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  1. Delete! I say y' gotta hold 'em t' score 'em. I agree. They actually want us to delete them: Cache Maintenance The cache owner will assume all responsibility of their cache listings. The responsibility of your listing includes quality control of posts to the cache page. Delete any logs that appear to be bogus, counterfeit, off topic, or not within the stated requirements. Well, in that case... deleted six logs tonight, all cachers from Germany. Once cacher actually "borrowed" a picture from a previous cacher's log in their post! Cheeky monkey! D!
  2. Introducing the newest geo-dog... Willow! and her humans, Claire! and AmberJean! Female, b. 6/26/08
  3. Time for another rant... Okay, I know I'll eventually regret this, but what is up with this armchair geocaching (logging virtual caches without actually visiting the site). Admittedly, I've done a couple of virtuals that allowed me to log the cache without visiting the site.... didn't seem right. I've found several armchair logs on my Zoo virtual. One cacher from Germany was in Michigan and Denmark on the same day logging virtuals. Another cacher (also from Germany) logged virtuals in a half dozen scattered states on the same day. They claimed to have visited, but had not. I know it's only a game, I know people will play the game the way they want to, I know people will set up their own rules, I know it just doesn't matter at the end of the day. It just seems to me that the basic requirement of a cache, virtual or otherwise, is to actually be at that location, whether it be for the view, a little history, a clever hide or what have you. I'm tempted to delete these armchair logs, but I know in the end it will be just more of a headache and just not worth it. Oh well, it's only a game. Thanks for letting me rant. Oh, yeah, got a golden retriever puppy today. Look for pictures soon. D!
  4. Yep, first it's three a week, then ya need three a day, then it's three per hour.... ya see what I mean. Welcome to the game, hope ya have fun!
  5. Monthly BZ to all the 'stoners! WAY2GO!!!!
  6. congrats to Map4Nav on his 2000th cache today!! and congrats to you other 'stoners, too!!
  7. That is a great picture! It will be good to say hi to you again.. Paul Too keep up with the times... Shouldn't it say "Will Give Hints 4 Gas" instead since it's almost $4.50 gallon $4.50 a gallon? Is that all? It costs $11.50 a gallon here in the UK. Only costs me $185 to fill the tank! Yeah, lots of hiking for caches. Cya, D!
  8. BZ to Jahoadi and John on 8K!!!! Doulbe post... uh... double congrats!
  9. I *was* planning on going to Geowoodstock, but the "wife" is making me go to the UK. I'll be thinking of you guys while I'm grabbing caches in London! Have fun! D!
  10. I'll be leaving for England in one week! If you have a bug and/or coin that wants to go, lemme know. Harmon, I'll take you if you'll watch the kids. Cheers! D!
  11. BZ S&R and Kwvers! and any other 'stoners!!
  12. I agree, that'll be a mountain of trash and it'll probably look a bad as the one in RSD when they're done. I wasn't going to reply to this, but I kinda wanna bump this thread into the next page. ThePolarBear's face is kinda freakin' me out. No offense, Patrick!! D!
  13. Congrats to my geo-buddy Chuy! on 6000 caches! Congrats to Kwvers! on passing me! Well, dead even as of 10:06 this evening. Good job!! D! Edit: Oh, yeah, watch out Splashes!!
  14. Another 'gator lizard for ya guys. As seen in puzzle valley.
  15. Weird... I have new cache notifications sent to my phone. I've had about 30 notifications for the same cache since this afternoon. Yes, I've turned off my notifications, doesn't make a difference. D!
  16. Hello? Is anybody listening? Yeah, Wiz Creations wantz you to go up there and fix dat cache!! Wow! whatever happened to that kid? He got a Girl Friend need I say more Now I know what that banana dude is doing!!
  17. Hello? Is anybody listening? Yeah, Wiz Creations wantz you to go up there and fix dat cache!!
  18. No Joke! I figger I got a month or less before they zoom past me!! Thanks for the shout out! D!
  19. Actually they do. Click on "My Controls" on the top right. Then click on "Manage Ignored Users" towards the bottom of the left side. I think it's time to use it again.... Just made the modifications myself. Thank you. You're a true humanitarian.
  20. Gosh, thanks. When are you moving our way? Thanks but no thanks. I'm more than happy living in AZ That's what they keep telliing themselves! Just kidding!! GO AZ!!
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