for half of a mile and wrote down duncan's! license plate number when we stopped. Good thing I had a rental car that day!!
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