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  1. Yay! The 2004 Anza-Borrego Desert Cache-a-thon has been approved! Please leave a note if you plan to attend! Personally, I plan to get out there Friday, before dark, and set up camp...maybe hit a couple of caches! Keep in mind the coordinates for the event are a bit rough and will change slightly once I get better numbers for the camping spot. Look forward to meeting most of you (as I have only met a few...) Link to:GCHKM2 Duscwe!
  2. Is there anybody who does not know who Clyde Crashcup is? Duscwe!
  3. Thanks RM, I might have to go out to stake out the exact spot, unless someone is heading out that way before the event... BTW - Goat canyon trestle did it once, on foot, in May, 10-mile round trip, over 100 degrees, a bike sounds like a lot better idea Duscwe!
  4. RM - that's the area I was thinking of, couldn't remember the name. Would you have the exact coordinates for that camp? I have rough coords off the topo map, but would like to have better. Duscwe!
  5. Hi, The deed is done. It's been submitted, sit back and wait. No turning back now! Duscwe!
  6. Hello All, As promised, I decided on a date for the 2004 Spring Anza-Borrego Desert Cache Til You Drop: February 21st! The runner up was March 20th. This does not mean that someone can't do a "Part 2" on March 20th...hint, hint. The official camping/meeting area will be the Calcite Mine camping area. Thanks to Parsa, I am shamelessly copying and pasting snippets from the first cache tour. As someone once said, I stand on the shoulders of giants....or something like that... Duscwe! PS - All things subject to change without warning, warranty void in all 50 states, no refunds, etc...
  7. Parsa, When I went to look at those Thousand Palms caches I noticed you guys were there recently, you guys had a busy day! Did you happen to notice the Anza Borrego Tour Coin in the cache called The Box? I was hoping to get it back to the desert sometime soon. Duscwe!
  8. Ok, scratch the above sentence, I"M GOING!!! Its gonna cost me a fortune for the babysitter and the day spa that I'm sending the wife too, but it will be worth it! Padgirl, do you want me to scout out a breakfast place at or near Palm Springs? Or, I could e-mail the PS geocachers and ask them to hang out at their caches so they can laugh at us! I've had an eye on these caches near the Thousand Palm oases: GCF426 GC93D to name a couple. Let's go! Duscwe!
  9. I think its a great idea, I won't be able to make it, but I still think its a great idea! Make it an event cache, get credit for it, boost those numbers! Have a staging area and make that area the coords for the event cache. Wish I could make it. BTW- Feb. 21st is looking likely for the desert event... Duscwe!
  10. I've been thinking, kinda along the lines of the Pizza event, of having an event at Mount Etna Park. I'm thinking late morning on a Sat., people could bring their gadgets that they use for geocaching and share ideas and/or tips with beginning geocachers. I mention Mt. Etna Park because it offers free wireless internet, people could bring their laptops and PDA's, we could get online right at the park, is that too geeky or what? I can bring my CA topo program and cable and show the newbies how to download/upload waypoints, stuff like that. A cache or two could be hidden nearby, or people could find a caching buddy and go off caching. I know I made a lot of mistakes in my early caching days and it would have been beneifical to have these tips. Maybe the top twenty could show up to share their experiences, storys, etc... Anyway, just an idea... So, as far as the Spring desert event, the weekend of Feb. 21st looks good, thats my vote. Duscwe!
  11. OK, I think I went about this the wrong way, live and learn. Obviously, I should have presented more than two dates. I think the Feb. 14th choice is a bit too soon, but if people want it... Here are the choices: Feb 14th Feb 21st Feb 28th Mar 6th Mar 13th Mar 20th Not everyone will agree on a date, there are weddings, birthdays, new years, christenings, you name it. I suggest that you choose the Saturday that is best for you and a second choice. Keep in mind that the event can start Friday (as it did for some last time) and run into Sunday. You can do one day or the whole durn weekend. I'll tally up the votes by Jan 30th. I hope this makes sense, any suggestions, comments, remarks, insults are appreciated. Duscwe!
