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  1. Where do you get your camouflage duck (duct) tape? I know one can order it online, but that is a last resort for me. Wal Mart no longer seems to carry it. Cya, D!
  2. Another BZ to TripleCrown on 3000 big ones!!
  3. BZ to Flagman on 7000 caches and lulu499 on 3500 caches ! They did it in the Greater Palm Springs area (found caches, that is!). Visit log.
  4. I'll be there with my two girls and Wills. Ginger and Mocha will be there, yes? D!
  5. I guess he does not remember that night in Palm Springs??
  6. My personal best is two minutes. Given there were special circumstances, four caches had partial coordinates to the the fifth. So, I found the multi-cache before publication, logged a "found it" just two minutes after publication. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...34-7652edc18831 D!
  7. That service has been discontinued. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry3910085 In lieu of the KML, run a PQ of the area you are looking at and open that GPX file in GE. And it will be more accurate, too. D!
  8. I love not having to pull out my palm/pocket pc to check for the clue or past logs, it's all right on the Oregon. The Oregon holds 2000 caches as compared to 1000 on the 60csx. You can upload field notes from the Oregon and log your finds when you want to. I keep my 60csx around for my bike and quick waypoint entry. Not as detailed as you might like, but those are the big pluses for me. D!
  9. For next time, if someone has created a bookmark list (like ThePolarBear did), go to that list and hit the "Create Pocket Query" button on the bottom of the page. Fumes ain't too bad if ya pick a windy day! D!
  10. Thanks for the props Ritzy! BZ to S&R on 4000 cacholas!! BZ to Lost Clan on 4000 bagged and tagged! Another BZ to all the recent 'stoners!!
  11. I love the venomous comments people post in response to the article, "Get a life" and "You freaky people need to stay out of Carmel Valley" are relatively tame. To be fair, there were some positive comments...
  12. Not only that, but he did it in Bogota, at night! Yikes and Scawy!! BZ!!
  13. Wow! Golly! That's a shock to the ol' system. Hang in there, buddy! We are with you in spirit Randy, hoping for the best outcome there can be. There's a huge Geocaching Family here that really cares about you, including us! Steve & Janie Ditto what all the others have said Randy. If ya need anything let us know. Heck..we'll even place caches around the dialysis center for ya if you want John and I wish you the the best..... Thanks for all your thoughts and calls. That really means a lot to me! I'm doing well. I did my second dialysis today and I can say that I already feel a lot better already. I have another dialysis session tomorrow and then I may go home on Monday. Glad to hear you're feeling better. If you need anything, let us know. Cya, D!
  14. Thanks Skillet! Happy B-day Jodi!! And a BZ to all the 'stoners out there! D!
  15. I purchased a Colorado back in April from REI, used it on and off, never very happy with it. If I had my 60csx and the Colorado, I would be using the 60csx by the end of the hike. Returned the Colorado to REI and did a straight trade for a Oregon 300. Best decision I ever made. Hope that helps.
  16. Any chance we could go caching with the blimp? Sure would help with some of those El Cajon Mtn caches. Chuy! and I usually do some Thurs nite caching, usually 9p until 1a if you're interested. Happy New Year! D!
  17. I returned my Colorado to REI and did a straight swap for an Oregon (both 300s). Much happier with the Oregon.
  18. Good gosh it's girlie socks! That must be in the spirit of debate about California propositions; you know, are y' for or are y' against some-sex marriages. Girlie socks??? Why I oughtta... D!
  19. Gotta thank Ginger! for not taking that 8th spot! Owe ya a Milkbone, sweetie!! D!
  20. BZ to Habu! for completing the 101 Dalmatians cache challenge!!
  21. Wow Matt, that put tears in my eyes!! Yep, 2000 caches and going stong!! Way to go Nancy! BZ!!
  22. Gosh darn! I've told my mistress not to drive that around town! Don't tell the wife! D!
  23. Already tried that... BTW, I like that trellis just the way it is! I'm sure you'll see her on the trail before too long. D!
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