  12. Good question. We've had a couple of people suggest Feb 14th, President's weekend (personally, I like to avoid the desert on such weekends, its been busy enough on the weekdays). I like the idea of March 20th, the first day of spring. So far, we have not had a lot of input. I will go with what the majorty wants to do. We need input! Vote! Duscwe!
  13. Hey, I found a detailed list of Mtn Lion attacks, interesting to note that 10 of the 13 have taken place in the last 18 years. I remember attack #7 especially, as that was the place we used to camp as kids. http://tchester.org/sgm/lists/lion_attacks_ca.html Duscwe!
  14. Hey sddarkman619, Not a bad idea...however, at the moment I'm keeping the list of caches to the north of Route 78, Fish Creek is to the south. If more people are interested in that part of the park, I'll expand the list. There's a lot of cutting and pasting involved. Anyone think that early March might be a good time? Or Maybe March 20th (Vernal Equinox), which lands on a Saturday. Ideas? Suggestions? Duscwe
  15. Hey, Here's a link that will take you to a preliminary list of caches for the Spring Anza-Borrego Desert Cache Tour. Most of the caches I listed are in the State Park, north of Route 78. A couple of people (including myself) have stated a preference for the northern part of the park, so I started there. I tried to divide them up logically (such as bunches together or down a certain wash/canyon). I'm looking forward to going back to Palm Canyon. Let me know if I missed any. Here's the link again, just in case you missed it: http://home.earthlink.net/~dswerth/northabdsp.htm Duscwe!
  16. Ditto on what Dave said. Used up my Desert trips for the month. Duscwe!
  17. I will start to get a list of caches going, be up in the next couple of days...maybe Friday. Hey, I'm up to 329, me and Fattboy are neck 'n neck! Parsa, what is the list for? Just curious. Duscwe
  18. Wow! Just made the list! Do I get a prize? I would be glad to volunteer my services for planning the next desert cache tour, I have some basic web publishing skills. I told Mrs. Duscwe! that I'm not missing this one, even if she's giving birth that weekend (she's not pregnant, but stranger things have happened). Should I compile a list of desert caches (ABDSP only)? Again, I vote for the Northern portion of the park, but I will settle for where the majority wants to go. Duscwe
  19. Just a suggestion, why not make it an event cache? Post it in advance and see how many people are interested, I'd think you would get some takers. If not, you can always cancel it. I cut the following quote out of an article I got via e-mail: You'd have to be very lucky (or unlucky) to cross paths with a mountain lion. Personally, I'd be more worried about rattlesnakes! About what time of year are you thinking about this hike, I'd be interested! Sounds mostly downhill? Duscwe!
  20. Hello All, Just a note to say I hid a couple of caches out in the Domelands, should be up by mid-week (hopefully). One is a log only, the other has some swag. Hope you enjoy the area as much as I do! Duscwe!
  21. The picture above is from the Coyote Mtns. from a hike I took back in 1998. I've heard that Split Mtn. has similar wind caves, but I've never been there. I'll have a date nailed down soon if anyone is interested in going there... Duscwe!
  22. Hello Fellow Cachers! I'm thinking about hitting the Domelands near Ocotillo sometime in January. I hiked out here about 5 years ago and have always wanted to come back. The area features big sandstone domes with wind-carved caves and an old fossil bed, very deserving of a geocache! If anyone has the coordinates, could you please give them to me? As I said, its been 5 years, but I think I remember how to get there... My days off are Fri and Sat, but Fridays would be better for me. Here is a link with more info... http://www.sdreader.com/php/roamshow.php3?id=20000316 If anyone is interested, let me know! Duscwe!
  23. Howdy! In regards to the Anza-Borrego Springtime event, I vote for the northern part of the park: Palm Canyon, Coyote Canyon, etc... Hopefully I'll be able to make this one! Cast your votes! Duscwe!
  24. Hey Guys (and other types), I was reading somewheres that one should place (hide) ten caches for every 100 found. "They" said it was an unwritten rule (can't remember where I read this, so the "they"). Opinions? Thanks, Duscwe!
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